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Shuurai Inazuma

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Shuurai Inazuma

Post by Shuurai on Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:51 am

Character Template


Character Theme: Rise of the King
Battle Theme: Two Steps from Hell - Ocean Princess
Quote: "What is the difference between a king and his horse? I don't mean kiddy shit like 'One's a person and one's an animal' or 'One has two legs and one has four.' If their form, ability, and power were exactly the same, why is it that one becomes the king and controls the battle while the other becomes a horse and carries the king?! There is only one answer...INSTINCT!" -Shuurai Inazuma [not an original quote]

Name: Shuurai Inazuma [Shoe-rai/ In-a-zoo-ma]
Alias: Shu/Rai/Eternal Summoner/Emperor of the seas
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birthdate: June/6
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Special Characteristics: A small curved gold earring cuff on his left ear.

Lavish; that is the first word that will come into your head when you meet Shuurai for the first time. Not only does he dress extravagantly, but he also acts extravagantly. He has a slightly deep voice, which fits in with his personality perfectly. When he is speaking, he will often use a more complex word instead of a word one would usually use. For example, instead of saying "I am feeling happy today", he might say "I am feeling joyful today". Some people find it strange while others find it 'smart'. To go along with his speech, his manners are great as well. He always acts noble around women, saying that no one acts chivalrous these days. When sitting down, he will always sit straight; the same goes if he is walking.

Shuurai loves fighting as well, displaying his power just gives him a sense of satisfaction. However, everyone knows a king doesn't fight by himself, if he fights at all. All kings have knights to fight for them and in this case, it isn't all that different. Shuurai uses a summoning magic which allows him to summon creatures he has come in contact with and formed a bond with. The creatures he summons are of the water element and they all look different. One can look like a mermaid while another may look like a mutated sea horse warrior. The interesting part is that Shuurai doesn't treat his creatures as dust; more so as friends. Although he may treat others like crap, feeling all mighty with power, he treats his 'friends' with care. He loves them all and whenever he sends them out to fight, he feels a hint of guilt gnawing at him inside. He never shows this though because looking weak in front of others is not his forte.

In comparison, Shuurai is not all that elegant. He is really fond of his creativity and imagination. Whenever he has free time on his hands, he will almost always use it to either paint or draw something. He enjoys painting things that correspond with nature. The most interesting part about Shuurai's paintings are that he likes to place a twist in them. His paintings will start off in a nice landscape and will end off with some sort of bloodshed. Reason being that he wants his paintings to be easily recognized. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. He also enjoys doing anything that involves strategy. He enjoys riddles, puzzles, and books. They are all a good way to relieve stress from the mind as well as keeping on busy.

To finish off his personality, Shuurai is a confident man. He will say whatever he has to, not caring who it will offend. This is something that had grown onto him since being king and it has not really left him. He will also butt into a conversation if he has to get his point across. Overall, Shuurai is a king and will always act like one, making a name for himself where ever he goes.


  • His Spirits: Shuurai never treats his spirits unfairly as they are his best friends. They protect Shuurai so he protects them.

  • Nature: Shuurai loves nature and anything that is apart of it. He loves all the beautiful scenery, animals, structures, etc. He will always put a twist in his paintings to make them his own.

  • Women: Most men love women and Shuurai is no exception. He shows his affection for women extravagantly. If he sees a women he likes, he will often purchase their meal for them, purchase flowers, and maybe even take them on a date.

  • Painting/Drawing: Shuurai enjoys painting things as well as drawing them. He finds it soothing when ever he can draw something and possibly share it with others. He is mostly seen carrying a small canvas tied to his back, along with a small pouch with all of his paint, brushes, and pallets. He likes to draw anything he sees and place a small twist in it, if need be.

  • Power: Growing up as a prince and becoming a king, Shuurai has grown up with some great power. He's become a-custom to this and he enjoys having all this power; bossing people around and what not, it's the good life.

  • Rules: Along with power, rules need to be in place. They keep thing in order and tidy. Shuurai feels rules were a great invention and he has some of his own. You'll find out when you meet him.

