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Sapphire Blues [D - Rank]

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Sapphire Blues [D - Rank]

Post by Ray-blaze on Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:34 pm

Request name: Sapphire Blues
Guild: Lamia Scale
Request rank: D
Client name: Susie Sapphire
Objective: Search for Sapphires in the cave at the mountains.
Location: Hargeon
Posts: 1+
Word Count: 1000+
Mages Required: 1+
Reward: 1800
Request description: I just love Sapphires! They are so gorgeous! But I'm in need of a few more of this precious gem for my jewelry shop - could you get some for me?
Request details: Meet Ms. Sapphire at her jewelry store in Clover Town. She'll give you a map and vague directions to the cave she gets her gems in. You'll follow her directions and make it to the cave. Upon entering, you'll have to find some form of a light source. When you're able to see, you find that a bear rests in the cave. You fight off the bear and hastily grab some rocks. You bring them back to Ms. Sapphire who claims them to be the wrong gem, but she'll take them anyway. She rewards you for your efforts.

Name: Susie Sapphire
Age: 24
General Appearance:
Motivations: Finding and selling beautiful gemstones engrained in jewelry
Fears: Losing jewels
Other: None

Enemy Name: Bear
General Appearance:
Weapon: Claws
Motivations/Fears: Likes to sleep peacefully - fears fire


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