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Mive Honeyglen

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Mive Honeyglen

Post by Mive on Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:54 pm


Character Theme: The Calm and Silent Dragon, The Determination of a Grain of Sand
Battle Theme: Dry Desperation, Sand Dragon's Last Stand, The Will to Live

Quote: "Sand is an acquired taste, much like willpower. If one gives up when they fail or are rejected, they'll never acquire the taste of accomplishment as fully as those who do not give up."

Name: Mive Honeyglen
Alias: Sandstorm
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Birthdate: July 1st
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Special Characteristics: Sharp teeth and reptile irises.

Personality: Mive is regularly a courteous girl in some ways, such as respecting the more skilled mages in the guild and the guildmaster. She often takes risks due to her determination to get stronger, in order to find her mother. She strives to become better at fighting and one day to become an S-Rank mage for her guild, and knows she can get that high if she tries. She's really curious, and loves to get her nose into others' business and spy on people or listen in to conversations so she knows what's going on or why someone is upset. Mive has some trouble controlling her anger and has a temper, easily becoming upset and very loud. It takes a lot to get her to trust someone, due to a fear of being alone. She's a very honest person, so much that she's to the point of being very blunt. She states what is needed to know with no sugar coating or padding to break the fall. She's loyal to her guild and her friends, easily willing to risk her life to save them without hesitation. She doesn't really think creatively, sticking more to a logical and scientific matter of thought.

During battle, Mive's even more serious than normal. The only things she says are her attacks, and she keeps her eyes on her target to try and find openings or weak spots. If she must she'll fight alongside people, but prefers doing things without the hassle of another person because talking to someone breaks her focus. She's very observant, trying to find patterns in her enemies' attacks.

  • Mouse: Her Exceed. Mouse is Mive's only friend, and they've been through thick and thin together. Mive doesn't go anywhere without Mouse, and he makes sure of that.
  • The sun: She loves the sun for its warmth, and it actually calms her down when she lays down in the sun. Much like a desert lizard, she enjoys laying out in the sun to calm down, warm up, and get a tan.
  • Deserts/Beaches: Mive enjoys them because of the heat, sun, and sand. She prefers being able to fight in areas with lots of sand and dirt so she can eat up to boost attack power. Areas like deserts allow her to sunbask easily and reminisce about old times with her mother.

  • People that "beat around the bush": Due to Mive being a very blunt person, she'll tend to not be in favor of those that make things sugar coated so it won't hurt others. She despises it when other people decide to make the fall softer for the person in question, and wants them to just tell it how it is.
  • Hamsters: She just finds them to be downright disgusting, after an incident when she was little. Mouse brough one back, and Mive held it because she thought it was adorable. It bit her, and she threw it across the cave after getting a glimpse of its face. She can't look at them without making a disgusted face.
  • Water: Due to her type of magic, Mive isn't very fond of water either. It messes with her sand abilities, especially when it's rain that is bing discussed. It leaves the sand either uneatable or lacking in power for her. She dislikes getting wet unless bathing, because not bathing is "just nasty".

  • Determination: Mive's motivated by determination of some people, due to her own sense of determination. If she sees someone trying hard to do their best, she'll start to help them out with it, or want to do even better herself. She often drives herself too hard, and hurts herself in some way. This just makes her even more determined to get better, so she can not get hurt again.
  • Finding her mother: Mive honestly wants to find her mother who has been missing for years. When she was little, her mother vanished without a trace. By being in a guild, Mive thinks she could find her mother easily.
  • Other Dragon Slayers: If she ever comes across one, she'll be completely enamored by their power and will probably strive to be as strong as them one day. She'll look up to them, strive to be like them, and even watch how they fight. She'll do anything to be as tough as them.

  • Isolophobia: Mive has a fear of being alone. She's subconsciously afraid that her mother left her because she was sick of Mive, and doesn't want anybody to leave her again. She tries not to make friends because of this fear, and also is afraid that people will abandon her like her mother did.
  • Kopophobia: She's afraid of being worn out, because she feels that she will do inadequately in battle and get seriously hurt. Unfortunately, she faces this fear too often.
  • Parasitophobia: She's afraid of getting parasites, like leeches or lice. If she's near swampy water, she will avoid it with a passion. If there's mention of lice or fleas in the guild, she will stay OUTSIDE in order for her (or Mouse) to not be affected by it.

General Appearance

Height: 5 foor 10 inches
Weight: 145 pounds
Hair: Sandy blonde hair with the bangs swiped over one side of the face and hair pinned up into some sort of an updo in the back.
Eyes: Black, occasionally reptilian irises.
Skin Tone: As tan as Elfman is.
Appearance: Mive is tall and skinny, throwing off how old she looks and her real age. Her eyes are black and sharp, like a small void in the center of her eye. Her breasts are smaller than average, at the most a large B-Cup. Her shape is set more to her hips and thighs, giving her appearance a more "bottom-heavy" look. She wears a brown overshirt with a beige dress shirt underneath, and an intelligent smirk when conversing. Her legs are partially covered by khaki shorts, which have white fuzz outlining the bottom parts. Her belt is a bright yellow, throwing off her outfit's "groove" a bit. Underneath her left shorts leg sits her light brown Lamia Scale tattoo, in plain view on her thigh. She has caramel colored hiking boots on her feet, obviously worn and comfortable-looking. She's lean, and her body shows that she is more built for agility and running than for packing finishing blows like a brute would. Her legs are relatively slim but toned, for running pruposes and jumping out of harm's way. By her face and body, one would assess that she's about sixteen or seventeen, but in reality she's only about thirteen.


