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Solex Knightraven

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Solex Knightraven

Post by Bloodedge on Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:48 pm

Character Template



Character Theme:

Battle Theme:

Quote: "This fight doesn't end until someones heart stops beating."

Name: Solex A. Knightraven

Alias: Hellbringer, Immortal Savage, Bloodedge & Angel eyes.

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Date of Birth: August, 24th

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Special Characteristics:

The Unholy Knight Oath
Solex embodies a magical tribal marking know as the Unholy Knight oath, a branding that serves as a result of taking an oath long ago. Though usually dormant and non-existent to those around him, upon occasion the branding often reveals itself; spreading over various parts of Solex's body. It remains a constant reminder of his bonds and responsibilities and as such serves no other purpose than doing so.

Unholy Knight Oath (Click):

Judgment Temperance
As a mere child, Solex's rich black tresses of hair were quickly troubled. A patch of silver stained his otherwise jet-black strands, tainting it. However, despite many believing it to a birthmark, the patch represented a magical connection between his instincts and his mood. When angered the patch became a deep shade of red and while pleased it would glow in it's metallic silver.


Reckless Extravagance
Solex is in many ways an extremist. He tends to tackle his objectives and tasks ruthlessly regardless of the impact it may hold, though he generally sees to it that his resolve doesn't overcast reason and his opinions remain in check. As with many extremist, Solex is led to indulge in adrenaline surging activities for the sole purposes of seeing his own limits, experiencing all life has to offer and embracing danger to combat understand and acknowledge fears as well as overcome doubts. He seeks to one day be as courageous, strong and wise as his father before him. Though he also wants to remain as thoughtful as his mother.

Acumen & Cleverness
When it comes to learning and understanding, Solex is at times regarded as inhuman. He inhabits such an impressive level of perceptivity that his peers often envy him, some even going as far as loathing him despite his humbled nature with such a gift. Solex is capable of breaking down complex problems into their most simplistic form without extensive effort. He is also very keen in details and can typically sniff deception out with ease, though this doesn't mean he's honed his talents to perfection by any means. Along with his intuitive nature, Solex is also quite clever, though that side is typically masked purposely for his own benefit. In the event he does reveal an extent of intellect ot usually is during unfolding a strategy or solving a problem.

The Callous Conversationalist
Typically Solex is quite social and active, unafraid to speak with anyone and generally adapting to their personality to ensure optimum comfort. Though his appealing conversations aren't often genuine, but rather a clever technique to gather as much information as possible. As far as Solex is concerned most people are just walking data banks, and so he treats them as such whilst rewarding them in the process. However, he isn't always indulging in his social facade. In fact he can become rather crude on a whim and brutally dismissive. A state often witness when his hair is tipped in red, but not restricted to such. Outside of probing for data or being cold to others, he does have a more genuine persona shown now and again; a witty and competitive nature fitting to him.

Resilience & Resolve
Along with his intelligence and adaptability Solex has something else to push him further; resolve. He tackles his responsibilities rather vigorously and isn't one to be swayed. However, this is also a very grave reality to those close to him or who know him somewhat as Solex will slaughter anything and anyone in his path to becoming stronger and redeeming himself. And while this trait deviates from those of his kind, he believes his failures have stemmed from a lack of commitment on his part. Thus he's developed a malevolent nature to ensure his loyalties to task are unrivaled. As an individual, Solex is very resilient and won't simply accept any form of task failure unless it can't be helped or he's embraced by the cold grip of death. Naturally this contributes to his training, fighting and eagerness to improve.

The Face Behind The Mask
Surviving a rather tough and draining childhood, Solex is still learning to truly live as others among him do. Still searching for fragments of who he once was, whilst seeking who he'll be tomorrow. Solex treats himself unreasonably harsh despite knowing his reasons for such are long gone. However, he acknowledges it as more or less repentance for past failures rather than simple discipline. As an individual he does value his life and holds respect for the lives of others, and due to this he is often mournful of how these feelings are overlooked once he has a task to attend to. He does ease the burden by seeking refuge in the realization he can live forever making amends however. Naturally having many small fears and finding it uncomfortable being his own indecisive self, Solex occasionally gives glimpses of the person he is on the inside. Indulging in the innocence of ignorance so to speak.


    Swords & Gauntlets:
    As a child growing up to a long line of requip mages, Solex took a natural liking to weaponry they used. Though he found none as appealing as that of the sword. The fact their were so many variations brought him joy and kept him seeking to discover as many as possible. Gauntlets later became a favorite to him as well, due to the fact they were so versatile and protective.

    Improving & Advancement
    As a mage, fighter and curious individual there are little things that bring as much joy to Solex as training and learning do. He thrives to improve and educate himself so that he can measure up to expectation lain upon him as a child. Naturally nothing can impede his cause nor thwart his motives.

