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How Do I Stack? [WIP]

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How Do I Stack? [WIP]

Post by Raiga on Tue Jan 08, 2013 6:08 pm

How Do I Stack?
Guild: All
Request rank: C
Client name: Milton Randen
Objective: Meet up with Milton at his personal training ground (directions are known) and engage in his challenge
Location: Oak
Posts: 2+ (Win the fight)
Word Count: 1500+
Mages Required: 1
Reward: 3000 Jewels
Request description: Milton Randen has put in a request for a mage to come best him in combat. He had been training privately for the last few years without outside magical influence and exposure. He wants to see how he fares against an official mage of any sort. If the mage wins then he will give them payment. If they lose he will owe them nothing and re-issue the request for someone more worth the challenge
Request details: N/A

NPC//Enemy Name: Milton Randen
Rank: C
General Appearance:
Magic: Holder : Gun Magic | Blood Offering
Milt’s handguns are the holder items, and with them he is able to use his Blood Offering style of Gun magic. He has a mastery over marksmanship and while using his magic his blood-based spells can range in varying degrees of specialties and power. This is a very unique kind of magic and a trait that pairs with it is the user’s blood flows similarly to a Hemophiliac giving Milton lots of fuel for his magic. To counteract this there are spells within the magic that allow the regeneration of blood at a much faster rate than the average. When not using the magic though, the user does not have any accelerated blood flow; after every once in a while (5 posts) Milton will feel slightly weak and disoriented and will continue to if the issue is not amended. After more time (5 more posts) Milt will lose consciousness from blood loss. This magic is heavily offensive and only allows a few options for defense related spells
Blood Reload (D-rank)
Milton has to deal with accelerated blood loss during battle. This spell becomes an option when he cocks his guns. He only needs to cock his guns once in a battle and he can use the spell without doing the tedious action again as long as he waits for the cooldown. This spell, when activated, gives a regeneration of blood. It essentially resets to the 5 post count to becoming weak from his blood secretion every time used. (Cooldown - 2)

Blood Shot (D-rank)
Milt can pull the trigger of either one of his guns to activate his magic and fire a single bullet composed of blood at a designated target. The bullet can go 5m/s and can pierce through skin and slightly into muscle. This is the most basic of all his spells (Cooldown - 1)

Crimson Shield (D-rank)

Point-Blank Bloody Fighter (D-rank)
Milton can pull the trigger of a single gun (depending on situational preference) and invoke his magic as he fires to let his technique come to fruition. Instead of an expected bullet, a stream of blood comes out, maintaining the width of the gun barrel until it ends with a sharp point and hardens to make a 2 foot blood pike able to be used for hand to hand combat if pushed into a tight spot. The pike can pierce flesh and go 1-2 inches deep. To be destroyed, the pike must take a direct hit with a single equal or higher tier spell or two direct hits from a base spell. (Cooldown - 3)

Twin Blood Shot (C-rank)
Milton points both guns forward, closely sided by each other since they are both aimed at the same target. While activating his magic, Milt pulls the triggers in unison and a bullet made from blood fires out of each barrel. The bullets connect quickly after they are fired, meld into each other and go into a size expansion. The end result is a bullet with the circumference of 1ft and a proportional length speeding towards the target at 10m/s. The potential damage from this attack is intense bruising and potential fracture to weak bones (ex. ribs). The force behind the attack, if landed will send the target back 3-8ft depending on the target’s weight and potentially crack bones on direct hits. (Cooldown - 3)

*Signature* Bloody Milton Arrow (C-rank)
Milt points his preferred gun to aim at his target. He pulls the trigger in unison with activating his magic and a small blood-red magic circle appears at the end of the barrel, the design looks very much like a target. Out of the magic circle a Blood-arrow is shot, the arrow is identical to one used for archery except for the fact that it is 3 feet long and 2 inch diameter. This arrow travels at a speed of 15m/s and can impale through flesh and muscle along with breaking ribs and cracking stronger bones. (Cooldown - 4)
Weapon: 2 identical handguns. They are of a sleek and modern make, and with them he is able to use his Gun Magic. Besides the magical uses they are to be better viewed as melee weapons as they have no real ammo. There are tiny blades embedded in the handle. The initial pull of the triggers extends the blades to cut into the palms of the hands. From then on the blades stay put to give a constant blood flow to the guns. The blood doesn’t get messy on the guns though, the handle draws the blood in, as if seeping into it instantly to be transferred to use as fuel for the magical bullet attacks Milton can create.
Equipment: (Any additional equipment such as armor,etc)
Motivations/Fears: (Motivations and fears of the enemy, point form)


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