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High Speed

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High Speed

Post by Shin Katari on Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:53 pm

High Speed Magic

Quantity: 5
Cost: 45,000 J

Caster or Holder Caster

Description: This Magic dramatically increases the user's speed, possibly by Magically augmenting the power centered on the user's lower body, boosting both strength and agility to near-inhumane levels.

Strengths: The user can move in any direction at high speeds making this magic a great secondary magic. They can dodge, run, or jump at inhumane levels. Even their punches and kicks are at inhumane speeds.

Weaknesses: This magic has almost no defensive spells making it bad for defense. Also the user is moving at such high speeds it wears their body out very quickly. If slowing magic is used on a high speed user their magic will be rendered useless and they will move at normal speeds.
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