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*Crashes in through the ceiling*

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*Crashes in through the ceiling*

Post by SkybornWG on Fri May 08, 2015 8:50 pm

........whoops........well, someone’s gonna need to fix that......
Anyway, hi! I’m rather new here, and I’m glad that I found this place, even if I’m already breaking stuff.

I’m not sure what else to say, so instead, have a flower guy. flower

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Re: *Crashes in through the ceiling*

Post by Shin Katari on Thu Sep 22, 2016 2:45 pm

Roleplay Rules

Before one can begin their journey, they must review the terms and rules situated with roleplaying.

  1. Minimum Requirement: The minimum requirement of words when rolepleaying is 100 words. The more words that are used, the greater the detail.
  2. Wait Time: In a topic with multiple people, if someone does not post within 48 hours, they may be skipped. In combat topics, if someone does not post within 72 hours, they will be dealt an auto-hit.
  3. Topic Limit: The most topics one can be in is 3. All topics must be done within one city. You may do 2 casual topics and 1 request topic, or 1 request topic, 1 casual/combat topic, or 1 spell training topic. These are just a few examples.
  4. Sexual Activity: An in depth description is not necessary so please fade-to-black when necessary.
  5. Language: Cursing is allowed within topics. However, keep it at a minimum and respect those you are roleplaying with.
  6. God-Modding: This is the action of controlling another player without their permission or causing attack to auto-hit. God-modding of any sort is not allowed and can result in ban depending on the severity.
  7. Meta gaming: This is using knowledge your character wouldn't know when writing I.C posts. If meta-gaming occurs, a ban will be delivered depending on the severity.

Combat Rules

Although combat may seem easy at first, there are a few rules mages must follow:

  1. Before engaging in combat, one must have an approved character and spells
  2. Event combat threads are kill viable. Otherwise, it is the topic creators choice of whether the thread will be kill viable.
  3. If your opponent does not respond to an attack within 72 hours, you are allowed an auto-hit.
  4. No god-modding or meta-gaming is banned. However if the 72 hour time limit has passed, an auto-hit is permitted.
  5. Only one combat thread is allowed. Requests do not count as combat threads. Spell training involving other players DOES count as a combat thread.

Combat Guidelines

All mages begin with the stats below.

  • Strength - 1 damage point
  • Magic - based on spell rank
  • Reaction - 0.50 second
  • Speed - 6 m/s

However, all mages are allowed to upgrade one stat and one stat only. By upgrading a stat of your choice, the other three stats will remain in their base form.


To get from one town to another, one must travel to reach their destination. All modes of transportation are listed below.


Walking is the most effective form of traveling. It requires no cost at all but the word count can be heavy depending on your desired location.

  • Traveling to a town within your own region requires 300 words.
  • Traveling to Central Fiore requires 600 words.
  • Traveling to a different region requires 900 Words


A boat is the main mode of traveling over large bodies of water. It requires a fee of 5,000J but reduces the word count.

  • Traveling via boat requires 350 words to get to any island

Fast Travel

The fastest and most efficient way of traveling. Fast travel allows for one to reach their desired location instantly. There is no required word count required. Fast travel lacrimas can be purchased out of character within the Love & Lucky shop.

  • Traveling via Fast Travel requires no words


Certain pets and items can help reduce the required word count to aid in your travels. The cost of these pets/items varies as does the reduction on the word count.
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