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Vulpe Velox

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Vulpe Velox

Post by Demenyx/o/ on Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:51 pm

Character Template


(A picture coming soon)

Character Theme: "Sly like a fox."
Battle Theme: A Swift and Cunning, Analyst
Quote: "Careful, I'm a Wily one."

Name: Kokatsuna, Dememaru
Alias: Vulpes Velox
Gender: M
Age: 16
Birthdate: 30/03
Sexuality: Bisexual
Special Characteristics: A yellow Sabertooth guild tattoo engaved in the center of his upper back.

"As Sly As A Fox"
Vulpe grew into a sneaky fox. Not in the way of a thief, but a lazy manipulator. His mind set is to do for himself by the means of others. Basically everything he does is beneficial for mostly himself and rarely anyone else, majority of the time his 'friends' are the ones benefitting him. Combat-wise he is just as wily, going for the less open or obvious weakness, if one. He tends to use the environment to his advantage as in the case of stalking his prey. In addition, he doesn't pick a fight he know he cannot win. Simply because he is one known to win. However, If bested, he will admit defeat and walk away. If unable to flee, he will fight instead of losing his will.
"I asked you to company me, not to trust me"
Dememaru is not one to place your faith in unless you have the same intentions as him. If asked him to do something he doesn't want, need, or was all ready in the process of doing, he wont do it. Yet, if he does want it, need it, or currently in the process of doing, he will do everything he can to fulfill that goal. Until proven impossible, he isn't one to go against the statistics.
"The Freaks Come Out At Night"
If there were pure nocternal humans, Dememaru would have to be classified as one. He rarely sleeps at night. He is known as an infamous gambler; one who tends to lose time and time again. All though, him being lucky is rare, he still enjoys the card games. He is so far gone as a gambler that he literally has to play a game atleast once a night or he'll suffer 'withdraws.' Or a major tempertantrum as most would call it. Night isn't only gambling time, it's also his training time. Since he usually sleeps during the day unless on a mission, he practices with his cards. Buying and trading magic cards is another hobby of his. During the day Vulpe Velox tends to fall asleep at miscellaneous moments. He is capable of falling asleep within a second like Gray is able to strip.
"Wake me up and you die...good night~"
When Deme is waken by a living being other than himself, he gets so aggitated that he chases the being with unholy intentions.

Sleep - He get's very little of it
Night - It's when he is most lively
Gambling - An addition of his
Cards - He uses card magic, so he tries to get the best of 'em
Manipulating - Treating people as cards in the mind game of his is fun.

Being Waken - It pisses him off
Mornings - He doesn't understand how anyone can wake up early.
Being Tricked - He likes being the joker

Magic Cards - If there's a good magic card, there is little he wont do to get it
Money - More dough means less work for him
Sex - He's willing to fight for his sinificant other
Fame - It helps his pride
Power - Who doesn't want to be stronger?

Losing - Whether it's a fight or a game it hurts his rep more than it all ready is.
Death - He is willing to do anything to survive

General Appearance

Height: 6' (137.16 cm)
Weight: 150 lb (68.04 kg)
Hair: Clean Cut Boosy Fade, hair hue is jet black.
Eyes: Indigo
Skin Tone: Slightly dark ebony
Appearance: His facial features are that of an African male. He is tall and slim with little muscle tone. His clothing changes on a regular basis however, during missions the teenager usually embarks shirtless to show his guild tattoo. Yellow jeans with black and yellow sneakers and matching gloves, his common mission attire.


Guild: Sabertooth
Tattoo: Center of Upper back, yellow.
Rank: D-Rank
Magic: Card Magic


Friends: TBA
Enemies: TBA

"Birth of The Manipulator"
As a child, Vulpe Velox followed the norm. He had friends, played with them, visited them, and grew up fascinated by magic beside them. At the time, becoming mages for guilds were dreams equivalent of being rich and famous. As time progressed, Vulpe noticed the goal being shared by everyone at one point. This began to annoy him. Vulpe was serious about this goal and he knew everyone couldn't acomplish it, yet everyone pursued it. He couldn't believe how simple and narrow minded everyone seemed to be, even though he fell in this category. He began to see the world of creative magic in the hands of dull and stale aspirations. That mind set eventually lead to, "They don't care, what if I used them?"

He developed that demeanor around ten, and ever since, he grew lax. Tricking people into doing his work for him. Overtime he loss a few friends that see threw his mind games. He ended up staying the house more, playing less. Why leave your home when someone else could for you? Why play with toys when you're all ready play with a person's mind?

"These Cards...Have Magic?"
In his preteen years he began to practice magic. He began with elemental, trying fire; which lead to him getting burned, water; where his skills seemed all washed up. Lightning and wind? It seem like a stormy cloud rained on his parade. He didn't even dare to try the other elements like Earth, ice, ect. After back to back failures he surrendered his hopes of becoming a mage and chose to work in his parent's casino.

Vulpe's Father was the owner of the Casino, he was also it's biggest player. It would seem as if majority of the the profit just ended up in the casino cycle, but in the end all the money was still theirs. So it counts. His mother was a waitress. And that was it. Velox was an only child with out any pets. Casino life was the only thing he had for him without magic. But one day he saw something magical, his father play cards. Sure he lost every now and then, but what he won wasn't chump change. But after close expection from a view where you couldn't be a player to notice, he had cards all over him. All were camoflaguaged. Deme was flabbergasted, his father was a cheat. Yet he wanted to learn more about how he did it. When needed he would have a card slide from his person to the ones in his fan of cards and play it as if it was there the entire time.

The young preteen soon was introduced to Card Magic. Fascinated with it, his father taught him the ropes. And unlike any other magic he tried things just clicked. His dream as a mage was back on.

"Okay, step aside, I'm taking over."
As a teenager Vulpe's Card magic skill was good enough to join Sabertooth, a guild. He was never one to just sit around without a goal. He always had something planned while he sat around watching his 'friends' do his dirty work. Now apart of a guild he planned to reach the top, to become the guild master. Yes, that way his pawns wouldn't have to just be the fools he was able to trick but, an entire league of mages. That way he'd be famous, rich, powerful, and could find pleasure any where!

Face Claim: N/A

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Re: Vulpe Velox

Post by Demenyx/o/ on Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:02 pm

Completion Bump o-0

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Re: Vulpe Velox

Post by Raiga on Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:23 pm

Alright, first I must say I love your avatar. Great games man, haha.

Now I must address what I need you to spruce up. Overall you created a nice character but I need a little more content in some areas. For Likes, Dislikes, Motivations, and Fears you have done well to make them apparent but I think there should be a bit more.

Your options on that front are to either make each of your points more elaborate with thicker explanations or add a few more points in each area with the same amount of detail.

Apart from that I need a more in-depth appearance. I suggest making two paragraphs, one describing Velpe's physical attributes and the other going into detail about his clothing and attire. I'd like to be able to form a good picture in my head and it is even harder without a visual so it would be great if you could do that for me.

Thanks for your time, bum or pm me once you've made your changes. Good luck! ^^


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Re: Vulpe Velox

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