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Bank & Vault Rules/Guidlines

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Bank & Vault Rules/Guidlines

Post by Shin Katari on Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:50 pm

Bank Rules

The Fiore Bank is a big part of this society. With it, mages can make transactions.

Here are a few rules everyone must follow including me:

1) Patience: After you have made a loan from the bank, you must wait a whole month before making another loan. Also, if you can't pay the loan back within a month, you will be charged 10% interest per week.

2) Loan Money: When taking money from the bank, don't take a ridiculous amount away. The amount you take should be the amount you should be able to pay back in a short period of time.

3) Pay it back: When taking money, please pay it back. If you can't pay back the money within 2 months, you will not be able to do any transactions from the bank ever again!

More rules will be added over time.

Down below is a list for how much money a certain ranked mage can take from the bank:

D-rank mage: 1,000 J - 5,000 J!
C-rank mage: 5,100 J - 9,000 J!
B-rank mage: 9,100 J - 16,000 J!
A-rank mage: 16,100 J - 24,000 J!
S-rank mage: 24,100 J - 31,000 J!
X-rank mage: 31,000 J - 40,000 J!

Also, down below is list for the things the bank offers:

-Vault System
-Lengthy time to pay back the money
-Lending others money

Vault System

The Vault is located in the bank.

The Vault System acts like a locker in which you can store your items in. However, the vault itself requires a small fee to use.

The cost if 1,000 J per month in order to use the vault. If you fail to pay this, you will lose your items.
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