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 Desdemona Nix (Done)

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Desdemona Nix

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PostSubject: Desdemona Nix (Done)   Tue Jan 08, 2013 2:13 am

Character Template


Character Theme: (Optional)
Battle Theme: (Optional)
Quote: "First you'll bleed, then you'll beg...and that's when the fun really begins!"

Name: Desdemona Nix
Alias: Nix, Mona, Dezzy, Ice Queen
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Birthdate: 01/06
Sexuality: Bisexual
Special Characteristics: Being a bit of a masochist, Nix has several cuts along her arms from razors and other sharp instruments. The majority of the cuts are hidden beneath her various intricate tattoos. On her back are numerous lash marks from chained whips. Extending horizontally across her stomach is a poorly stitched gash, having purposely been done as such so it would leave a visible scar.

Personality: Nix is a budding masochist. She enjoys pain....a lot. So much so that she often takes part in various acts of minor self mutilation, such as burning or cutting herself. The feeling of pain has a euphoric effect on her, often sending her into a pain-driven lust. This sexual state of mind usually lasts until she has had her fill of pain or....alternate activities, whichever comes first. Nix' appetite for either is incredibly hard to fill, and as such, it often takes days if not weeks for her to return to a somewhat normal state of mind. Unfortunately during that time, towns are usually driven into martial law if not altogether evacuated or destroyed.

Nix is also unbelievably sadistic. According to her, she cannot function properly in a day without causing some time of harm to someone around her. It doesn't matter whether she knows them or not, if they are within her reach....they usually won't walk away without some kind of injury. Her favorite pastime is implementing various methods of torture on any victim she can get her hands on. Her usual victims are lonely men or women she has managed to seduce into joining her at home, although she is not against attempting to break up a happy home...said happy home ultimately requiring years of psychological therapy after a run in with her.

Despite having a sadistic streak a mile long, Nix is also a huge flirt. Whether it be through a certain look or full on physical contact, the act of flirting greatly amuses Nix. Nix is a fairly sexual person, and as such, she will attempt to seduce anyone who catches her eye. Both men and women fall prey to her wiles, to the point where they will often flat out offer to be her slave for a chance to go to bed with her. Nix will often entertain their request to become her slave, but will rarely allow them the opportunity of, reserving that right only for those who she believes has earned it....which usually consists of inflicting great amounts of pain on her to the point where she is ready to beg for mercy. But because she has such a high tolerance for pain, it rarely happens. She is not against flirting during a fight either, using her seductiveness to attempt to distract her opponent. This ploy is successful a great deal of the time, though, to her displeasure, there are some people who are unaffected.

Oddly, Nix has shown to have a deep sense of camaraderie and respect towards those who have earned it. If they are worthy of it, she will go through hell and high water to protect their integrity. This is especially true for her guildmates, whom she has come to respect and love as a second family. It usually doesn't end well for someone who is foolish enough to disrespect the guild in front of her.
  • Suffering- Because Nix is a sadist, she revels in the suffering of others. If she is having a bad day, she will often cause someone around her pain to instantly put her in a better mood.
  • Self-mutilation- Nix has masochistic tendencies. She is a firm believer in the "pain is pleasure" mantra, usually inflicting injury on herself to change her mood....or put her in the mood, in some cases.
  • Lamia Scale- Nix thinks of the members of Lamia Scale like her extended family, going to great lengths to show her dedication to them.
  • Tattoos- As an extention to her love of pain, Nix has several tattoos. The majority of them are visible on her arms and torso, while some are hidden by clothing.
  • Piercings- Nix has several piercing on her body. Many of them are visible, such as her tongue (when she speaks), ears, and occasionally her bellybutton. The others...well, there has to be something left to the imagination, right?
  • Torture- Once again, due to her belief in sadism, she enjoys torturing people to the point of passing out. She very rarely will continue to the point of death, as that would reduce the amount of future enjoyment she could have with the victim.

  • Disrespect towards Lamia Scale- Because of her great loyalty and love for her guild, Nix has little to no tolerance for any type of disrespect shown to it. Doing so would result in being subjected to her full wrath and ultimately a slow and torturous death.
  • People with low tolerance for pain- Since Nix enjoys both dishing out and receiving pain, she finds those who are unable to do so as well highly annoying. If she believes a person weak, she will often disregard their entire existence until they have proven otherwise.
  • Her parents- Because they could not accept the new person she had become and instead disowned her, Nix has developed a deep loathing for her parents.
  • Overly heroic people- More specifically, Nix hates people who put on a heroic act in order to gain favor with people. She believes if you have to go to such lengths for acceptance, you have no real reason to exist in the first place.
  • Disrespect towards herself- Nix has a low tolerance for any disrespect towards her. Even though she believes others have to earn her respect, she thinks that they should automatically respect her regardless.
  • Oppression- Nix is incredibly free-spirited. As such, she hates any type of obligation. She believes that she should be able to take care of things at her own pace, whether there is a pressing need for it to be done or not.
  • Structure and Order- Nix enjoys wreaking havoc and chaos wherever she goes. As a result, she has a strong disdain for any type of structure or order in things. If it were up to her, she would ensure total chaos worldwide. But such as it's not, she is content with chaos in her immediate area.

