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Rikudo Fire | Calamity Staff

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Rikudo Fire | Calamity Staff

Post by Raiga on Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:42 am

Rikudo Fire
Rank: C
Type Of Weapon: Bo Staff
Elemental Alignment: Fire
Effect: The staff was imbued with magical properties upon creation and it is naturally very akin to flame properties. When the staff's user ignites or generates fire and that fire comes in contact with the staff it will spread and surround it. the staff attracts and collects flame that it comes in contact with and allows the user to wield its fiery state without getting burned. An opponent, however, will suffer damage of fire equivalent to its quality (The staff is limited to collecting a B-rank fire maximum). The staff's other quality is that it can't be melted down by fire of lower than A-rank quality.
Range: + 6 1/2 feet to arm reach.
Appearance: Coming Soon....


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