  • Fresh/Sea Water: Since Shuurai's magic revolves around him summoning creatures with water magic, he has a grown a liking for any body of water. You never know what is in the bottom of a well right? This is true when it comes to a large body of water, whether it be in a cave or in the open. We don't really know what is at the very bottom of these things which makes it a great mystery and Shuurai loves it.

  • [Other likes: Fighting/sparring, money, drinking, fresh vegetables and fruits]


  • Harming his Spirits: Although Shuurai summons his spirits to fight for him, he always feels a hint of guilt gnawing at his insides. If anything serious were to happen to is spirits, he would never be able to forgive himself.

  • Dragons: This is actually one of Shuurai's biggest dislikes. His mother was a dragon slayer and she went out to find her dragon. She returned home, slaughtered with dragon bites in her sides. Ever since that day, Shuurai has vowed that any dragons, including Dragon Slayers, will be placed in the same position as his mother was.

  • Nature being destroyed: How could anyone feel satisfied with harming the land we live on and the animals we live with? Shuurai finds it disgusting and this is why he places a twist in his paintings, to show people that the world is not a place for fighting or harming, it is a place where we should live in harmony.

  • Sea food: Due to Shuurai being a fan of nature, water, and liking his spirits, he dislikes eating sea food. This category includes crab, fish, shrimp, octopus, etc. He can't really look at anyone eating it either so he has made a vow that he will never eat and type of sea food and try to spread the message on to other people.

  • Rule Breakers: Shuurai hates people that do not obey the law. This includes smoking where a no-smoking sign, drinking and driving, etc. Rules were meant to keep things in order, not to be tampered with. If he sees anyone breaking a rule, he'll just make sure they follow it next time.

  • Easy Puzzles: If Shuurai feels a puzzle is too easy, he'll immediately throw it away. He hates puzzles that are easy because they don't challenge the brain at all. If it doesn't cause us to think, what good is it?

  • Cheap People: Money was meant to be spent, not saved up. Shuurai especially hates it when he meets people that have a large amount of money in their pockets but can even spare a few dollars for a homeless person.

  • [Other Dislikes: Soft drinks, old vegetables and fruits, balloons]


  • Hanging his painting: Shuurai wants to make a painting that someone will purchase from him and hang it up in an art gallery. The reason being that this would help him spread his message about what we are doing to nature.

  • Finding newer spirits: Shuurai's best friends are his spirits and he feels that they should also have friends. One of Shuurai's goals is to form the best team that revolves around using water. There are many spirits out there which makes it all the better.

  • Becoming the strongest mage: This is a cliche motivation that many other mages may have but if Shuurai can achieve this goal, it will be the happiest day of his life. He loves power and if he is the strongest mage, he'll have obtained even more power.

  • Creating his own guild: This is a goal that would be easy for Shuurai, in his opinion. He has all the money but he just needs to be stronger. If he was able to form his own guild, he'd make it luxurious and be the strongest mage in it.


  • Small/tight places: Shuurai is claustrophobic meaning that he has an irrational fear of small/tight places. He's been afraid of them since he was a kid and nothing has changed.

  • Clowns: Not only is Shuurai claustrophobic, but he is also coulrophobic, meaning that he is afraid of clowns. He's been scared of them ever since he was a kid. If you were to place Shuurai in a small room with clowns, he'd be sure to die of a heart attack.

  • Dragons: Although Shuurai's wants to avenge his mothers death, he is scared that he won't be able to defeat a dragon and he will end up in the same position his mother was in; dead.

  • Losing his spirits: It is said that once a spirit 'dies' in battle, they are removed from the spirit world and taken into the underworld which means that the user cannot use that spirit anymore. Shuurai does not want this to happen to any of his spirits as they have protected them their whole life so they don't deserve to die.

