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Hunter Mishima (Water Dragon Slayer)[DONE]

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Hunter Mishima (Water Dragon Slayer)[DONE]

Post by Hunter Mishima on Mon Dec 24, 2012 5:29 am


Character Theme: N/A
Battle Theme: N/A
Quote: You got not chance against me.

Name: Hunter Mishima
Alias: Crimson Tsunami
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthdate: 02/29
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Special Characteristics: Tattoos across his his entire body covering his back, arms, and chest. Bells on his belt. Bandana with feathers.

Hunter is a very laid back and easy going person that is easy to get along with. He is often found joking and messing around with his friends. His tone is usually a vulgar one and he has poor etiquette. He has a lot of confidence in himself which leads him to run his mouth a lot. He will not hesitate to tell you what he thinks of you whether good or bad. All he wants is to be respected by others. Being a former pirate, he likes to do the things like drink and chase women. Because of this, he is usually always found at the local bar with a drink in his hand when not on a mission. Hunter tends to get rejected by a lot of women because of his loose tongue. He also likes to sail or just hang around the sea because it helps to calm his mind.

In battle, Hunter likes to put on a tough persona often trying to intimidate opponents or making jokes of their abilities. Wild and fearless he lives to fight strong opponents and to have a good battle. He is extremely confident in his abilities which leads him to be a little bit arrogant. However, he knows when he has to rely on teammates in a battle or on a mission to make the outcome an efficient one. He believes fights are only meant to be won and will play by any means necessary to win. Hunter respects strength and wants others to respect his.

Sailing- Being a pirate for most of his life, he loves to travel on boats. The ocean breeze and sea calm him.

Drinking- Alcohol makes him feel more easygoing to meet more people and he was raised to love the taste.

Fighting- Hunter loves to get into fights whether bar fights or full blown mage fights. He wants to test his abilities to see where he stands.

Heights- Hunter has a huge fear of heights. Just being up high makes him feel sick.

Being broke- Hunter lives a lifestyle that requires a lot of money to keep it going every night. When he is broke he usually is bored out of his mind.

Authorities- Being a pirate in the past, Hunter does not like being around the police or any authoritative figure. It makes him feel like he is about to be arrested.

His dragon dissapeared on him so his main goal in life is to find out what happened to him and at least thank him for raising him. Hunters current focus however is to raise his guild to the top. He was taken in by Sabertooth when he had nothing so he owes it to them to represent them with honor. He would also love to get enough money to get a ship of his own so he can go out sailing again.

Heights- Hunter had a scary experience with heights when he was younger so he is always very nervous around areas far from the ground.

Failure- Hunter hates to lose but even worse to fail. Failure causes people to look down and feel sorry for you but Hunter only wants to be respected.

Being alone- Hunter has been alone before and hates the empty feeling from it. He loves talking with his friends and interacting with new people.

General Appearance

Weight: 210
Hair: Spiky Brown Hair, even in water it stays up.
Eyes: Brown
Skin Tone: Light
Hunter has dark brown hair that he keeps spiked up to match his dark brown eyes. He stands tall at 6 foot 5 and has a large, lean, and muscular physique. He has light skin that is covered with various tattoos that cover his entire upper body including both arms. He has a scar across his forehead from an accident in his childhood that he keeps covered up with his red bandana with feathers sticking out of it.

Unless he has to, Hunter will often walk around shirtless to show of his tattoos and physique. If he has to, he puts on a black sleeveless shirt
to at least cover up his chest. His hands are covered by brown gloves and then his wrist is wrapped up to his elbow in white tape. One of Hunters signature styles is the bells he wears on his purple sash. When he was a pirate, he wore the bells so they would jingle and his enemies would cower in fear knowing who they were up against. The outfit is completed with red silk pants with a white dragon graphic on the right pant leg.

Guild: Sabertooth
Tattoo: Red on his left shoulder
Rank: D


Friends: N/A
Enemies N/A


Beginning (didn't see any official dragon names so I just made one up)

Hunter did not know his parents when he first entered this world. Heck he didn't know there were other humans in the world. All he remembers is ever since being alive he was always with his dragon Tsuna. Tsuna was the Water Dragon and he raised Hunter on an island. The island was filled with wildlife, and as far as Hunter can remember he was the only human there. Tsuna raised, protected, and nurtured Hunter until he was old enough to stand on his own. Then when he was 5, Tsuna taught him about using water dragon slayer magic for self protection and survivability. Tsuna was a very strict teacher often scolding Hunter for doing something wrong and putting him through rigorous training such as swimming for hours or leaving him alone to fend of wildlife. It was tough but at the end of the day, Tsuna would always have meals and a bed ready for him after a hard days work. Life continued like this until Hunter was ten years old. One day, he woke up to find Tsuna was missing. He looked all over the island for weeks screaming his name but he was not able to find him. Hunter hated this feeling of not having anyone and would often cry himself to sleep. After a month of being alone, Hunter had set up a shelter and fell into an everyday routine of hunting for his dinner. He kept with his training figuring that Tsuna would want him too. One day, a huge storm had the winds violently blowing as rained poured down hard. Hunter could only look up in fear as a giant tidal wave overtook the entire island.


