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Basic Rules of the Forum

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Basic Rules of the Forum

Post by Shin Katari on Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:43 pm

Basic Rules

Warning Legend:
1. Verbal Warning [You will be sent a PM telling giving you your first warning]
2. 3 Day Ban [If you do not listen to the PM, you will be given a 3 day ban from the site]
3. Permanent Ban [If you do not listen to the PM and continue your actions after the 3 Day Ban, you will be given a permanent ban from the site]


These are the basic rules of the forum. Everyone is expected to follow them. If not, your character will be banned.

1] Treat people with dignity and respect. Even if you disagree with someone do not be rude.

2] Racial discrimination or slurs will not be tolerated, there is no excuse for this an may result in immediate termination of your character.

3] Sexual harassment or unwanted sexual comments will not be tolerated, there is no excuse for this an may result in immediate termination of your character.

4] Avoid flaming threads. It is alright to have debates but if they get out of hand the thread will be locked with out prior warning.

5] Avoid one liners. Sometimes there is just not much to say but always try to add as many details as possible when writing a post.

6] Do not use unapproved Items or spells in threads. This can result in your post being completely discounted.

7] Avoid Meta gaming and God modding. Meta gaming is using knowledge your character wouldn't know when writing IC posts. God Modding is just what is sounds like, being untouchable and all powerful, its not fun for any.

8] Do not write your opponents reaction if he/she is an other player. You can describe what will happen if a blow were to hit but you can not take away the option for the other player to react.

9] After 48 hours a persons turn may be skipped in an active thread.

10] We all understand Real Life happens but if you are going to be gone an extended amount of time please make a post letting others know so they can act accordingly.

11)] We want everyone to have fun, however that means your fun can not come at the expense of someone else.


The rules above are a guideline that should be followed at all times. These rules are subject to change at any time and are not necessary limited to the rules listed above. These offenses can and will lead to warning or even immediate termination of ones character. In closing use common sense and common courtesy and you should be fine.
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