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Nagi Souichiro | Demon Exorcist [WIP]

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Nagi Souichiro | Demon Exorcist [WIP]

Post by Nagi on Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:08 pm

Character Template


Character Theme:

Battle Theme:

Drakath's Theme

"A man of words has to compensate for doing so little. A man of action has few words he needs to say."

Name: Nagi Souichiro
Alias: Demon Exorcist | Black Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthdate: 03/15
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics:


A Tough Guy
From the day Nagi was born he had to put up with a lot of issues. As soon as he could understand speech he could hear the voice within his head; lashing out with insults, speaking ill of his efforts and constantly demeaning the human race as a whole. In all honesty his ability to maintain sanity through all this was with the constant mental assistance of adults who knew what he was going through. That paired with many other struggles people would normally face granted him a very resilient mindset, someone that can handle anything. He openly flaunts this aspect of him by accepting any challenge that comes his way and every once in a while he might throw a shot at someone who openly shows weakness. His tough guise is apparent in any aspect of his of his life; when alone, in a social setting, on the job, and most expressed in combat.

Not a Simple Brute
One in Nagi’s position can’t afford to be lacking in his wits. It is very clear that he is not a strategist but his mental ability is best described as being actively ‘in the moment’ instead of thinking multiple moves ahead. Along with that he also has a skill with riddles. Drakath, the Dragon within him, had tried many times to possess him with riddles of the mind and mentally tiring him so resistance itself breeds intelligence. As he is more intelligent than his first impression usually suggests Nagi hates being looked at as a brute, only able to manage being good with his fists. People like that are the ones that could set him off quite quickly and get themselves into a world of trouble. Lastly, being a man with intelligence, he really can’t stand those of a foolish breed. Someone who he can clearly see as a moron is a person that he would openly beat to a pulp without qualms if the opportunity presented itself.

Irritably Pleasant
A man with great manners; Nagi isn’t one of them. When he wants he can be blunt or rude, even without a known reason, just for the sake of his own humor. He doesn’t usually wait on people and he cares little if he makes people wait on him. In general though, there is little he does that would ever cause a situation like that to happen with another person. Even so his social lacks carry a certain charm. Because of his bluntness, and his mind for rude remarks, he is able to be quite funny and interesting at times. These most often present themselves in the area of a pub or bar of some sort, or the battlefield as that is where he feels the greatest amounts of joy.

It’s also not like he has no feelings; he just doesn’t really leave them bare for others to see (part of his tough guy complex). He more disregards them in areas as making connections with others will slow down his goals for the future. There is a light side to him though, a piece of how he was back in his younger years that exists deep within his heart. It would take someone he considered to be very special to reveal this piece of him to. All in all he isn’t unreasonably cruel or one known as benevolent. He is that guy that most may secretly wish they could know more about and the one that, even with his gruff persona, can make those around him feel secure, at least safe, for the moment, from anything else around that could be threatening.

Influenced by a Dragon
There is no one on this earth, not even a Dragon Slayer that can say they understand who Nagi is or know what he’s been through. His soul was bonded with the spirit of a dead Shadow Dragon, known as Drakath when he was alive. Because of the bonding, Drakath’s consciousness exists within Nagi’s mind. Sharing a mind with a Dragon, especially an evil one, has influenced he personality and views, even if he doesn’t like to think so. Drakath has affected Nagi by nurturing a gruffer personality, a ruthless edge that is borderline animalistic. This comes out most significantly in a battle setting, taking on what would be best described as a predator’s instinct.

A Man With Fists
Even being an intelligent person, Nagi really is not a man to debate or solve conflicts with his words. A man of his talents and experiences he’s noticed that there is no word that carries the same effect as a hard fist cracking a smart-mouth’s jaw. With that he also believes that no man should ever say words that they can’t back up with their strength, easily put stated as a “put up or shut up” mentality.

Who Doesn’t Like Women?
Nagi is no dullard when it comes to the opposite sex. He has broken quite a few hearts in his day, even had his own broken a couple of times. Though in his recent years he has grown to desensitize himself and ignore many of his feelings about girls. Getting involved in relationships have only shown to slow down his goal. He will not permit letting anything keep him from his solace. But even though he has forsaken forming true emotional attachment with women in his life it does not mean he has any qualms with fooling around every once in a while. A man has urges that need to be taken care of from time to time.

Fighting - This is just about one of the only things that Nagi can do to express his emotions. The thrill of a heated battle has a special sort of ecstasy that he could never tire from. All goals and dreams aside, Nagi would not be the same person by any means if he wasn’t a fighter.

