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Mera (WIP ;u;)

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Mera (WIP ;u;)

Post by SkybornWG on Fri May 08, 2015 10:34 pm

Character Template


(Insert Picture of Character here)

Character Theme: (Optional)
Battle Theme: (Optional)
Quote: ”I might not be the best, but I could be someday; I’ll just have to keep trying!”

Name: Mera Summercast
Alias: (A nickname if your character has one)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthdate: 23/11
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: Part of her left arm is bandaged because of an old injury that she is somewhat paranoid about; she has kept replacing the bandages on it even after it has had time to heal into a scar.

Personality: At her core, Mera is caring, easygoing, and reckless, as well as forgiving in most cases. She loves playing small jokes on other people. Around people she knows, she is constantly smiling or laughing and is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. However, several bad experiences with other people have caused her to form a sort of shell around her true personality, making her seem distant to strangers. She treats herself as inferior to most people, albeit in subtle ways.
Likes:She loves experimenting with magic, even if nothing is really accomplished when she experiments. In fact, she will often stay up very late doing this and then fall asleep at random times during the day. She feels that if she can improve her magic then she will finally feel as though she makes a difference.
Dislikes: (What your character dislikes and why)
Motivations: (What motivates your character in life and why)
Fears: What does your character fear in life and why)

General Appearance

Height: 5’6” (~170 cm)
Weight: 155 lb (~70 kg)
Hair: She has long, dark maroon hair that is partly left down in the back and otherwise held up by twin ponytails on either side of her head, along with messy bangs parted in a way that allows hair to hang over and between her eyes.
Eyes: Teal
Skin Tone: Slightly tan
Appearance: She is slightly shorter than average height and is about average in weight. She is noticeably muscular and has speed and agility that can keep someone on his or her toes. She typically wears a long white tank top with black edging, a short black skirt, translucent white leggings reaching almost to her ankles, small black shoes that cover the feet but not the ankles, and a tan half-jacket whose sleeves stop at the wrists, which is left un-zipped. Her ponytails are typically help up by white ribbons.

Guild: Fairy Tail
Tattoo:On her right arm (upper arm, closer to the shoulder). Yellow-orange.
Rank: D

Friends: -
Enemies -

History: (Your characters history. About 450 words minimum)
Face Claim: (Name of person in the show-Anime/Show)

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Re: Mera (WIP ;u;)

Post by Shin Katari on Thu Sep 22, 2016 2:49 pm

Magic Rules

There are three main categorizations of magic:

  • Caster Magic: Magic that is expelled from the body as opposed to magic done through the use of weapons or outside items.
  • Holder Magic: Magic that requires a mage to use an external source to produce magic. It usually requires the use of magic power or even lacrimas.
  • Lost Magic: Magic that has been obliterated from the history of the world due to their immense power. However, users of such magic still exist are believed to be very rare. There will only be a limited amount of lost magic spots available depending on the magic.

Each mage begins with one default magic. However, as the user ranks up, they will have the option of adding a second or even a third magic to their arsenal. Each magic must also be kept to one element for balancing purposes. No mage is allowed to have dual-element magics.

Once a user has chosen their magic, they will not be allowed to switch to a different magic. However, the only way to switch to a different magic is by purchasing a magic switch from the Love & Lucky shop.

Secondary & Tertiary Magic

As mentioned, mages are allowed access to secondary and tertiary magic. However, to obtain other magics requires the mage to rank up. Once the mage has achieved a certain rank, they have the option of purchasing and acquiring a magic of their choice from the Love & Lucky shop.

  • B-rank unlocks Secondary magic slot
  • S-rank unlocks Tertiary Magic slot

The secondary magic slot is allowed to be any caster and holder magic that is not considered lost, limited or banned. The tertiary magic slot must be a non-combative magic however. Magic of such nature would be Aera, high-speed magic, transforming magic, etc.