General Appearance

Height: 182 cm (5'11")
Weight: 64 Kg (141 lbs)
Hair: Black/Long/Untidy
Eyes: Gold
Skin Tone: Light Brown

Physical: Shuurai is 182 cm and weighs 64 Kg. He is fairly well built with as well as pretty tall which makes for a deadly duo of things. He has no scars on his body of sort, neither does he have any type of birth mark. He has a light brown skin tone which goes great with his unusual gold eyes but it doesn't matter as most women adore the gold eyes. He also has long black hair that reaches up to the back of his neck. It is quite messy as he tends to keep it untidy.

Clothing: When he was a kid, Shuurai wore a blue outfit resembling sailor boy clothes, as well as black boots. There wasn't much to it as back in the day, everyone dressed simple, especially a young boy. Now however, he wears a collared shirt with some buckles on it, a cravat over it, a pair of white gloves, black pants with a strap around his right leg - close to the hip, a black coat, black boots that are pointed at the tips, and a black hat with a rare blue ice flower on top.


Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: Over heart/fading from black to blue
Rank: D-rank


Friends: N/A
Enemies N/A


"It's a boy!"

Shuurai was born into a rich family, a family that ruled an entire village. No, not those small villages, a large, well built one. His father was the king and his mother, the queen. Of course, when you resign from your position as king, you need a prince to take over and this is what the Inazuma family was hoping for, a baby boy. The reason a girl couldn't be born was because in this village, previous kings had made a law that only boys can be born and inherit the throne and since that day, only boys have been born. One that would one day grow up to be strong and handsome, take on the roles of a king. After a long wait, the doctor arrived at the village. Everyone was surrounding the castle in which the family lived in, all waiting for the news. The doctor had taken the test and he proudly said "It's a boy!". The family was happy to know this and so were the villagers.

After another 9 months, the baby was finally born. He was as cute as any other baby. The parents had already decided on a name; Shuurai. The names just fit in perfectly with their last; Inazuma. Of course, Shuurai couldn't become king right away, he would have to wait a couple of years before becoming the official king. Once he becomes the age of 16, he was allowed to rule his village under the name 'king'. Well, even as a young boy, he was given an adviser, telling him what to do and what not to do. This was the beginning of a new prince.

Early Life

Shuurai, still a kid, was still looked up to even though he was so young. Why wouldn't he? He was the next king. He was now 4 years old and could walk on his two legs, not needing his mother to carry him. However, he barely got to see his parents. Even though his father was the king, he still went around to other villages, forming peace treaty and recruiting soldiers for the army of the village. As king, it was his duty to insure the safety of his village. On the other hand, his mother spent all her time in the castle or in the village, but being flourished with gifts and money. Shuurai was also flourished. The villagers brought him many gifts such as toys, rattles, some even brought money. This was the good life but it wasn't always like this.

"Mother! Don't leave me!"

At the age of 7, Shuurai started attending things that a normal prince would. He attended ceremonies, balls, meeting, etc. It was a busy life for such a young kid but in return, he got anything he wanted. It was the life that any kid would want to live. However, some may forget that even with all this power, he was still a human being.

His mother had left the village and castle for an important call up. Not only was she a queen but she had a special type of magic, summoning magic. Each summoner was also given a specific element, her families was water thus her summoning water creatures. The reason she was called up though, was because their was a dragon near the neighborhood and apparently, the nearby villages thought that she was the strongest, which she was but she stood no chance against the dragon. After 2 weeks of her being gone, news had arrived that she was arriving back in town. The villagers were happy and so was her family but a disappointing surprise was waiting for them. The queen arrived but she arrived...dead. The dragon was too powerful for her, ripping his left side apart and crushing her body. All that was left was a dead corpse. This was a tragic moment in the village. The village lacked energy and just as the village was beginning to rise again, they took another fateful blow.

2 months after this incident, the king was diagnosed with a severe case of lung cancer. Luckily, Shuurai was not infected or else the village would be in trouble. Due to the lung cancer, the father had only a week to live before he died. In those two weeks, Shuurai was named king but not officially. To officially become king, you had to be 18 years of age, which Shuurai was not, he was only 7. Due to this, he was given an adviser which would make all the decisions for Shuurai. The time arrived and Shuurai's father passed on, leaving Shuurai with a burden; raise a village by yourself.