Magic - As primitive as it may seem, being a mage and all, Nagi has always been and will always be fascinated by the vast natures of magic. Its artwork how no two different magics are the same and just tweaking the concept of a magic can open a doorway of to many possibilities. The biggest intrigue with the diversities of magic is also the diversity in power that each magic holds and the special wizards that have the skill to hone those powers to perfection.

Dragons - Even with all his reasons to hate dragons of all sorts, Nagi feels he has to respect them for they represent the epitome strength along with their cut-throat instincts, gifted to them by design. A dragon offers inspiration to him, giving him the desires to work relentlessly for the strength he so craves, rise to the heights he reaches for. For him a dragon is a milestone of respect and power that he has convinced he can reach, conquer, and overcome.

Power - To accomplish his goals and achieve his dreams, Nagi needs power. He lusts for it with a passion, an unquenchable thirst. He feels he must obtain the absolute power he seeks or anything and everything in his life is and has been nothing but a meaningless spiral of human shortcomings, and a needless death unable to be avenged.

Others: Alcohol, Women (especially curvaceous), Sunlight, Food, Fire.
Weakness - Nagi's hunger for strength leaves little option for allowing weakness. He knows from personal experience that showing vulnerability to a dragon would grant him death. A man who wishes to climb the summit of magic and accomplish a dream as great as Nagi`s must snuff out his weakness at all cost.

Cowardice - A person unable to stand true to their convictions is trash in the eyes of Nagi. He may not say it to them, he may not act on his disgust, but he will always think lesser of them as people because they show no bravery or courage to show for what they desire in life. A man that is a coward is but a shell of a man to Nagi.

Dragons - Dragons, for two reasons, are the very reasons Nagi has had hardship most of his life. He has been through too much to go forgiving his misfortunes now. The only way to move forward is to rise up above that mountain of grief by tearing down the creature known as Acnologia, King of Dragons. A hate like his is not one that can fade, the hate lies within his soul.

Royalty - As a concept, Nagi knows that the proposal of royalty is flawed. No man, regardless of who their father was deserves to be appointed as a ruler over others because of lineage. If a man (or woman) wants to lead they must prove themselves with blood, sweat, and tears; unless they have earned a position they simply shouldn't be there. Because of this, he doesn't recognize the King of Fiore as an actual leader for he hasn't even heard accomplishing anything of note, much less of kingly status. The only king that has ever shown the strength Nagi could bow to is the one king that can never respect, for his onw reasons. That king is Acnologia

Others: Shadows, Bats, Control Freaks, Pacifists.

Revenge - Nagi’s entire life ever since his mother’s death, has been dedicated to repaying the one who caused it. As a person filled with such intense grief he can't move on, or can't find his own way to move on, without settling the score with his mother's murderer. This hunger for revenge fuels him, keeps him on the rode he's on and is the reason he strives for absolute power. This is his most significant motivator to keep his eyes eyes on his prize.

Power - Revenge and power seem to go hand in hand for most cases. It is very obvious that Nagi must acquire god-like power to be able to attempt killing Acnologia.

Release - Nagi's past haunts him and only accomplishing all of his goals will grant him to finally put his demons to rest. This is part of why he took on a name such as Demon Exorcist, he must destroy the taunting dark memories and visions that keep him up late at night.

Freedom - Even though he so greatly needs Drakath's power, Nagi wants to be free of this evil Dragon when everything is over and done. The perfect way Nagi would want to go out would be without the evil mind of the Dragon tainting his final thoughts, visions, and moments.
Darkness - Being left alone in pith-black, with his only company the Dragon of shadows within his mind honestly scares Nagi. In high-stress situations he can overcome it as he is focused on the task and able to better filter what he actually hears from Drakath's words. Distraction is like a remedy because the fear that is generated isn't because of the Dark itself; it's because Drakath's mental domination is most persistent and strongest in the dark.

Failure - The only thing that he fears more than his own demons is the prospect of not being able to fulfill his true vow. He chases after such a beast as the King of Dragons because he feels it is his cross to bear. If he felt he had a choice or could move on then his needs would be so lacking. He can't fail or his existence is nothing but a curse to all he's met.

Drakath - This Dragon within him is both his greatest chance to accomplish his goals and the greatest threat to ruin them. The power he can get from Drakath is his solace but it also comes with the fact that Drakath is also his enemy. For Nagi's whole life it was a struggle to survive and Drakath has not let up. His source of power is a double-edged sword that seems to always be ready to double-cross him no matter what is going on.
General Appearance

Weight: 175 lbs
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Gold/Amber
Skin Tone: Light


Rank: D


Enemies Drakath, Achnologia
Face Claim: Souichiro Nagi | Tenjho Tenge

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