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Enchanting Rules

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Enchanting Rules

Post by Shin Katari on Wed Dec 05, 2012 9:42 pm

Enchanting Rules

The Enchanter is for both Re-quip and non Re-quip mages. This is the only place on the forum that you can enhance your weapons and make them stronger.

However, there are only a limited amounts of enchants possible listed down below:

-Rank Increase [Increases the rank of the item by one]
-Ability Increase [Increases strength of said ability]
-Durability [Increases durability of said item]
-Ability Equip [Allows for another ability to be added]
-More will be added over time

That is not all. Enchanting doesn't come free so you'll be expected to pay when you enchant your item. The cost depends on the rank of your item. The cost of each enchant will be the same for all.

Enchant Cost:

-D-rank item: 10,000 J
-C-rank item: 20,000 J
-B-rank item: 30,000 J
-A-rank item: 40,000 J
-S-rank item: 50,000 J

[EX: If the item you wanted to enchant was a D-rank weapon that had no ability, you could either choose to use the 'Ability Equip' enchant and by doing so, your weapon would gain a new ability. The cost for this would be 10,000 J due to the weapon being a D-rank weapon. If it were a C-rank weapon, the cost would be 20,000 J and so on]
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