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The Beginning of Time

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The Beginning of Time

Post by Shin Katari on Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:40 am

Magic has been in use for quite a while now, probably for centuries. But close to about 500 years ago, there was the need to band together and form guilds, to protect common and personal interests.

In the year X550, one of the most feared dark mages to taint Fiore with his presence, the Night King, began aggregating all the dark guilds to form an army strong enough to overrun Fiore. Anyone who stood in his way died. The dark guilds rallied to him, for hopes of glory or dominion or their own evil reasons. With a diabolical plan in the hatching, the Night King built a fortress and built a city to serve as a base of operations. From there he would begin Phase 1 of his plans: to find and capture as many dragons as possible.

While dragons were a very rare bunch and hardly seen about, it was believed by most people that they existed. The Night King knew they existed, and took great pains to find them. No one knows if he did or not, but it is said that there was something he did, a strange dark ritual that could attract dragons and draw their life force out when they came. Well, no one can say for sure whether this is true or not, but at about the time the Night King started making his moves and the dragons began to disappear.

Noticing the events unfolding, the heads of all the legal guilds decided to band together as well, in order to meet the blooming threat with a united front, else all would be lost. After a common truce was formed, the united legal guilds made a preemptive strike on the dark mages, beginning by teleporting the Night King's HQs to another dimension where they would attempt to defeat them in combat, so that the ensuing battle would not destroy Fiore. There the forces of good and evil strove. The battle was long and hard, but in the end, the evil Night King stood victorious.

Or so he thought, until the defeated guild heads suddenly pooled their magic together and thrust out as many people as possible out of the dimension, while creating a permanent seal on the door of the plane in which they were. That way, they had completely banished him from Fiore, but at a great cost. This battle was a monumental event in Fiore. As generations passed, this story would never end, hanging on to everyone.

The year now X900. This past event has changed Fiore greatly. The dragon slayers, special mages who claim to have been raised by dragons seek the lost legendary creatures while they strive to find their place in this world. The world has never been the same after this event and it won't change now.

In this world... where do you stand?
In this world... who are your friends and enemies?
In this world... will you choose light or darkness?

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