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Travels That Lead Astray [D-Rank Mission]

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Travels That Lead Astray [D-Rank Mission]

Post by Azail on Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:22 am

Request name: Midgar's Returned !!!
Guild: Guildless
Request rank: D
Client name: Koharu Village
Objective: Toss that bastard Midgard back out. He's presence isn't wanted and I can't do it myself.
Location: Koharu Village
Posts: 2
Word Count: 1000+ words
Mages Required: Solo or Team
Reward: 2000 jewels
Request description: I don't care who gets this, But you'd better be strong. Their is a rogue mage known as Midgar terrorizing my home. He has blonde hair and stands at about 6'0" and weighs a little more 120. He comes by weekly and destroys various parts of our village. After we rebuild he comes back and does it all over again. I can't combat his power but maybe you can. Hurry here as fast as possibly. I don't know what he'll do next. My cottage is on the southern most cliff wait for me there if I'm not home.
Request details: You are to accept the request in the very village that it was issued for. This mission is for passing by mercenaries and guidless mages. After accepting, your too go speak with Kokiji-Oji and get caught up on the intelligence he has on Midgar. He will offer you to stay at his cottage and tell you that he doesn't know when Midgar will attack again but he knows that it would be within the week. Two days later during the quietest of nights Midgar will attack. You are then to handle him and return to Kokiji-oji and receive your payment. If you lose then, Midgar will do more damage to the village and kidnap the head's daughter for his rebellious actions. End his tyranny here and now.


Name: Kokiji-Oji
Age: 58
Motivations: Kokiji is very protective over his village, the small town is defenseless besides the great barricade; Mt. Hakobe. Kokiji being a veteran of the Kingdom's army is very straightforward but against the fierce magical power that is Midgar's his tactical knowledge matters little. His daughter also lives in the village in further drives him to go against his pride and ask for help.
Fears: Midgar, Destruction of his village
Other: Retired soldier in the Fiore Army. Lost his magic in horrific conflict with a evil mage. Hates mages.

Enemy Name: Midgar
Rank: D
Magic: Caster
Spells: Midgar's magic revolves around the complete and utter manipulation of paper. He can form the paper into unique weapons and various structures of advantage. Things such as wings or extra limbs are child's play for him. Of course his natural weakness is the element water. Midgard carries a paper-made cloak that is used as supply for his magic. He can literally tear an abundance of paper from his cloak and still have some left over. That is how much he has packed on. This magic is balanced and has few weaknesses.

Wings Of Destruction
Migard takes the paper from his cloak and form them into six wings - three on each side - that allows him to fly and now acts as his canister. The wings have the ability to blow strong gust and gales towards his opponent.

Spear of Destruction
Midgard forms a thin spear from the paper on him and viciously throws it towards his opponent. Upon contact the paper separates and constricts around his opponent. It slowly squeezes the life out of his opponents, usually leaving them out of breathe. It takes a D rank spell to break free of this constriction. - 2 cooldown.

Rapid Delusion Prison
Midgar sends layers upon layers of paper towards his enemy. The paper encircles it enemy until formed into a dense paper sphere of white. Usually after that the sphere collapses in on itself and inflict cuts and bruises of various sizes all over the enemy. -4 cooldown.
Weapon: N/A
Equipment: Paper cloak : Used as the transportation of his magic paper. It appears in various ways but most of the time as a black uniform jacket.
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Re: Travels That Lead Astray [D-Rank Mission]

Post by Riza_Wilder on Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:58 pm

Please add a coded version of this~ Smile


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