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A GodSlaying Janitor

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A GodSlaying Janitor

Post by AkiraFrost on Fri Feb 01, 2013 8:25 pm

Character Template


Character Theme:
Battle Theme:

Name: Damien Kaze
Alias: Wind Scythe
Gender: (Male)
Age: (19)
Birthdate: (11-03)
Sexuality: Asexual (Doesn't like anything.)
Special Characteristics:


Damien is what most people call an outsider, he rarely decides to actually engage in human contact. He'd rather be along than go and hang out with people, outside of his childhood friends. Even when with friends he often opts to not inject himself in the conversation if its not needed. His demeanor seems to make people not want to particularly approach him. Coupled with his height this causes his unsociable behavior to only be enhanced.

Damien can a very logical person sometimes and as such people who aren't friends or don't know him well can often remark on his lack of emotions. The fact of the matter is that he has emotions he just doesn't allow them to control him like other people. He allows logic to rule is life making his actions very anaytical in origin. This can often lead him to not associated with people in general because of the lack of logic in their actions. They cause him to not even want to be around them.

Damien is extraordinary smart and yes the irony of him being a Janitor does not escape him. The latent rage of being as intelligent as he is and not being able to show class it creates an angry persona. He is full of rage and as such has created several mental barriers in order to keep this in check. There are certain moments when the fury within flares out and lashes at anyone nearby. At these times he must redraw and recoup or else all his barriers will come crashing down. He'd become a mindless animal full of anger with no reason, a dangerous thing. When around his true friends Damien seems to become marginally happier with less rage. He has never gotten upset with them regardless of the many idiotic things they do.


Music, Damien loves music of all variety except country and more often than not he's singing the lyrics so some song or another in his head. Music defines so much of a part of his life living without it cannot be a possibility and he'd risk his life to save it. During the most troubling times in his life music was there to help him so does he like music? Fuck no he loves it.

Logic, Damien needs logic in his life due to the fact that most of the things normal do simply aren't logical. Reason and logic dictates his actions which make him seem more of a douche or ass to people that don't know him. He's often the person standing to the side after something stupid was done and shaking his head asking why.

Flying, Damien feels he's almost one with the wind when he's flying and it allows him to be as close to the wind as possible. Even for one such as himself he finds it difficult to not be happy and show a smile while flying. He believes that while he's flying the wind can speak to him as clear as possible giving him the best connection with the wind goddess as possible. If he is troubled of thinking something over he will often take to the sky in order to clear his mind and converse with the wind goddess.


People, Damien dislikes people becaue of their overall lack of common sense (logic) they just make no sense to him. If he can't understand something he obviously grows to dislike it. Peope in general are pathetic nuisances that only exist to poison the planet and everything around them. They lie, steal, and cheat their way through life with little to no regard as to the emotions or feeling of others.

Dragon Slayers, Damien has never met a dragon slayer he's liked which isn't saying much as he's only met one. However, he cannot get over how smug that dragon slayer from his past was and as such harbors deep resentment for dragon slayers in general. If he meets one he is more likely to eradicate them if possible simply to rid the world of one more smug bastard.

Ground, Damien dislikes the ground simply because it is not the openess of the sky. Whenever he's on the ground he feels uneasy due to his love for the sky itself. The ground is stable, and unmoveable while the wind is flowing, ever free, and ever changing. The ground is like his polar opposite and as such he doesn't like it very much.


Damien seeks to rid the world of all people he deems unworthy for this planet which in essence is almost every living person on the planet. His deep resentment for people in general motivates him get rid of them all and make the world a better place. Damien also seeks to be more than a janitor the mundane life does not suit him, it makes him feel inadequate. He does not seek to be some powerful over lord that rules everything, more like a silent Fallen angel that erases the mistakes of mankind by erasing mankind itself.

Damien seeks to advance past his current position as a janitor because due to Drayven he has now realized such a task is beneath him. He now seeks to become a full fledged mage who can erase all of humanity. To do that he must grow stronger so Damien is always striving to be stronger to gain more and more power. One day he will be strong enough to carry out the wind god's wishes. With enough power he can accomplish his goals.


Fear Failure Damien fears humanities end although he truly believes he himself along with the help of the wind goddess will be the cause of it. However, after he accomplishes his task he does not know what he would do next. He fears not having a purpose as they may drag him back into his depression. He wants to always move forward to the point he can escape the human restrictions. He fears that he is only human and as such will never be able to accomplish his goals.

The magic that silences the wind During his talks with the sky goddess she told him about an ancient evil magic that can completely silence the wind. Although Damien has never encountered this magic before or if it even exists he has a mortal fear of it. The wind is all he knows now and if that was silenced he'd be left an empty shell with no purpose or reason anymore. He's so afraid of this magic that is he ever ran into it he'd run away as fast as possible.
General Appearance

Height: 6'3
Weight: 163 ls

Damien's hair is long and somewhat beige and stringy. Almost as if it's never taken care of much.


Damien's eyes are a deep hazel-nut brown and usually lazy in appearance. They almost seem to droop as if they don't focus on any one subject for to long. The glaze is often said to look into one's deepest thoughts and desires. He wears glasses simple wire rimmed and black, while he prefers to keep these on at all times he can see reasonably well without them.

