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Bank Template

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Bank Template

Post by Shin Katari on Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:55 pm

Bank Template

Please use the bank template below for your loans and transactions:

Type of Transaction: (Loan from bank or money from a different member)
Amount of Jewel wanted: (Depends on rank)
Payback Time: (Time it will take to payback loan)

[b]Type of Transaction:[/b] (Loan from bank or money from a different member)
[b]Amount of Jewel wanted:[/b] (Depends on rank)
[b]Payback Time:[/b] (Time it will take to payback loan)

D-rank mage: 1,000 J - 5,000 J!
C-rank mage: 5,100 J - 9,000 J!
B-rank mage: 9,100 J - 16,000 J!
A-rank mage: 16,100 J - 24,000 J!
S-rank mage: 24,100 J - 31,000 J!
X-rank mage: 31,000 J - 40,000 J!
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