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Jinchu Raizen | Fire Dragon Slayer

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Jinchu Raizen | Fire Dragon Slayer

Post by Raiga on Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:29 pm

Jinchu Raizen


Character Theme: The Hero, Fatherless Dragon
Battle Theme: Let's Go, Borrowed Flame, Dragon's Approach
Quote: "Can I burn you now?"

Name: Jinchu Dragneen Raizen
Alias: Dragon Child
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthdate: 06/8
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Special Characteristics:
Due to his affinity to fire in such a natural state, Jinchu is able to withstand extreme cold temperatures.
When Jin is excited or angry his magic reacts accordingly, generating random tufts and burst of flame from his body to coincide with his intense emotion. The flame generated in this form have no ability to be used for battle and are reactive in such a natural state that he doesn't waste magic when they appear.

Jinchu has a wild and exciting nature. Has a very caring but unpredictable personality whenever dealing with the people he loves and the other members of Fairy Tail, letting his emotions drive him. Jinchu has an unwavering moral compass and chooses to follow his own path instead of one that's already been made. Jin’ has a great passion for fighting competitively and becoming the strongest mage in Fiore. More than the rest of his ambitions, Jinchu’s goal is to be able to inspire the world with his determination to prove himself worthy of the name Fairy Tail. Contrary to what people may think he does not fight to kill. His rampaging personality does not take him that far because he finds killing to be quite a dishonorable thing to do

The bonds he shares with others are what encourage him to get stronger. The more people he meets gives him more reason to protect others giving him an unquenchable drive always hidden in everything he does including searching for his father. There is very little Jin’ can’t accomplish when he carries the will of those people he loves and letting this be his motivation is what motivates others to follow suit.

Jinchu loves to have a lot of fun on his off time; this includes gallivanting around the guild, drinking, partying, and sharing his fun with a lot of people, even strangers so he can make even more friends. Everyone in his guild treats him like family because he enjoys spending so much time with them, but as expected of Fairy Tail mages they always cause quite a ruckus when partying together.

Jinchu’s flaws usually reside in the fact that he doesn’t ever want to back down; it forces him to sometimes be very reckless and ignores his own injuries to achieve victory. The problems with this flaw usually set in after the fight is over and it leaves Jin’ with a relatively long recovery time. Another issue that really goes hand in hand with his unrelenting personality is his commitment to fix an issue that he finds to be unjust. Especially with situations to do with traitors or mages that attack Fairy Tail he develops a frightening temper and vows to rectify the wrongs meaning as soon as a situation like this unfolds he is all in until the job is finished and that can land him in quite a bit of trouble from time to time.

Despite his nature, even in an anger-ridden state Jinchu truly loves strategizing in the midst of battle. Even if it is only one or two smart moves in concession, he likes to mentally depict what he needs to accomplish and how fast he needs to do it along with some steps to get there. The difference with desperate or temper situations is that the strategies become more abstract and instinctual instead of methodic. He uses this kind of strategizing when speaking to people to a certain extent as well; whenever Jinchu meets someone he doesn’t like he wants to be able to insult them in just the right way to show how and why he feels.

Guild: The guild is his home and his family and that’s where he shares his fondest moments. Everything he holds dear resides in Fairy Tail making the guild his most prized possession to protect and above all else Jinchu refuses to let anyone talk down to or speak ill of his guild, unless they want to be burnt to a crisp by Fairy Tail’s Fire Spirit. The guild is his sanctuary.

Competing: Being in the business of magic, Jinchu always wants to rise to the next level and surpass others on his way to the strongest mage in Fiore, then the world. This drive makes him love sparring with high ranked mages and even fighting ones that are universally considered out of his league just so he can gage himself by how much improvement is needed to get to the same class as these guys and what it will take to get there. Also knowing what certain people are better than him in specific areas interests him and determines his development greatly as well.

Friends: Having friends is what being a guild is all about and being in a guild as crazy as Fairy Tail you better like the company or you will go insane. Fortunately enough Jinchu is one of the many that love causing the chaos with each other making sure they are loudest guild with the biggest hearts and unmatched spirit. Making friends makes Jinchu stronger as if he inherits the will of all he meets.

Bullies: A tough guy who picks on those who are much weaker than them is a coward and above all someone who holds little or no value in others’ skills. People that behave that way infuriate Jinchu because he loves seeing younger mages grow in strength and learn to fight their battles. When facing someone who exploits and messes with people because they don’t have the strength to fight back Jin can’t resist putting them in their place. In his mind, they asked for the punishment he gives them through their wrongdoing.

Traitors: People who can’t maintain their loyalties or tear down other members of their guild are worse than trash in Jinchu’s eyes. Once in a position where he discovers someone who does something that unforgiveable, even if it has to do with other guilds, Jinchu becomes a monster until the time comes where he believes everything is set right. And in his heart he cannot forgive anyone who does such a traitorous act to their own guild because that is betraying their own family.

Being Bored: Being driven by his emotions Jinchu is unable to sit still without some sort of excitement, adventure, or fun for an extended period of time.

There is very little that can’t be turned into a motivator for Jinchu. His approach to everything has a lot to do with doing and being the best possible. Things that probably kindle his wild spirit the most are the strongest mages in Fairy Tail that acknowledge his abilities. Seeing their strength and having their respect makes him want to also earn the admiration he has for them as well. He always has and will measure himself up to the next one he must surpass to reach the top.

With barely any record known to Jinchu about the great Fairy Tail mages of the past besides that they were indeed quite powerful. The mystery of all the matters to do with them makes the hierarchy of magic power of then versus today are unknown to him. Loving his guild inspires him to become strong not just for himself but for all the members and making Fairy Tail number one. This goes hand and hand with him wanting to become strong for all people he knows and even his parents that died to protect him. Showing that their love is not in vain is a drive to always improve himself.

Probably his most apparent motivation is his own desire to be the greatest mage. It means he will travel the world to prove his strength and will always have to prove it for when the next challenger comes. It is an ultimate and a truly never-ending adventure that only the greatest dreamers believe can be achieved. Facing all the diferent forms of magic and an even more colourful assortment of people is one of the greatest parts of it. He likes to think of the quote he heard from the dragon he met during his past journeys, 'Being the strongest dragon in the sky will mean taking all forms of creatures in many shapes and sizes.'

Jinchu is not a person who has many fears, he is the type of person that when he feels intimidated he knows that there's all the more reason to approach the challenge. The issue with this mindset he lives by makes him question whether he will become the strongest. Jinchu is scared of his own limits and his goal is to rid himself of them, or at least place them so high that no one else can force him there. What scares him more than anything is the chance that he won't be enough to reach the very top.

The only earthly things that Jinchu can't handle being close to are hairless rodents. