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 Eve Furey [WIP]

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PostSubject: Eve Furey [WIP]   Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:22 pm



Eve Furey
Alias: Merciless Furey[/b]
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Birthday: 08, May, X809
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: A burn mark about the size of her fist (approx. 4 in x 4 in) on the front right side of her right calf muscle.

Eve has a tendency to wish harm upon those that oppose her. She does not like fighting unless it's necessary, though, so she only turns into a sadist after the fight has begun. (Besides hitting people for idiotic notions and actions.) Lounging about and sleeping are good hobbies of hers, as she doesn't go out on jobs unless her rent/spending money runs short. On another note, once someone becomes her friend, she will remain loyal until that friend is proven unworthy by either lying to her face or going against her morals. She does not like children or crowded places since both are generally rather loud. She likes to joke around with those she's comfortable with, but expect her to keep her heart guarded. There will be no "heart-to-heart" chats unless you have her complete confidence. She is clumsy, unfortunately. If there is a hole anywhere, she will step in it and fall or harm herself. Also, she tends to become nervous around cute boys she doesn't know. One can watch her stutter, blush, trip over her own feet, etc when there is a male around she doesn't know. If battling an unknown male, her nervousness gives way to her sadistic tendencies, as that is easier for her to handle and allows her to actually fight. When she isn't sleeping or relaxing, she can be seen reading lengthy novels or watching those around her. People watching is another habit of hers, and she can sit around the guild staring at others for hours on end, watching their movements and behavior patterns. She is good at fortune telling, and she likes to gamble to try and cheat people out of their money (or she'll play an innocent card game to pass the time). When children pass by her in the street, she may trip them and blame it on the loose stone in the street.

Likes: She likes dark places because bright light hurts her eyes and hats because she can cover her eyes/ears when she can't take the noise or excessive light. She adores cats because they're cute and fluffy. Gambling is a hobby since she can usually predict things right and gain a little extra cash.

Dislikes: She dislikes loud people since they give her headaches, and crowded places tend to be avoided because she dislikes extreme physical contact with others. Fire reminds her of her past (see History section), so she avoids it at all costs.

Motivations: Her main motivation is to find the man, or those associated with him, that killed Madame Clairvont. She does not wish for anyone to be left impoverished or orphaned by acts like his, and this aim has led her to be an activist in the eradication of Dark Guilds. Since Dark Guilds generally harm others (innocent people included), she has taken to hating them more than most things. While out on a job involving a dark guild, she searches for clues to lead her to the fire mage that killed the Madame. She also wishes to know her origin and life/family before being taken in by Madame Clairvont, as that is currently unknown to her, so whenever she is in various towns across the continent, she takes the time to ask around if she has any inkling of having been there before.

Fears: She is afraid of fire because of her past experience with it, and she is also afraid of losing her cards and becoming defenseless. Being abandoned and alone is also a great fear of hers. She may not be too close to many people, but the feeling of belonging is something she cherishes about being in a wizard guild.


5 ft 6 in
Weight: 150 pounds
Hair: Long, straight, dark purple hair. Comes down to below her waist.
Eyes: Dark purple (matches her hair)
Others: She has to have on her hat at all times, even if she is out swimming with people. (She takes it off for the shower, though, if you're wondering.) Also, she keeps her stockings on so people don't notice her scar on her leg.
General Appearance: She is a little above average height with pale skin and light freckles dusting her cheeks. She is not very muscular, but she's not skinny, either. Average build. She prefers clothing that will compliment her hair/eye color, so she likes to wear variations of reds and purples with a splash of white or black in the mix. Yellows and Oranges are too bright and nauseating, and greens are too nature-like. If there are no darker reds or purples to work with, she will go with neutral tones to try and blend in with her surroundings. If she doesn't have a hat to match the outfit, she won't buy it. (When swimming, she will wear a hat that doesn't match, if necessary.) She wears her card holster on her right thigh, and it's ALWAYS there. Her hair is generally down, but if she puts it up, she uses a dark ribbon to tie it with. She has a tendency to take her shoes off, and she'll leave them in various places around whatever building she happens to be in. When her hair is wet, it gains a slight curl and may frame her face. She wears purple stockings that go to her mid-thigh, and she wears lace-up boots that go to her mid-calf. Otherwise, she looks exactly like the picture above.


