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01: 'How to' Roleplay

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01: 'How to' Roleplay

Post by Shin Katari on Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:52 pm

RolePlay Rules

NOTE* There is a 48 hour rule. The user has 48 hours to respond to the previous post of a IC Topic, after which point the previous poster may decide to follow through with an attack or decide to leave the post if they wish or even simply continue to wait.

NOTE* You can be in only 2 Rp threads at once. (Training for spells does not count as one of these) To do so, one must be in your town and the other as well.

Here are a few tips you should take into consideration:

1) Detail: This is VERY important. YOU must and have to add detail to a post. Detail adds a lot to a post by giving depth into what ever your talking or posting about.

2) Time: Take your time when posting. IF you don't understand a post, don't feel afraid to go back and read it over and ask the person what it means. You have a lot of time to post so don't rush your work!

3) Visualize: This is your choice but it is worth it. You should always think of everything you need to post about in your head and visualize it. Then post it. It is very effective.

4) Style: Everyone has a different style of Rping so don't judge anyone by that.

5) God Modding: In now way or in any one of your post may you God Modding. It is not fun for anyone and is strictly forbidden.

6) Read these rules and all the other rules. They'll help you when Rping.


RP: Role Play

IC: In Character

OOC: Out of Character

NPC: Non Player Character

Open Thread: Anyone is allowed to join that thread.

Metagaming: Using outside sources in an IC thread. Ex: Someone said they like dogs in an OOC thread, you cannot use that IC since you have no way of knowing so.

One Liner: Someone who posts a single sentence when posting or replying to a different post.

More can be added over time.

The Basics:

We'll start off nice and easy.

Post 1: Shin woke up. He got up and ate his favorite food. He sat down and watched the birds out his window. He got up and went to the library. He came back within 1 hour with a few books.

This is really how it should be:

Post 2: Shin woke up to the sound of his alarm ringing. He hit the snooze button half sleepy before getting up and rubbing his eyes. He went over to the washroom. Once in there, he brushed his teeth, took a shower, and put on his clothes. Once done, he went over to the kitchen fridge and opened both doors taking out some eggs, a few strips of bacon, and some milk. He pulled out a pan and put it on the stove. In about 10 minutes, he had made scrambled eggs with a side of bacon. He grabbed his food and sat down on the couch in the living room. He was a few birds outside his window singing. He enjoyed it and started to whistle along. When he was done with his food, he put the plates away. He then stepped outside his door and decided to go to the library.

Ad he walked to the library, he tried not to look anyone in the eyes as he was a nervous fellow and couldn't stand looking someone in the eyes. He took a few turns here and there before finally coming to the library. It was very big, bigger then Shin could remember. When he was done observing it, he toke a deep breath and opened the doors of the library and went inside. It was huge! In about 1 hour, he had managed to get a few books about the history of magic and some normal novels. Once had checked them out, it was time to go home.

As you can see, the second post has a lot more detail then post one. That is what you want your posts to look like. It's okay if it is short but try to add as much detail as you possibly can.

Everyone has there own style of Rp so it's okay if it is not like my example.

Another type of RP is:

Combat Rp:

This is the more funner side of Roleplaying. This can be broken into 2 parts, actions and reactions and we'll look at both.

Actions: What your character is doing. Attacks fall under actions.

Reactions: You character reacting to your opponents fighting actions. Defending, dodging, and being hit all fall under here.


Everyone does mistakes and don't feel ashamed if you do any of these but please avoid doing any of these.

Auto Hitting: This is when the person who is posting decides what happens to the opponent. To avoid this, you just use words such as attempted, tried, etc.

Example 1: Shin punched the man in the face.
Example 2: Shin tried to punch the man in the face.
Dodging: I understand you don't want to lose a fight but even if you do, it's not the end of the world. You must take some hits because if you don't it will be considered God Modding.
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