Each slot comes with additional spell slots however, no matter what the rank of the user is:
Magic Slot
D-rank Spells
C-rank Spells
B-rank Spells
A-rank Spells
S-rank spells
Secondary Magic65432
Tertiary Magic65432

Spell Rules

A mage begins with five default spells - 4 D-rank and 1 C-rank spell.

Spells fill the purpose of dishing out damage against an opponent. However, they deplete a user's mana whilst doing so. The amount of mana a spell depletes and damage it causes depends on its ranking:

Spell RankD-rankC-rankB-rankA-rankS-rank
Mana (MP)5 MP10 MP25 MP50 MP100 MP
Damage (DMG)25 DMG50 DMG75 DMG100 DMG150 DMG

Mages are able to create and upgrade spells. However, mages may only learn spells up to a rank above theirs. This means a D-rank mage may use C-rank spells and below while a B-rank mage may use A-rank spells and below. Creating and upgrading spells will be discussed in detail within it own topic.

Now that you know the basic principles of how spells work, it is time to discuss the different spell types. In total, there are five spell types:

  • Offense - Spells created for the sole purpose of dealing out damage. Offensive spells target one or more opponent.
  • Defense - Spells created for the sole purpose of preventing damage and keeping a user protected. Defensive spells come in different forms such as barriers, shields, armors, etc. Defensive spells may target one or more opponent.
  • Supplementary - Spells created for the sole purpose of healing and preventing damage. Supplementary spells may target one or more mage at a time.
  • Buff - Spells created for the sole purpose of enhancing magic or physical spells. Buffs cannot target passive stats like debuff spells. Buffs may only affect the user.
  • Debuff - Spells created for the sole purposed diminishing spells or passive stats. Debuffs may only affect one target.

Spell classes cannot be combined as they each have their own specialties. They will be discussed in greater detail within the Spell Handbook.

Spells also have duration and cool downs. The duration and cool down of a spell depends on its ranking. These will be discussed in further detail within the Spell handbook.

Creating Spells

Mages are able to create other spells besides their starting spells. To create the desired spell however, an open spell slot is required. If no spell slot is available, the spell cannot be created. Mages are able to create spells a rank higher than themselves. This is to ensure some sort of balance.

Created spells must be trained via word count. The word count to create a spell depends on its rank:

  • D-rank: 1,000 words
  • C-rank: 1,500 words
  • B-rank: 2,000 words
  • A-rank: 2,500 words
  • S-rank: 3,000 words

Creating spells and training them this way give a small mana reward as a bonus. The amount of mana received is dependent on the rank of the spell created:

  • D-rank: +1 mana
  • C-rank: +2 mana
  • B-rank: +3 mana
  • A-rank: +4 mana
  • S-rank: +5 mana

Upgrading Spells

Mages are able to upgrade spells to the next rank, allowing the spell to become stronger. Upgrading spells will take up the available spell slot. For example, training a C-rank spell to B-rank will take up a B-rank spell slot, however it will free up the C-rank spell slot.

There are two methods for training spells. All methods shall be discussed below.

Word Training -The general method of training spells is by completing a required word count. The word count depends on the rank of the spell being trained:

  • D-rank → C-rank: 5,00 words
  • C-rank → B-rank: 1,000 words
  • B-rank → A-rank: 1,500 words
  • A-rank → S-rank: 2,000 words

Although this method seems like a pain, it has a great reward with it. Depending on the spell trained, a mage shall receive a certain amount of mana:

  • D-rank → C-rank: +2 mana
  • C-rank → B-rank: +3 mana
  • B-rank → A-rank: +4 mana
  • A-rank → S-rank: +5 mana

Shop Training - An easier method for training spells is too purchase the spell itself. However, by purchasing the spell, a mage does not receive any mana. The cost of learning a spell this way depends on its rank:

  • D-rank → C-rank: 5,000J
  • C-rank → B-rank: 15,000J
  • B-rank → A-rank: 35,000J
  • A-rank → S-rank: 50,000J
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