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D-rank Keys

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D-rank Keys

Post by Shin Katari on Wed Sep 26, 2012 12:13 am


Quantity: 1
Cost: 10,000 J!

Name: Lyra
Type: Human
Gender: Female
Rank: D
Magic Cost: 10 mp per post she is out,
General Appearance:

Personality: She is a very happy spirit, especially when she is summoned. She is also very intelligent in Magic, she knows a lot of various magic types. Not how to counter it, but just basic descriptions.

She is mainly used to play songs for events or in order to cheer someone up.

Sleep Tight:
This is her only spell. She plays a certain song which in turn, forces anyone but the user to sleep. Anyone within 20 meters of this spell will be affected. Lasts 2 posts.

Quantity: 1
Cost: 20,000 Jewel


Name: Hydra
Type: Mythical Beast
Gender: Female
Rank: D
Magic Cost: 10 mp per post she is out
General Appearance:
Hydra is a loving and caring spirit such as Loki is. She will never abandon her master and will stand by their side. She loves chocolate or any other sweets for a strange reason.

Hydro Cannon:
She puts her hands out together and a blue magic circle forms in front of her. A large cannon of water blasts out at the enemy. The blast goes as far as 25 ft and does light damage, leaving minor welts in the body. Lasts 1 post.

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