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Lamia Scale

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Lamia Scale

Post by Shin Katari on Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:17 am

Name: Lamia Scale
Location: Hargeon Town
Master: Meherio
Description: Lamia Scale is one of the three guilds that formed an alliance to bring down Oracion Seis. Along with Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus, they were one of the top guilds in Fiore. They aided the search of Tenrou Island, though they found no sign of the missing Fairy Tail members.

Lamia Scale favors determination. A drive to do the right thing, as well as never giving up, no matter the situation. Fail a request? Don't worry, they'll make sure you pass it next time!

Members in this guild:

- Mive: Sand/Earth Dragon Slayer [D-rank]
- Desdemona Nix: Ice Godslayer [D-rank]
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