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Watch My Inn [E - Rank]

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Watch My Inn [E - Rank]

Post by Ray-blaze on Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:38 pm

Request name: Watch My Inn
Guild: Guildless
Request rank: E
Client name: Rufus Innsman
Objective: Watch Rufus's inn while he runs to the next town to shop.
Location: Shirotsume Town
Posts: 1+
Word Count: 800+
Mages Required: 1
Reward: 800
Request description: Hello! I'm in need of someone to watch my shop while I leave for a quick journey. I'll only be gone around 24 hours, so I'll need you to check guests in and out. Nothing more!
Request details: You will meet Rufus at his inn and he will give you the details on what to do when people arrive and decide to check out. After he leaves, you'll be left to man the inn. Three customers will appear, and their personalities and actions are for you to decide. One will leave at 12noon, one will come at 8PM, and one will come at 3AM. You must stay awake the entire time that Rufus is gone; he will return at 6AM (the same time he left the previous day) and give you your reward.

Name: Rufus Innsman
Age: 66
General Appearance:
Motivations: Making his inn the best in town
Fears: Having no customers
Other: None


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