The next thing Hunter remembered was floating in the sea. He looked in every direction for his island home but found nothing but sea in every direction. He floated for what seemed like an endless amount of time drinking and eating the sea water to increase his stamina. The water however was not providing him with nutrition he needed so he felt himself slowly starving. He started to black out when he heard a yell "There is a boy floating over here!" in the distance. He looked up and saw a huge ship that came and picked him up. Hunter was nervous at first because he had never seen a human before. The men carried large curved swords, had eye-patches, and red bandanas and all looked shocked to see him. The men started asking questions and Hunter wasn't sure how to answer them so he stood in silence. A man called Captain Jack came over to Hunter and took him to his room. He explained that they were pirates called the Crimson Raiders. He fed him and told him that he was going to work on this ship for him from now on. The captain had made Hunter swab the decks, clean the rooms, and just take care of the ship in general. One day Hunter was up at the very top of the ship raising the mast when he slipped and fell. He bounced off many wood posts and sails before hitting his head on the ground busting it open. Captain Jack helped seal the wound and gave Hunter a red bandana with feathers on it showing that he was an official part of the crew.

Life like this continued for many years and at 16, Hunter had become the captains first mate. By then, Hunter was pretty educated on the life of the human world, fighting, and piracy. He learned to love the life of the pirate world from the sailing to the drinking and women. Hunter finally felt like he had a home and a purpose in life again. Hunter had become a ferocious fighter using his sword skills and his Water Dragon Slayer magic to destroy the Crimson Raiders enemies. In the pirate world, he earned a nickname "Crimson Tsunami" from all the blood he spilled with his water magic. To intimidate enemies, he attached bells to his sash to let his enemies know he was coming. One day however, things took a turn for the worst. The Crimson Raiders constant piracy and killings would not be ignored by the authorities. They were ambushed by three ships and fired upon. Despite all of Hunters efforts with his magic to protect his allies, the ship was lost and Hunter was lost at sea. The next think he could remember was being alone floating in the sea again, alone. It was like deja vu.


Hunter eventually washed up on an empty beach. Thoughts just clouded his mind on how he had lost everything for a second time. Why was this world so cruel to him. He eventually got the strength to carry on and just walked along road paths hoping that they would take him somewhere. He began to be depressed and drank very heavily when he reached towns. Eventually, his wanders took him to Balsam Town. After a few hours of arriving, he was recognized by the guards of the town and placed under arrest for his piracy. Hunter fought with his water dragon slayer magic and tried to escape but was eventually taken down. He was tossed in a jail cell where he was told he was going to rot for the rest of his life. The next day, a man came to visit him. "Who would be visiting me" He though. The mysterious man revealed himself to be the leader of a magic guild called Sabertooth. He saw Hunter's magic when he fought the guard and was intrigued by his strength. He said that he would pull some strings to get Hunter out of jail if he promised to join his guild. Hunter agreed and was released a week later. He was greeted with a friendly welcome from the guild and received his guild tattoo on his left shoulder. His attitude was shunned at first but eventually the members learned to accept him. Hunter was happy to find another home.

Finding a partner

One day, Hunter was training on Sabertooth grounds when his master interrupted him. His master had an orange egg in his hand. The master said that he had a special feeling about this egg and that Hunter should be the one to raise it. Hunter felt like this was a pain but complied with his masters wishes. After about a week of taking care of the egg, it finally hatched in the middle of the guild hall. A tiger striped cat emerged and started to fly around until it settled in Hunter's hair. Guildmates teased Hunter about being a daddy and that he should name it. Hunter decided to call him Hobbes. Years passed and the two became inseparable. Hunter was normally afraid of heights but when Hobbes flew him around he felt safe. Hunters attitude rubbed off on Hobbes and the two would often get in fights with each other. Hunter learned that the animal was called an Exceed from the master and that all dragon slayers seem to have one.

Face Claim: Gan Ning - Dynasty Warriors

Name: Hobbes
Rank: D
Gender: Male
Height and Weight: 2 ft. 25lbs

Description: Hobbes a very lazy exceed who will often sit on Hunters head. He tends to always be a smart ass and very sarcastic. Hunter and Hobbes tend to get into fights a lot because of their clashing personalities. When in a battle situation, Hobbes is fearless and tends to compliment himself when the fight is going well.

Abilities: (List of abilities) Aera- ability to fly
Hunter Mishima

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Re: Hunter Mishima (Water Dragon Slayer)[DONE]

Post by Ray-blaze on Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:14 pm


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