"We protected your parents, now we'll protect you!"

Shuurai was heartbroken that both his parents were killed, however, they left a little gift for Shuurai. Since he was a part of their bloodline, he able to use magic and not just any magic, summoning magic. Of course, the element would be water and luckily for him, his adviser knew the magic well and taught him to use it. Shuurai was given two free spirits, the ones that protected both his parents. His mothers was called Lila and his father's spirit, Kaiser. Shuurai was amazed at the power he now possessed and he was happy that he'd be protected by the two spirits that protected his mother and father. It was truly something to be happy about.

By the age of 14, Shuurai was practically ready to become king. He had mastered the arts of summoning magic but was not able to summon any other creatures. The only way Shuurai would be able to summon a new creature would be by fighting it and forming a bond with it; a pact really. Once this had happened, the user would be able to call on the creature at any given time. However, not only did Shuurai master his magic, he had done a lot of other stuff. He had become interested in painting and managed to paint some beautiful pieces, some of which were hung in the castle. He had also started doing puzzle, not the easy rubix cube ones, but intermediate level ones and he did them with ease. All this stuff that he had learned in the past 7 years was all going to help him one way or another.

"I am your king!"

Shuurai, still 14, managed to do something no other person in the village had; become the youngest king. Although it is true that you have to be 18 in order to become king, since Shuurai had managed to master his magic at such a young age and the village was in need for a proper king, not some adviser, they elected that Shuurai should become the king as soon as possible and he gave them what they wanted. Shuurai named himself the king, and only at age 14.

By the age of 18, Shuurai had built the village up again, restoring it to its former self. The village was filled with life again, the army had become the strongest again, and the former life was restored. Shuurai also had everything he wanted now; power and money. He often went into war as well, just to get away from his everyday life as king. His spirits aided him during these wars which is why they won most of them. Life was great and Shuurai was the perfect king but there was one problem, he needed a heir to the throne. He kept telling his adviser that it was not needed, he wasn't going to die anytime soon and he had nearly an entire life time to think about it. Well, he was wrong.

The village in flames

One morning, the villagers woke up to to discover that their village had been put into flames. Shuurai had no idea what had happened and he didn't know what to do. He did however, no the cause of the flames, a dragon was roaming the area. The villagers tried to escape, causing a riot and panic in order to grab all their goods. Shuurai tried to keep everyone calm but it wasn't worth it, everyone acted as if there was no king. Due to their rash mistake, in a matter of minutes, the entire village was gone. The dragon had destroyed everything, the people, the houses, the castle. It was all gone. All that was left was Shuurai. He managed to survive due to his spirits. He had failed his parents, the village was all gone and the era of kings had come to an end. Shuurai would need to start a new life somewhere. He also needed supplies such as food, money, and shelter and luckily, his parents planned ahead for this.

A few miles away, his parents had bought another village, an abandoned one. However, they stored some of their money there was well as supplies. It was going to be used as a secondary shelter if anything happened but that was never going to happen now. Shuurai took all the money he could, grabbed some supplies and set on a new journey; to start a new life.

Present Days

Shuurai, now age 24, had come to Fiore. He had expected someone to notice him as a king but no one did, it was as if he was just like the rest of them, normal. However, in a small village called Koharu, Shuurai bought a mansion. Although he couldn't be a king, he would surely act like one. He had hired himself servants to keep the house clean while he was gone on his journeys. He had started a new life. Fiore was pretty much like his old village except larger. It had town and had guilds, just like the village except they were small cults within the village. He was happy with his new life. It felt good fit in with the crowd but at the same time, he still had the power he had during his reign as king. He still managed to dress extravagant and act lavish. It was all perfect. What was going to happen next? Only time can tell.

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Re: Shuurai Inazuma

Post by Raiga on Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:14 pm

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Re: Shuurai Inazuma

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Re: Shuurai Inazuma

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