  • Nix has a natural penchant for causing chaos and suffering. As such, her main motivation is to see as many people suffer as she can.
  • Nix is deadset on leaving as much chaos as possible wherever she goes, to the point where she will actually plan out how she can effectively "set fire to the establishment."
  • Nix has an insatiable sexual appetite. Due to this, wherever she goes she will pick out men and women who she thinks will be able to satisfy her.

  • Nix' only real fear is becoming desensitized to pain, whether it be self-inflicted or received from an external source.
  • Another, albeit less extreme, fear of hers is not being able to find a person suitable enough to actually accept the way she is. She has some patience in regards to this...though she is still open to the idea.
  • Nix is constantly on the prowl for victims to sate her sadistic ways. Deep down, she has a small fear that she will not be able to and therefore succumb to boredom.
  • Strangely enough, she is scared of tigers. She has an almost paralyzing fear of them....not the pain they could cause her, just the fact that they are large, formidable beasts.
  • Nix is also comically fearful of overly kind people. A little kindness she can handle, but when someone is way too nice and cheerful with unnerves her to the point where she will go out of her way to avoid them.

General Appearance

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair: Nix' hair color at birth was a vibrant shade of red. However during her teenage years she changed it to bone white to fit her personality and lifestyle. She usually wears it straight down with her bangs hanging down over her eyes.
Eyes: Nix' eyes are actually two-toned. The irises themselves are a deep scarlet, while the outer ring around said irises is a sunset orange.
Skin Tone: Slightly tanned
Appearance: Nix is an incredibly attractive woman, to the point where a single look from her is enough to entice those around her. She has a curvaceous yet toned build, often wearing tight or revealing clothes to show it off. Her eyes have a half opened, dreamy look to them, giving her a sultry look. This coupled with the small grin she always seems to have makes for an incredibly seductive expression. She usually wears her hair straightened and flowing down her back. Her clothing usually consists of form-fitting attire, most of which is designed to show off her curves while also providing maneuverability during combat.


Guild: Lamia Scale
Tattoo: Nix' guild tattoo is located in her cleavage and is deep violet in color.
Rank: D


Friends: N/A
Enemies N/A

Humble Beginnings
Nix grew up in surprisingly humble settings. Born Thalia Grayvale, her parents were both in merchant guilds, and she herself had no real interest in the world of mages. Her family was well-liked in their town and everyone looked after little Thalia as if she were the daughter of them all. Nix was also quite adventurous in her younger years, often turning up in strange locations. Her favorite place to frequent was the forest outside of her town. There, she could often be found climbing trees, wading in the streams, or interacting with the local wildlife. This of course worried her parents as well as the other older villagers to no end, but they eventually came to accept it as Nix being a normal curious child.

Tragedy and a New Persona
Unfortunately, this happy childhood would not last forever. At the age of fifteen a few days before her sixteenth birthday, during one of her usual visits to the forest, she witnessed a band of dark mages robbing a merchant guild caravan. The mages would not have been aware of her presence, had she not been curious and moved closer to get a better look. As she crept closer, the rustling of the forest floor alerted the mages to her. The mages threatened to kill her as well, though she seemed to think they were playing a game with her. She took off into the forest, naively challenging them to catch her. However, just as she had gotten a few feet away, one of the mages, a metal manipulator, ensnared her leg with a magically elongated chain. As the mage roughly dragged her back across the forest floor, Nix realized that they were not playing a game with her and had every intention of causing her great harm. She began to panic, crying and screaming for help as the mages laughed evilly. Her screams fell on deaf ears, unfortunately, as the mages proceeded to assault her both physically and magically. Midway through the attack, something inside her changed, she had strangely began to become aroused by the pain she was receiving. An unsettling smile spread across her bloody and bruised face. When the mages felt they had beaten her enough to ensure their secret was safe, they finally noticed the smile on her face. They immediately became unnerved by this, resulting in the metal manipulating mage impaling her to the ground with an elongated metal rod. At the same time she was impaled, a low moan escaped her mouth and she licked her lips. The mages left her there, beaten and bloody. Nix most likely would have bled to death where she lay had it not been for a fisherman coming upon her on his way back home. Nix spent several days bed-ridden and recovering from her injuries. During that time, she began to embrace her newly found fascination with receiving pain. Once she was well enough to freely move around, she made a drastic change in her appearance, dying her now incredibly long hair bone white and straightening it. She also gave herself a few piercings: two in each ear, her lip, and her tongue. To further complete her change, she dropped her birth name and took up the name Desdemona Nix.

