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Shop Rules

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Shop Rules

Post by Shin Katari on Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:59 pm

Shop Rules

The shop has a limited inventory, and unless otherwise stated, there is only 1, one, of each item. This is strictly a first come first serve basis. No excuses, no complaints.

Please be careful when you decide to buy a magic, as there will be NO refunds. You cannot unlearn something, and will be stuck with whichever magic you choose.

The interesting part about the shop is that you can sell your primary magic in order to earn money. You can only do this once so take it into consideration if you need the money. This way, you can drop you starter magic if you don't like it. The cost won't be to high unless it is something rare like Dragon Slayer Magic or Gold Celestial Keys. The magic would be sold to the proper shop. [EX; Celestial Spirits sold to Celestial Spirit Shop, etc]

Post and claim whichever item you want, and can afford.

Different Shops


Not all blacksmiths are alike. Some are better then other. The Blacksmith is a shop ONLY for mages that do not use ReQuip magic.

Here, you can create your own weapon or armor here just like a ReQuip mage. You still use the same template as the ReQuip mage. However, when a mage creates their own weapon and armor, they must purchase it from the blacksmith.

When you want to purchase a weapon or armor you've created, an Admin or Moderator will price the weapon/armor depending on rank and strength:

D rank: novice weapons 7000-10000 jewels
C rank: normal weapons 10000- 14000 jewels
B rank: normal weapons with some magical powers 14000- 22000 jewels
A rank: veteran weapons with strong magical powers 22000- 34000 jewels
S rank: war hero weapons with immense magical powers 34000 + jewels


The Enchanter is for both Re-quip and non Re-quip mages. This is the only place on the forum that you can enhance your weapons and make them stronger.

However, there are limited types of enchantments that one may do, some of which are listed down below:
-Rank Increase
-Ability Increase
-Durability Increase

The rest of this will be in the 'Enchanting Rules' in the Enchanter Shop.

Magic Shop:

The Magic Shop sells all kinds of different magics ranging from Dragon Slayer Lacrimas to weak magics to rare magics, etc. It is the only shop that sells magic. This is where you purchase your secondary magic.

Secondary Magic is not a necessary item, but it is suggested you buy one, as it can only improve your skill set.

Please be careful when you decide to buy a magic, as there will be NO refunds. You cannot unlearn something, you bough and will be stuck with whichever magic you choose.

Weapon Shop:

This is where you purchase any weapons already created for you by the Admins and Moderators.

There is a wide selection of weapons to choose from. Armor can also be bought here.

Spirit Key Shop:

This shop is ONLY for Stellar Spirit Mages. This is where they will buy any extra keys they want.

The keys sold here are all silver keys. Some of these keys will be for offense, defense, or supplementary use. The choice of whichever key you want to purchase is up to you!

Pet Shop:

This is the only place you can purchase pets from. There is a wide selection of pets too choose from ranging from giant turtles to 3-headed dogs and etc.

NPC Shop:

This shop is one of a kind as there is nothing like it. It is the only shop that you can purchase NPC characters for you guild.

These NPC characters can only be used in Guild Wars and anything else that is big.

The Guild NPC starts off at D-rank. You can purchase things in the Misc shop to rank up the NPC. Each NPC has it's own magic.
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