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Travel Rules

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Travel Rules

Post by Shin Katari on Tue Aug 14, 2012 12:03 am

Travel Rules

To get from one town to another, you must travel to you destination. There are different means of transportation listed down below.


Walking from place to place is free of cost but the downside to that is that it requires more words to travel from Destination A to Destination B. The other downside to that this type of transportation is an open thread meaning anyone can join in if they like. That is if they are walking to the same town as you or if a different one but need the same path.

Walking requires a word count of 300 word X the location of your next destination on the forum. For example, traveling from Magnolia Town to Hargeon Town would be only 300 words since they are close by but if it was Magnolia to Clover Town, it would be 600 words. The farther the place, the more words you add X300. If there is a place in between your destination, you must stop there for 1 hour, [Real Life time] before continuing.


If you decide to take a train, it will cost you 10,000 Jewel per person since the word count is very low. These are only open to you and your team meaning they are private unless you would like them to be open to others.

When taking the train, the word count is 100 words X the location of your destination. For example, traveling from Magnolia Town to Hargeon would be 100 words but taking the train from Magnolia Town to Clover Town would be 200 words per person.


To get to some places, trains and walking are not the way to go and you will most likely have to take the boat. It is the same cost as it is to ride the train (10,000 Jewel) for a 2 way ticket. The word count is also the same.

Magic will not be allowed to reduce your traveling word count. Flying is not allowed either. You can buy items to reduce the cost of certain traveling posts in the shop.


Some pets that are purchased will be able to reduce the word count of a traveling topic. If you were taking a pet, it would reduce the word count by 50%. This only works with the word count for traveling on foot; 300 words.
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