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 How Do I Stack? [WIP]

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PostSubject: How Do I Stack? [WIP]   Tue Jan 08, 2013 6:08 pm

How Do I Stack?
Guild: All
Request rank: C
Client name: Milton Randen
Objective: Meet up with Milton at his personal training ground (directions are known) and engage in his challenge
Location: Oak
Posts: 2+ (Win the fight)
Word Count: 1500+
Mages Required: 1
Reward: 3000 Jewels
Request description: Milton Randen has put in a request for a mage to come best him in combat. He had been training privately for the last few years without outside magical influence and exposure. He wants to see how he fares against an official mage of any sort. If the mage wins then he will give them payment. If they lose he will owe them nothing and re-issue the request for someone more worth the challenge
Request details: N/A

NPC//Enemy Name: Milton Randen
Rank: C
General Appearance:
Magic: Holder : Gun Magic | Blood Offering
Weapon: 2 identical handguns. They are of a sleek and modern make, and with them he is able to use his Gun Magic. Besides the magical uses they are to be better viewed as melee weapons as they have no real ammo. There are tiny blades embedded in the handle. The initial pull of the triggers extends the blades to cut into the palms of the hands. From then on the blades stay put to give a constant blood flow to the guns. The blood doesn’t get messy on the guns though, the handle draws the blood in, as if seeping into it instantly to be transferred to use as fuel for the magical bullet attacks Milton can create.
Equipment: (Any additional equipment such as armor,etc)
Motivations/Fears: (Motivations and fears of the enemy, point form)

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How Do I Stack? [WIP]
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