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Raiga Redguard | Calamity

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Raiga Redguard | Calamity

Post by Raiga on Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:16 am

Character Template


Character Theme:

Battle Theme:

Quote: "Your death is a stepping stone... Embrace it."

Name: Raiga Sennin Redguard
Alias: Calamity
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthdate: 08/06
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Special Characteristics: His scalp hair grows at an alarming rate (3 inches/2 weeks)
Original or Die
How can anyone be satisfied with not thriving by their own hands? Raiga can't imagine the thought. His goals and dreams are somewhat indescriptive since he knows too many people have a set up plan. His ideas, spells, mannerisms and gestures are a little off from the norm so he can claim he is doing his own thing, not fall in line with the boring and average. His magic is the most obvious example of this as his spells are unique compared to any other fire user he's had yet to come up against. Everyone should have their own specific flow, style, and expression in this form of art, since it's such an extension of who they are.

It's Completely Personal
Raiga doesn't really differentiate his actions of business from his acts of pleasure/emotion. His opinions of people can cause him to change strategies, sides, or courses of action. Also, he doesn't kill anyone for no reason, he always will have a personal vandetta against those that permanrntly defeats. Business/work-related decisions hinge on his personal view them. A job but the actions he takes for a job may twist or veer off course depending on how he sees it on his own personal level.

Trained Fighter
Raiga was born, raised, and bred in combat. His clan's history and tradition is to train the young to embrace their bodies' full capacity even before they let their magical abilities bud into existence. Evident by his skill versus raw power, Raiga is in ridiculous shape from his training ever since he turned 5. His magic however didn't develop until he was 15. Bottom line his high-action combat is heavily focused with hand-to-hand and staff/spear fighting styles. Constant practice, repetition, and conditioning in Raiga's regiment of combat knowledge, he is almost militaristic in his movements, refraining from wild flailing and wasted motions and centering on discipline of the art. His fighting discipline allows him also to be slightly desensitized to causing pain and killing others. It's not like he would hurt or kill someone undeserving or for fun but when it does happen he is not someone who would face much emotional trauma unless it was a death on his side or someone close to him.

Romantically Acquainted
Women, women, women... Beautiful creatures that never fail to escape Raiga's eyes. Being so young Raiga wants to embrace all these women before he gets tied down by the chances of love and commitment. Wining, dining, and sexual interactions are joys that Raiga couldn't live without, at least in this stage of his life. His favourite kind of women are the stunning and disinterested sort, as they pose a great challenge and at the same time a great incentive, and age doesn't matter; it is but a number as long as the girl is an adult by Raiga's standards (17).
Fire - Given the nature of his magic, Raiga has always appreciated the properties of flame. The passionate feelings that give forth to its display gives him a pleasant excitement and allows him to do his bidding in combat related situations.

Women - The opposite sex are such a desirable prospect to him. Engaging in forms of romance and seeing a woman blush gives him satisfaction as well as triumph. He believes in love, but does not assume that he will experience it in such a way that he would make a commitment for some few years. Right now his youth shall experience all it can before settling down.

Violence - Raiga is not one who lashes out at others, but given his field and skill set he must have a combat-related life style to keep him stimulated. He assumes that he will die in battle one day, but vows to kill as many enemies that would stand before him until that day comes.

Clothes - How a person presents themselves represents how and who they are as a person. Being a young man of a slightly sophisticated taste he takes pride and care with assortments of clothing that he wears.

Alcohol - The sweet taste and vigor of a well-made drink will always be satisfying to Raiga's lips. The fact that he can use alcohol for the purposes of getting better acquainted with other joys of his (women, violence, etc.) only sweetens the sip.

Sand - It gets in-between your toes, gritty against your skin, and worst of all it puts out fire! Raiga can't stand being near it and when put in environment that involves exposure to sand he will noticeably be more irritable and have a shorter temper.

Misuse of Fire - Gifted with his own flaming talents, Raiga can appreciate a fellow "professional" gracing his element with their skill; but when Raiga witnesses someone utilizing a God-given gift such as fire without the appropriate level of skill he gets angry. In some cases he could confront the "impostor" and exemplify the skills of a real master of flame without the thought of mercy even coming to mind.

Weak Characters - Someone who lacks conviction in their actions, words, dreams is a coward and no one can say any different. Raiga doesn't waste his time with people that don't express confidence in who they are or what they can do.

Warlords - Those who lead a fleet of troops, sacrificing thousands for a cause and return home to receive their medal are trash to Raiga. It may seem impractical but in this day, age, and era of wizards an army shouldn't need to be sacrificed for the goals of a man.

Boring Company - No one enjoys just hanging around somewhere without any form of amusement, if nothing around fits their tastes. Raiga is a living example of someone who needs his stimulation by either training, fighting, drinking, love-making, etc. Without these things that give him enjoyment he won't just sit put, he'll leave in search of stimulation elsewhere, even if that means ditching his guild hall for a while.