    Like many warriors, Solex has a strong craving to feel the crisp air spill into his lungs. He likes the intensity a strong opponent brings and the creativity of a clever one. The fact that he is in an element where he can utilize his strength without restrictions excites him beyond belief and the fact a match can go either-way drives him to ascend to greater heights.

    Having been somewhat stationary as a child, Solex grew to enjoy travel deeply. It was something his family did regular and always bared enjoyable tales afterwards. Him being too young at first only built the general enjoyment and appreciation of it to the deep yearning he holds with it presently.

    Solex likes good scenery in the world. Especially those rare places where natures beauty is at it's best. They simply inspire him in ways he can't find words to explain. Among the list of things he finds interesting animal sit high in the list. Knowing that their are over thousands of different kinds and they all do specific things intrigues him greatly. Not to mention that they are more sensible than people credit them for. Out of all Solex really likes the Apex predators who sit atop of their food chain.

    Strong Women
    There is just something about a dominate woman that Solex simply cannot ignore. While he is drawn to woman in general as a young adult, those who exhibit a high level of independence and overwhelming spirit excite him a lot. Needless to say he has no qualms with fighting girls and tends to get enjoyment beyond the norm when they prove to be strong.


    Egotistic Individuals:
    Conceit is a defective trait that resides within various humans, and one that is exceptionally strong in a number of them. Solex finds people who regard themselves as somewhat perfect or better to be a waste of space about the planet. Those who refuse to realize their blatant wrongs and simply trot about as if they are the greatest thing to happen since peanut butter annoy him.

    Obstruction of weaponry:
    As an individual that admires weapons, Solex simply can't stand seeing people treat them poorly. Doing so before his eyes is enough to make him twitch a bit and if not for his composed nature he'd even lash out.

    Regarded as an adrenaline junkie, Solex can't remotely find himself wasting his day away. He has to do something lest he feels he is missing out.


    Aching to climb the long road towards his prime, Solex holds his own development as a source of motivation. That feeling of witnessing his own improvements and changes surges him with the strength to blaze ahead on the path to greatness. Be it in body, magic or mind his tackles challenges fearlessly with the thought of growing in mind.

    Self Discovery:
    Though a grown man, Solex still isn't himself so to speak. His childhood had been a mere blur filled with disappointment and troubles. All of which leading him to the position he currently faces. Finding the answers of what should be true to him and who he truly is.


    Self Destruction:
    As someone who has yet to discover themself, Solex has a deep rooted fear he will one day be consumed by his customs and traditions. The result ultimately causing him to be more of a machine than man so to speak.

    Solex has a mild fear of sickness. A fear he can't often overlook either. Simply hearing a cough with that rolling mucus at the back of the throat is enough to put him on high alert. As a fighter the easiest and most effective impairment that one can get is illness, and so Solex takes no chances.

General Appearance

Height: 5'10

Weight: 170lb

Hair: Solex boast jet-black hair that cascades passed his shoulders. The right side of which bares a patch of silver hair that fluctuates accordingly.

Eyes: Gold

Skin Tone: Light Olive

Appearance: Solex stands at the respectable height of 5'10, bearing substantial enough weight to allow his physique to boast muscular qualities rather easy. Solex's complexion is arguably his most redeeming quality, being the tone of an everlasting Hawaiian tan which is also accompanied by his rare golden eyes which often get mistaken for contacts. By choice Solex keeps his hair rather wild and unkempt, opting to allow his jet-black tresses do as they please. Though it is more likely he allows the hair to grow in such a manner in hopes of it overlapping the ever-present patch of silver inherited to him by birth. As far as clothing stems, Solex's preference is rather open. Though his upper attire is generally a sleeveless vest, often between the colors black and red. His lower gear is typically just black boots and baggy pants of matching breed. Those one thing never neglected happens to be his battle gauntlets, ranging from long and fingerless to short plated.


Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: (Fated location would be upon his left shoulder in crimson with a silver outlining.)
Rank: D


Friends: N/A
Enemies N/A


Bound by Steel
Solex was born in the small town of Koharu, a quiet town with little activity to promote true fun. However, home was home and Solex, like any child, embraced it as he grew. Though the town itself was small and lacked any routes or means to an exciting adventure, Solex was blessed to have been born into a renowned family of requip mages. This allowed him to take to the families trade and study the path of weaponry. Of course at the time Solex was still too young for such privileges, especially with a concerned mother such as him.

Time soon shifted by however, and by the time Solex was 5 he was able to begin studying the art of his ancestors. It wasn't anything beyond learning weapon types or physical training, but it sure beat having nothing to do in such a dull town.

