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Pizza Delivery [E - Rank]

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Pizza Delivery [E - Rank]

Post by Ray-blaze on Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:31 pm

Request name: Pizza Delivery
Guild: Blue Pegasus
Request rank: E
Client name: Sammy
Objective: Deliver 3 pizzas to various customers.
Location: Clover Town
Posts: 1+
Word Count: 800+
Mages Required: solo
Reward: 800 Jewels
Request description: We've been really busy lately, so I'll need someone to help my business deliver pizzas.
Request details: Meet Sammy at his local pizza restaurant. He'll greet you and hand you a uniform, telling you to deliver the pizzas after they're cooked. Once a pizza is done, you'll be given directions and a price to charge the customer. You'll follow said directions and deliver the pizza, bringing back the required jewels. Do this three times, and Sammy will pay you for your work.

Name: Sammy
Age: 48
General Appearance:
Motivations: Money from making pizza
Fears: Complaining customers
Other: He is rather quiet and dull. Hard to hear when he speaks.


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