Motivations: To be some sort of memorable figure across the memories of time. He greatly prizes his skill with fire and it would be a magnanimous experience if he were to be known as the master of fire or honored as one of the 10 Wizard Saints. Basically he wants to be immortalized by his skills, abilities, and actions that he has (and yet to have) carried out. A man of ambition is awaiting to be held in high esteem by others.
Fears: Raiga fears the idea of being a hollow, meaningless name in history. He so desperately believes in leaving a mark upon the world for his prized work that he can't imagine being a nobody without internally shuddering. That and hairless felines are the only things that could keep him up at night.

General Appearance

Height: 6'1
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair: Deep red (similar to scarlet or crimson), mostly kept just past shoulder length.
Eyes: Golden-yellow eyes that give off a quite casual presence; a mark of his Sennin heritage.
Skin Tone: Light
Appearance: A handsome young man by most, if not all, women's standards. Nearly always seen with his charming, intoxicating smile that shows his brilliant white teeth, illuminating his naturally pale complexion. His gold eyes carry haunting knowledge that alter their initially expected expression; when caught at first glance the seem warm like the sun but once studied his eyes give a sense of confusion and disarray, like an unsolved puzzle. Graceful features that make him seem like a "pretty boy" especially with his vibrant hair, usually styled in some sort of way. His hair most often is at shoulder length but since it grows at an alarming rate he will try other ways, lengths, or forms to wear it at on occasion. Initially looking trim with his attire when taken in full-body but most soon realize this effect is only because his build is mostly framed with lean, natural accumulation of muscle. This gives him a vast amount of strength expected of a fighter while retaining his agility and speed that is so greatly needed of a close-combat specialist.

His clothes are quite nice; well-made, well-dressed, slightly classic. Most commonly he will wear some sort of dress shirt, black pants, dress shoes and a black button-vest. There are some deviations to this pattern but they are pretty uncommon considering Raiga's fashion tastes. When training he does change his attire, though. His gheddup is usually a decorated kimono to symbolizes his family's history of combat and discipline. With the kimono/robe he will most likely wear a headband and tie his hair up at the back.

Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: Scarlet, located on his mid-left ribs
Rank: D


Friends: N/A
Enemies N/A

History: Raiga was a typical child born into the Sennin heritage, the fortunate son of Sauren Sennin and Elle Astrada. Like every other child of his family line, he began his physical aptitude training at the age of 5. He was recognized as bright, efficient, and perceptive but he didn't stand out from the pack; it is hard to seem more adept or hold exceptional potential among the Sennin children since it was average to produce brilliance, even at an early age. It didn't take long for him to prioritize on his preferred fighting style, taking up close combat as his lead, modelling after Sauren, his father and mentor. Weaponry is included in this close-combat style but mainly concerning a staff or spear, otherwise the preference is hand-to-hand. Raiga had a great relationship with his mom but as he reached his teen years it faded, as he especially was trying to become independent.

His magic would arise on his 14th birthday, spawning from great exertions of energy and his spark of a personality. It was an actual training accident where his hands caught aflame as he was assaulting his father. Being a strong, militant warrior, Sauren was in no danger; in the instant of potential harm he let his body take the consistency of water and Raiga simply passed through, his fiery hands being put out and cooled off from head to toe. From then on a new chapter would begin, where Raiga's training became doubled up with physical combat and magical assertion. By just a few months of training with his new schedule, Raiga sort of lost his relationship with his mother, barely sneaking minutes of conversation every once in a while but nothing more. It was actually his father that encouraged a more isolate way of living with just your skills and principles as company. It wasn't very hard to tell that Sauren fell out of love with his wife a long time ago. He didn't bring it up or make it aware that he caught on; it was as if it allowed him to seem completely, as if it wasn't really happening.

A learned warrior now, Raiga was much less a boy then he was a man but he did show the emotional sentiment expected of a child one night just after his 16th birthday; the eve of his mother's death. A brutal murder that occurred when he was off somewhere participating in some magical engagement. No one was caught and very little investigation about the incident was taken, even Sauren seemed much less concerned. Of course this threw Raiga into an uproar unable to settle for just letting his mother's murderer walk. Trying to gather some people to aid him in his own investigation caught his father's attention and they eventually had a life-altering conversation that had Raiga turn his back on his family forever...

So, the history is incomplete. My intention is to give enough back story to show the dedication/legitimate investment into my character but the rest of the story I want to leave blank and reveal it through Raiga's development and story. To make sure these histories are revealed eventually, I will be making missions directly concerning the reconciliation of Raiga with his past. This has also to do with his true goals that I am leaving out to not give anything away.

Face Claim: Don't Remember

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Re: Raiga Redguard | Calamity

Post by Raiga on Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:02 pm



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