Lamia Scale
Guild Tattoo: On her back - left shoulder area. Go about two inches below her neck and 3-4 inches to the left and it's right there. Like if you're giving yourself a neck massage? It's right there~ Color = silver
Rank D

Magic: Card Magic
Caster or Holder: Holder
Description: Eve's magic is mostly offensive, and when attacking she uses more of nature's elements (such as fire, water, earth). When defending, she uses plants, wind, etc. So there are the elemental cards that can come in handy. She also has various gambling cards, but the effects of the cards vary depending on their suit. Diamonds, for example, summon more cards (sharpened, offensive cards) to attack with. The number of cards depends on the number of the original card (IE: Card number 7 will summon 6 extra cards with sharp edges to attack with - the original card's edges are also sharpened). The cards move forward with the sweep of Eve's arm. Other cards, when activated, will either burst into flame, become electrically charged, emit a smoke cloud, etc. Heart cards are more rare and they can heal Eve or her allies of fatigue, status problems, minor injuries, etc. The other suits have varying abilities as well. Various cards can act as "trick" cards by summoning items - such as the trip wire card. This card will only work if there are two structures of a certain distance apart that cold hold the wire, but when combined with, say, a wind knockback card, the opponent can be sent tumbling to the ground. Then, Eve could attack with a lightning strike or anything of the like.

Strengths: Elemental cards greatly boost her offense, but she mainly carries gambling cards that vary in strength and ability. Her diamond cards are her main offense besides elemental cards, and seeing as there are 9 number cards per suit, they're a great asset. She has the cards "trained", so to speak, so she always knows where in her deck a certain card is. Upon contact with her hand, the cards give a mental flash of which one it is. Combining cards with multiple effects can give her an edge in battle if it is done correctly. After diamond cards are thrown and make contact, the copy cards disappear and the original stays in the same spot it stopped (whether it be in an opponent or lying on the ground or something). The damage left remains, though, and all cards in the deck are able to wound an opponent if thrown

Weaknesses: If she loses her cards, she will be practically defenseless. Because there are so many gambling cards in her deck, her opponent can easily catch onto her abilities. There are only a few variations from suit to suit. Once a card has been used in battle, it cannot be used again for the duration of that battle. So if Eve uses all of her cards, she's done for. If a card is burned or torn it cannot be used, and if a card gets wet it can be more difficult to use (it could simply be harder to throw, or it could require more concentration to cast the spell).

Combat/Technique: She would prefer to defend (when not feeling sadistic), so she likes to try and disorient her enemies or trick them into allowing her escape (if they start the fight.) But if she's in the mood, she can be viscous by disarming her enemies or trapping them, then slowly inflicting pain and possibly gaining information. If her opponent doesn't know what to expect, she can catch them off guard by tripping them (if it works) and hitting them with a rough blow. She is best at long-ranged combat and uses the environment to her advantage. She's not the quickest in movement and agility, so she compensates by building barricades of stone/earth with her card magic/surroundings. When working with others, she's a good person to have for defending others, but she can inflict a lot of pain when necessary. Since she's better at defensive moves, it can take a long time to wear down her opponent. She is not good at close-combat fights since her physical strength and speed are not too great. She is also clumsy, so keeping her distance allows her time to recover from blunders. If in close range, she can be more likely to land a hit (with things such as lightning and water), but that's if her target isn't moving. That's why she likes to trap her enemy.




RP Sample:


Face Claim: Matsuri - Sola
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PostSubject: Re: Eve Furey [WIP]   Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:33 pm

I'm going to ask that you place a WIP icon in the title of this, just so it doesn't confuse staff. Thanks.


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Eve Furey [WIP]
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