Guild: Lamia Scale
Tattoo: Left thigh, light brown
Rank: D


Friends: Mouse, her exceed. Mouse is her only friend and although she's been in her guild for months, oonly chooses to socialize with him.
Enemies N/A

The Abandoned Child
Mive never really had a tragic childhood with her parents, seeming as how she didn't have any. Her birth mother was a poor young girl who couldn't take care of a baby, so she was left in a desert cave to fend for her own. She didn't though, having been adopted by a dragon who happened to live in that exact cave. Alluviana, the dragon, taught her how to speak and walk as a toddler. As a child, she was taught how to read and write, and figured out math by herself. After a while, Mive was taught magic by Alluviana, the kind of Lost Magic called Dragon Slayer. They trained and trained until she learned the basics well. She was also taught how to fend for herself, by hunting and catching things in the wilderness.

To Fend for Herself
One day, Mive awoke to not seeing her mother. Of course, she could have just been hunting, so Mive didn't do anything for a couple of hours. After that, she started to go frantic and started looking everywhere for her mom. Upon not finding her mother, she started to doubt herself and decided that she'd have to travel around in order to find her dear mother. She eventually went to stay in a forest, living in a tree trunk and feeling as if she'll never find her mother again. She lived off of bugs and small birds, but one day thought she found a feast when she came across a large egg.

A Girl and Her Cat
The egg started to crack and wiggle, and out popped a small cat with a very fluffy tail. For weeks, the cat followed her around the forest and even out and about when she started to travel again. No matter what she did, she couldn't shake him off of her trail and he always tried talking to her. She eventually gave in, and they would have small conversations, with Mive begrudgingly sharing stories. She learned that the cat has wings, and that he had no parents either. They eventually became inseparable, and she named the cat Mouse because of his large ears.

On the Road Again
Mive and Mouse would travel together, Mouse staying tight in Mive's arms. One day, they came across a town that Mive wanted to stay in for a while. People would stop her and ask her where her parents were, but all she did was look at them funny. She had none. One day, she overheard two townspeople talking about the guild Lamia Scale, and Mive was ecstatic. She'd heard of mage guilds before, and she was a mage! She could definitely get into that guild. She and Mouse looked and asked around, until they came across a rather large building with a symbol on it. She cautiously stepped up to the door, and knocked on it a few times.

The Determination for Lamia Scale
The door opened, and a mage answered the door. She asked quietly where it is she could join, and the mage turned her down for her age. "You aren't old enough yet; come back later." The next day she came back, and was answered by the same mage. She asked again, only to be rejected. One day, she knocked on the door and was answered by an older looking mage. She asked if she could join that time, only for the older mage to tell her that he admires her determination, but to come back later when she is stronger and older. Mive accepted that, and went off again, into the desert, to train.

Training One's Body and Mind
She found the old cave she lived in, and searched it one more time. In the dunes that her mother slept in, she dug up a note and a book of spells. The note read that Alluviana would always love her daughter, but she had to go for personal reasons. She trusts Mive with the book, because she knows Mive is ready. Mive studied the spells, trained them, and ate as much sand as she possibly could. It was a couple of years before she felt her and Mouse were ready to try again.

The Return to Lamia Scale
Once more, Mive and Mouse traveled to the town in which she found the guild she wanted to join. She knocked on the door again, and was answered by a newer seeming mage, being let in and brought to the master of the guild. The old man she met when she was told to come back in a while. She stated who she was and that she still wanted to join, and that she's strong enough to hold her own and won't take no as an answer. The interview was a success, and she was later initiated into the guild. She resides there now, taking quests and doing odd jobs and chores around the building.

Face Claim: My own artwork.


Rank: D
Gender: Male
Height and Weight: 2 feet, 27 pounds
Description: Mouse is a light and cramy orange, with fluff acting like hair on the top of his head. His tail is large and also fluffy, long like most other exceeds and able to lift a human being. His ears are large and tipped with white, and his chest is also fluffed out. He wears a padded, brown short-sleeve jacket.

Mouse has a very non-mouse-like personality, being rather outgoing and happy. He sometimes even gets Mive to smile a little, and that just gets him excited. He sometimes tries to act tough for the guild's, and Mive's sake, but surprisingly does well. Although he's a very entartaining soul, he knows when to pack away the festivities and becomes silent just like his partner when the going gets tough.
Abilities: Aera and great moral support.

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Re: Mive Honeyglen

Post by Raiga on Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:04 am

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Re: Mive Honeyglen

Post by Ray-blaze on Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:28 am

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Re: Mive Honeyglen

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