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 Looking Around a Temple(Open)

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PostSubject: Looking Around a Temple(Open)   Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:26 pm

Malacanth had heard about the temple here, made by a previous civilization or something like that. It apparently was built on this spot because of some magical substance. He wondered what what so important to the ancients here that they would make a temple solely for it. He would love to find out but it seemed that the place didn't make it unless something was just right. Malacanth didn't really care either way, he just came to explore the ruins. Ever since Roph made him stop healing everyone he had been wandering like this forever. Roph, his exceed, wasn't as fascinated by these ruins and was sitting on his head sleeping. Malacanth walked up the stone stairs, looking at the carvings with interest. Galuna island may have been hard to get to but this temple seemed to be worth it. He made his way into the main chamber, looking around with obvious interest. He didn't really know any of the history besides the general stuff, but he did love to see places that seemed to just breath it. Roph had woken up by now and said " Why can't we just go to the village? I saw fishing boats there and you know what that means." Roph started drooling on his head at the thought of fish. Malacanth didn't understand Roph's fascination with fish but he tried to not look disgusted by the prospect of a seafood dinner. " We'll head back as soon as I get a good look around, no need to rush to find a room to rent."
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PostSubject: Re: Looking Around a Temple(Open)   Fri Jan 25, 2013 6:29 pm

Azail wondered through the forest of trees, unaware of his current direction as he had decided to explore more of the wilderness surrounded the village. Again he found himself fascinated by the native plant life, The country of Caleum had somehow missed out on such delicious natural fruit and to be honest he was starting to become glad that he had left his home country.

As he pushed aside a final shrub of bushes, he lifted his left hand up and scratched the side of his head, surprised at the large temple sitting in front of him. " Wasn't exactly too sure about finding something like this out here. " he told himself. With a steady, unafraid gait he begin to approach the temple, wasting no time in climbing the extensive amount of stairs and entering the structure.

Standing directly in front of the entrance his shadow was soon laying across the dust covered floor of the temple. He felt small compared to the massive room that was its first chamber. " Wow.. " he spoke, his words bouncing off the walls of the chamber and echoing through its interior. His dark brown eyes look harmlessly at the intricate designs chiseled into the wall and columns and yet he hadn't even taken a step inside yet. " Who made such a wondrous building I wonder. " His words lowered to self aware whispers.
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Looking Around a Temple(Open)
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