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 C-rank Weapons

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Shin Katari

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PostSubject: C-rank Weapons   Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:51 pm

Lightning Lucifier

Cost: 20,000 Jewel
Quantity: 1

Name: Lightning Lucifer
Rank: C
Type Of Weapon: Sword
Elemental Alignment: Lightning
Effect:The weapon creates a shock like response when the opponent is stabbed. It may cause some burning on the area of the wound. This shock also stops bleeding on the wound. The shock is very mild and will not stun the opponent. This weapon is best used for stabbing and slashing purposes.
Range: 1 foot - 5 feet
Appearance: The shape of the cutlass that has the inscribing on the handle that states "Fear the Devil's touch". Also the user may in-grave the guild crest of their choice on the blade itself.

Vintisi Dual Daggers

Cost: 20,000 Jewel
Quantity: 1 pair

Name: Vintisi Daul Daggers
Rank: C
Type Of Weapon: Twin Dagger
Elemental Alignment: Fire
Effect: Gives minor burns whoever touches the blade except the user. If broken, the blade reconstructs itself at the end of the thread.
Range: 2 feet

Kreo Claws

Cost: 20,000 Jewel
Quantity: 1 pair

Name: Kreo Claws
Rank: C
Type Of Weapon: Claws
Elemental Alignment: None
Effect: Instead of tearing and cutting flesh, the Kreo claws repair cutting wounds, allowing the user to heal themselves or others. They can only heal small cuts and bruises. If used offensively, they will only do blunt damage.
Range: 2 feet


Cost: 20,000 Jewel
Qunatity: 1

Name: Glacius
Rank: C
Type of Weapon: Boomerang
Elemental Alignment: Ice
Effect When this boomerang is thrown, it can throw 1 meter long icicles in the direction thrown. When it hits an object, ice forms around the object in a 2ft radius. It works better when the weather is snowy or when in a snowy climate, but it will still work in places like the desert. Windy conditions do not affect it, but if the user has bad aim... it can go off course.
Range: Long-range
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C-rank Weapons
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