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Post by Shin Katari on Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:10 pm

Name: Maelstrom
Location: Galuna Island
Master: Poseidon
Description: The guildmaster Poseidon can control the ocean itself through the use of his legendary sword; Eye of the Maelstrom. This allows him to choose who comes to the island and can enter the guild. This guild's goal is to control all of Fiore through the use of the ocean. If they can control all the ports and waterways then they can eventually control all of the land. They are currently recruiting a mass army in order to control Fiore.

Maelstrom favors those with strength and wits. They have been growing in power. They accept any kind of magic as long as it is strong and powerful. Maelstrom does not accept losing so you better win at whatever you do!

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