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D-rank Pets

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D-rank Pets

Post by Shin Katari on Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:59 am

Name: Shadow
Type: Wolf
Gender: Female
Rank: D
Personality: Shadow is loyal to her master and will only obey her master.

-Flight: Allows Shadow to fly at 10 m/s for 2 posts. She can lift anyone that is 130 lbs or less.


Name: Blitz
Type: Gryphon
Gender: Male
Rank: D
Personality: Blitz is a loyal gryphon. It obeys all his masters command and at times, can be a handful.

-Flaming Blitz This spell allows Blitz to cover his entire body in fire. He then charges at his opponent at 10 m/s, leaving a small welt or two in the opponent.


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