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Revenge of the Exiled

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Revenge of the Exiled

Post by Ray-blaze on Mon Dec 31, 2012 5:04 am

{Passing Shadows}

Era of Tranquility
Ages have passed since the era of the Night King. The land of Fiore no longer quivering beneath the boot of a tyrant who single handedly managed to scare the world forever. Though even with the Night King's engraving etched the land, the people have long since learned to live void of fear; no longer insecure or timid in the presence of unimaginable darkness. Mages once again practice magic freely, guilds have continued to flourish the world both teaching and assisting others with magic. Imperfect as it may be one thing remains evident, the past allowed the future to grow stronger.

Sometimes however, old objects of the forgotten past revisit the world. Objects thought to have been banished with the king long ago. And while many are unaware of these eerie secrets, not everyone in Fiore can plead to being innocent on the subject. The thing about secrets is, no matter how deep you bury them, they always risk discovery.

Exile for the Unholy
As a rule of life, nothing comes without consequence, or rather, with cause comes effect. And as such, the respawning of tainted magical tools hadn't simply began out of coincidence. In fact the mysterious events had been going on for quite a long time, nearly dating back to the era of the Night King, but certainly caused by events of that time.

Back in the year of the Night King's rising a large group of mages took suit of the outstanding dark magic user. They saw his power and wanted nothing less than to obtain a level close enough to mirror his own. What they didn't know however, was that they were being carefully monitored by the council. For quite some time they were spared from the ultimate sentence of being banished, but time and time again the resumed actions only spit upon good faith. Creating unholy creatures, enchanting corpses for personal use, stealing and using forbidden items and so much more. It was when they made an attempt to craft dark weaponry for the Night King that their look ran dry. Banished; every last one of them. Forever trapped and eternally forgotten, or at least that was the plan...

However, a few years after the ordeal and items once thought lost forever began appearing once more. Naive was the world though, assuming they were only product of a few leftover dark mages. Though as time went on small items became big items and in time those became creatures. Now however, even those of the black arts have begun to return. Fueled by vengeance and armed with sinister magic they slowly plot the fall of fiore.

Despair, Death & Dominion
No longer in a position to deny the reality nor lie about the impending war approaching, the truth finally spilled from the tongue of the council. No longer are the Exiled Remnants, mages of all magic impure, ignored.

Brazen from their growing numbers those of the Exiled Remnants now linger in towns, stalk guilds, destroy property and practice on the innocent. They fear no mage and only seek to scout for the strongest as well as drain all the magic they can. Though one can only imagine what tragedies with entail should they secure what they need.

Now the land must again defend itself. For a world of beauty can become husk of sorrow at any moment. Who will prove superior in the struggle to rule? Those walking in the shadows or those fighting under the light?


Details & Explanation

  • Features: This event with be featuring a series of play styles to best accommodate all participants, in addition the event is heavily realistic in many ways to both enhance the excitement and also bestow a taste of things to come to our members. Namely, these features are "Sudden encounters", "Forged encounters", "Fated encounters", "Recovery topics", "Demolition topics" and "High risk topics".

  • Sudden Encounters: Sudden encounters, as its name implies are the general encounters between a mage and an Exiled entity. These are typically open topics in which Exiled entities have entered and chosen to show themselves by challenging the individual(s) within. Likely the most common topic to ensue.

  • Forged Encounters: Forged encounters are likely to be the rarest encounters of them all. These are caused by remnant entities breeching a locked topic to disrupt an ongoing story. In the event of this there is generally a low quality remnant involved depending on the sway of the topic and moment the being entered.

  • Fated Encounters: Fated encounters are topics made specifically for remnant individuals to plan or carry on with task pertaining to their nature. These are topics the members can crash and are likely to be more abundant where players are more abundant. However, they are also topics which hold a respectable level of difficulty as the remnants are gathered within. Enter at your own discretion.

  • Recovery Topics: Recovery topics are topics created in the event a player had been bested by a flock of remnant beings. These topics are mandatory regarding the need for them. As suck the player will begin with 50MP or 50% the maximum and must complete 3-4 post about the ordeal, whilst recovering of course. This also means they have had some magic drained by the remnant syndicate, something that may show about later.

  • Demolition Topics Demolition topics are topics awarded to mages who have proved outstanding in their encounter(s) with remnant entities. No in combat alone, nor character structure but bother respectively or a large supply of one of the aforementioned. These topics will allow all spells to recover one post sooner than normal and magic to run at half the cost for the mage. Here they will have a chance to pummel remnant entities or perhaps even capture on for questioning.

  • High Risk Topics: High risk topics can only be result of reckless play, but hey! Sometimes it's not you, but your character's personality and skill that led you here. Fear not! This topic still grants special perks as well, such as being able to hold a discussion with remnant members and possibly the head honcho. However! They are a sign that a member has been beaten twice by remnants consecutively or in that bracket. As such they will create and extended topic of the last loss beginning with 25MP or 25% Their maximum. In addition, another member me be able to enter the topic for aid if a staff member adds a "[O]" to the title.


Rules & Privileges

  • Escaping danger: Yes! You can attempt to escape a horde of remnants. And as long as the attempt is legit then the action should go without a hitch. For topics open and breeched this is generally a simple task. However, fated topics have a very low success rate.

  • Locked Topics As mentioned topics can be breeched. Thus if you truly want a secure topic please place an [s] within the title. This way it will be overlooked to avoid displeasure.




Title: Shaman

Rank: D

Alignment: Enemy

Magic: Caster

Volume: Multiple

Spell Capabilities: D Rank - 3

Magic Limitation: 70MP

Description: Shaman are the grunts of the Exiled Remnants which once inhabited fiore in abundance. They are most likely associated with wizards rather than mages, this is due to their strong affiliation to magic. Shaman are of seemingly endless supply; a fact due to their constant recruiting. Through years of absence Shaman have become virtually forgotten, as such one can only assume the extend of their abilities.

Feral Hound:

Title: Unholy beast

Rank: D

Alignment: Enemy

Magic: Caster

Volume: Multiple

Spell Capabilities: D Rank - 3

Magic Limitation: 50MP

Description: Feral hounds are the loyal pets of the Exiled Remnant's. Creatures banished centuries ago due to their violent nature and close relationship with the darkest of magic. The beast, boast magically enhanced bodies and are ready to lay their life down for their owners. Naturally they only obey members of the Exiled Remnants as they befriended the beast during their trial and exile.


Title: Wrath

Rank: High D

Alignment: Enemy

Magic: Holder

Volume: Multiple

Spell Capabilities: D Rank - 3 || C Rank - 2

Magic Limitation: 120MP

Description: Wraths are higher classed advocates of the Exiled Remnant syndicate. They are typically the lower guards and infantry of the organization, armed with forbidden weapons and trained to kill. While ever Wrath has a traditional Exiled Remnant scythe forged from black magic, they carry an assortment of weapons to better accommodate their unique talents. They are well trained for physical confrontation and are in peak fitness for their rank.


Title: Lesser Squadron Leader

Rank: Lesser C

Alignment: Enemy

Magic: ???

Volume: Single Individual

Spell Capabilities: ???

Magic Limitation: ???

Description: ??? [Note: Lesser squadron leaders are leaders who are equivalent to those running immature guilds or operating novice teams. Strongest in their respective committee, but not special outside of such.]

Any questions please post them in the question and suggestion section and we will update this topic with the answer. Thank you for reading


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