Skin Tone: Olive

Damien is said to have two very distinct styles of fashion both of which he utilizes not choosing one or the other. The first style is his smart doctor attire which consists of solid blue slacks very light and comfortable to move in. He wears a cloth vest with the colors purple on purple one a lighter and bolder shade than the other. Beneath the vest is a white dress shirt long sleeve that is lightly tucked in around the waist. Between both vest and shirt is a light green tie with a loose fashion. On top it all is a white doctor jacket fully open showing his crisp clean appearance beneath.

The second of styles is his casul attire. His jeans are often skin tight because of the fact he likes to 'hold on' to his youthful days. The colour of the jeans are varying shades of blue and black and on special occasions bright red. His shirts are often short sleeve Tees that have embellishments of the old bands he listens to. These include but are limited to Cerosmeth, Mary Hanson, Green Bay, and other such classics. The shirts colour range is as infinite as the colour spectrum itself as almost every colour goes with black. In his right ear are two earrings both small hoops bright silver in colour. They are nearly a centimeter apart and are the same no matter what. On his wrist is a tarnished bronze bracelet with the initials of his four friends from his youth. A reminder of the promise to meet up again. His shoes are simple black tennis shoes with black laces.

To say that Damien is a awkward looking fellow is a true understatement. He usually slouches staying in the background because of his natural adversity towards most people. He remains an imposing figure however, with his build being very athletic signaling his reach of prime age. A old school rocker can be best used to describe his sense of fashion. When wearing his doctor attire he usually carries his book of song lyrics reading them often to avoid talking to people.


Guild: None (Will join Erebos in Character.)
Tattoo: (None yet.)
Rank: (D Rank)


Friends: (No.)
Enemies (No.)


Damien had no birth, at least not one that he knows, from the time he could form audible sounds the wind was his parent. He was truly born of the wind created expressly to be human kinds connection with the element. Damien has never known a life without magic seeing as the wind nutured his magic at a very young age. The wind whispered it's sweet melodies to him as he slept and kept him wrapped in it's warm embrace. He never hungered, as the wind itself was what kept his belly, and mind filled at all times. It wasn't until Damien reached the age of six that he even began to question his existance. Only then did he realize he was not actually wind itself, but a mere human, a simple guy who could talk to the wind. This was the worst mistake of his life, he started to grow hungry, he now needed food, and the wind didn't call to him as before. It was as if the realization he was mortal had killed his connection, or at least dimihished it.

At the young age of seven Damien had his first brush with regular people in the Warth Woodlands. He met something called a mage, a person who could use abilities like himself, only different. The girl laughed when he spoke of talking to the wind and called him insane, he was treated as if he had lost his marbles. She was however impressed with his ability to use magic and as such took him in imagine it a sixteen year old kid teaching a seven year old kid how to survive. It was like the blind leading the blind and more often than not they both fell on their faces together. It was fine though, although he missed the wind he had something else in his heart to fill him up.

For three years they trained their magic together her dark shadow magic and his wind magic. They were happy enough to keep surviving and Damien grew to like humans, he found them loving and caring. It wasn't until around the time Damien was ten that everything in his somewhat perfect world began to crumble. The girl who had by this time grown into womanhood had died, by who a Dragonslayer. A strong type of mage who practiced the darkest arts and claimed himself to be a dragon slayer. He erased Damien's only connection with the human world easily. Not only did he sever the connection he left the young kid alive, remarking that he wasn't even worth the time or effort to kill. As you can expect this caused Damien to retreat into himself. For six months he ignored life and lived barely alive.

Only after six months did he hear something, the voice of the wind, as clear as when he was a young child calling out to him. Only there was something different, the voice was harsher it told him the truth of all things the truth that he had refused to admit. People were pathetic useless creatures that needed to be erased if this world were to ever survive. Slowly the voice corrupted his mind until only his hate for human beings remained, along with this hate came clarity. He'd never felt something of this nature before it was as if he could think without being restricted by emotions. While he still had them they did not rule over his life like normal people. This was the first blessing granted upon him by the goddess of wind, although Damien does not know that nor will he ever be aware of the gift.

From then onward Damien began training with the goddess Kaze no Megami and learning the power he truly possessed. His magic before had been mere child's play as he unlocked deeper reserves of strength before unknown to him. It wasn't long before Damien rejoined the world of humans, only this time more distant and reserved. He became a janitor in order to earn a living at the dark guild Erebos a place that did not even know of his abilities. He often spent his afternoons pummeled ridiculed by the guild members, it didn't effect him mostly. He knew that it was only because of their weak pathetic human lives were so meaningless that they projected that onto others. He needed money and he found himself well paid although it was a horrible existance it was a exitance he had grown used to. He kept his magic a mystery never using it unless he was in the woods conversing with the goddness.

After a couple more years at the age of nineteen he met another fellow named Drayvern who possessed elemental magic similar to his. The fellow had joined another Dark Guild named Raventail and encouraged Damien to quit his job as a janitor and become a mage. However, Damien has no idea how to convince the dark guild Erebos to allow him to join. Oh well something will pop up sooner or later right?

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Re: A GodSlaying Janitor

Post by Riza_Wilder on Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:52 am

Yay! A guild member for Riza~ (^-^)


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Re: A GodSlaying Janitor

Post by Ray-blaze on Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:47 pm


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Re: A GodSlaying Janitor

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