Admiring the Adamant
Once Solex met the age of 7 he was finally permitted physical training, something that would genuinely excite him on any day, but held even more intensity as it was. He would be taught by his own father; the raging scimitar. To most kids it wouldn't really be an issue of who taught them or how they learned, but when it came to his father Solex only had utter respect for the man. Often enough he recalled their travels while he was just 5 and the few times where he watched him in action during what should have been quality time. The fact was, Marek, Solex's father simply was immensely talented. When they told stories were surfaced and argued Solex imagined his old man in the midst of all the action.

Needless to say, their training began without a hitch. From left to right Solex was given the toughest of exercises and task, but he knew it was for the best and as such never gave in to the building pressure as they practiced. By the time he was merely 8 Solex knew a staggering assortment of weapons just by shape, weight and sound they produced. He developed a resilient body next, a fitting attribute for any upcoming warrior.

Blade without Edge
As the years swept by during their training, so did the nature of things between father and son. Marek's exceptional prowess in the battle field began to falter. He'd been slowly growing blind for years, and by the time Solex hit the age of 10 the man simply couldn't perform as he used to. He became cold and irrational from the ordeal, no longer finding joy in anything to do with requip magic nor his clan. In all truth he felt as if he'd disappointed his son. Not because of his unfortunate disposition, but due to the many failures he accumulated while trying to prove to everyone he still retained his ability.

In addition to losing his sight and sharpness in combat, Marek also began losing his recognition in the town. Once the hero of the Knightraven clan, he slowly became the bad omen among them. Old enemies he'd best had heard of his disposition and had set upon the town vigorously, causing all to blame him for their troubles. Soon the man who always had protected the village could only be protected by it. A realization that broke him further and led him to believe his son's great stories of him as well as compliments were all a mockery.

On the other hand, Solex could care less about the events that had transpired. His only concern remained getting better and raising the spirits of his own family. It wasn't long after Marek's decent into depression as a warrior forced Solex to get a new teacher. He'd learned all there was to know about fighting and a lot more about the elements surrounding it as well, but what he couldn't master was the actual magic of a requip.

Dishonor, Disdain & Disconnection
Taking lessons from his family in the arts handed down from generation to generation, Solex found himself at a loss with the true function of the magic. He was no longer a 10 year old, but 12. Though in all honesty he hadn't been a child since he was 5. The years had also been rough upon Solex, his father disappointed that his only heir was incapable of inheriting the art of their bloodline. It was such a huge weight on Solex he took full blame for his fathers suffering and trained to his limits daily just to master the magic.

It wasn't until one fated night that he got his magic however. He'd been on a mission to dispose of some hostile soldiers from a distant region, and once he made light work of the targets, he discovered a golden scroll. Naturally he claimed the scroll as his and read it upon reaching home. An oath of sorts had been written, and without thinking it over thoroughly Solex accepted the pact. With that the words soon faded and became replaced by instructions of using magic. Something that Solex himself had never seen nor experienced. However, he took to the instructions as required

After weeks of practicing Solex had finally developed his own magic. A mutation of requip magic and caster magic united. Finally he would be able to look his father in the eyes, or so he though. For the moment word spread about Solex learning a magic other than family tradition Marek wanted no part in it.

The Birth Of Bloodedge
At the age of 13 Solex experienced the toughest years of his life emotionally; completely crushed by a turn of events. His family had finally begun shunning him openly for his foreign magic and blamed the poor health of his father on him completely; on the grounds he was a failure to the knightraven tribe. It was at that point Solex took his leave from the town, teary eyed and torn; a child only heartbroken and filled with regret. He travelled the vast land of fiore and took to learning various things. Though he often did stop in his hometown disguised and payed visit to his people. On one particular occasion however, he stumbled upon the town being set aflame. It was chaos to say the least. Men he'd never seen before littered the village torching all in sight; a scene that drew the up most anger from Solex, and driven by the sheer anger Solex hunted each one of the culprits down slaughtering them until the very edge of his sword froze over in blood granting him the name.

Once the threat was taken care of, Solex set to task outing the fires which were scattered about the town, when he made it to his own however he entered to find his mother on the ground crying over his father. it was apparent what had conspired, old enemies had set upon the village with their greatest protector incapable of fighting. Along with a village attack the also put an end to the miserable mercenary's life. Marek s drawing his last breaths. He cried as if greatly sorry for the way he'd have to part, but then gave Solex a smile that had being lost for years and some words he'd never forget. "You must find way of the Knightraven one day, but first you must find yourself."

With a heavy heart Solex once again left the village. Often sending his mother gifts and flowers as he was unable to visit frequently; not without being overcome with sadness. Now a grown man Solex still reminisces on the past a bit, but doesn't allow it to hinder his own plans. Plans of being the most dedicated mercenary to ever walk fiore. A titled that would be tribute to what his father should have been. A man who was ill-prepared for the lose of his sight and ended up losing his spirit to fight as well; a man only Solex truly understood.

Face Claim: Raven -- Elsword


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Re: Solex Knightraven

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Re: Solex Knightraven

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