Joining the world of Mages
To say the townsfolk were worried about Nix new change in appearance would be an understatement, they were downright scared of it. They began to notice a change in the once cheerful and kind little girl into a mean-spirited and pain obsessed teenager. Her parents attempted to speak with her about it, but each time she would simply blow them off. Catching Nix in the middle of cutting herself and reveling in the pain was the last straw for her parents, they an ultimatum: Cease her out of control behavior or be disowned. Nix was barely phased by it, indifferently opting to leave their home and the village altogether. As her parents watched in dismay, Nix went through with her plan and left the village, never to return or speak with them again. For the next few years, she moved from town to town, taking odd jobs to support herself. She eventually came into the company of a strange old man. He offered to teach her how to use magic in so that she could take on better jobs and receive more money. There was a catch, however, Nix had to live as his servant until his death, which he assured would not be long away. Nix agreed to his terms, and was thereafter taught Ice magic. Nix felt empowered by her new found ability to wield magic, and as such developed a sadistic pleasure in using the magic to inflict as much pain on others as possible. When her mentor noticed Nix' sadistic streak with her magic, he offered to give her better control over it through the use of lacrima. With it, he promised, she would be even more deadly than she currently was. Nix agreed without hesitation and thus prepared for what she assumed would be training to use the magic.When her mentor noticed Nix' sadistic streak with her magic, he offered to give her an even greater form of it: Ice Godslayer magic. With it, he promised, she would be even more deadly than she currently was. Nix agreed without hesitation and thus prepared for what she assumed would be training to use the magic.

The Lustful Godslayer
Things were not as cut and dry as she thought, however. as the old man, who now revealed himself to be a disciple to the infamous dark mage Zeref, informed her that the magic could not be trained, but rather had to be implanted into her. He also informed her that it would be quite painful. This appealed to Nix' masochistic side, and she readily agreed to undergo the procedure. The priest proved correct, as the pain was excruciating. Nix, however, remained in a euphoric state during the entire procedure, the pain bringing her an ecstasy she had never before experienced. Once the procedure had been completed, the old man gave her one final task: kill him. Nix was reluctant to do so, and questioned his reasoning for wanting to die. The old man calmly stated that he was bored with the world as it was now and wished to be done with it. Although still curious about his reasoning, Nix complied. With a gentle kiss to the forehead, she drained the heat from his body while flash freezing him. Nix then left the old man to crumble away, returning to her life of jumping from town to town. Eventually, she decided to settle down in Magnolia, where she made a living as a mercenary mage. She also made a reputation for herself as a seductive temptress with an insatiable appetite for pain, torture, and....alternate activities. Word quickly spread that there was a person capable of using the forbidden Godslayer magic. She was eventually approached by the guildmasters of both Fairy Tail and Lamia Scale. While Gildarts attempted to appeal to her from a friendly and loving point of view, Meherio chose a different method. Knowing of her reputation, he challenged her to a duel. If he were to win, she would join Lamia Scale. If she won, he would give up his position as guild leader and become her servant. This offer intrigued Nix and she accepted. Despite possessing such formidable magic, Nix was easily beaten by Meherio. The pain she received during the fight was so intense that it nearly rivaled that of her Godslayer implantation procedure. On that premise alone, Nix agreed to join Lamia Scale. She strangely also developed a sort of twisted crush on the guildmaster, believing that the pain she received was a declaration of love. Her joining the guild came with an addendum, however: If she were to join, she would be free to pursue her love of torture, chaos, and....alternate activities as she saw fit, without retribution. The guildmaster agreed and Nix officially became the proclaimed "Ice Queen" of Lamia Scale.
Face Claim: Selvaria- Valkyrie Chronicles

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PostSubject: Re: Desdemona Nix (Done)   Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:37 am

This application looks good, as it always did. It's a transfer and while that is great, it is unfortunately too late. Sabertooth has already become home to the fire godslayer. Meaning you'll have to change that and edit the history a bit.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Words break not a man's bones nor injure his body. They destroy him from his very soul.
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Desdemona Nix

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PostSubject: Re: Desdemona Nix (Done)   Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:17 pm

Edited, changed to Lamia Scale
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PostSubject: Re: Desdemona Nix (Done)   Tue Jan 08, 2013 4:35 pm

On the grounds I have already seen this application I skimmed. It looks like the only needed changes have been made and the format is up to par. Thus! I grant it my stamp of skepticism.


Words break not a man's bones nor injure his body. They destroy him from his very soul.
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PostSubject: Re: Desdemona Nix (Done)   Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:42 pm

Skimmed since I read it from the other site, heh~ x]

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PostSubject: Re: Desdemona Nix (Done)   

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Desdemona Nix (Done)
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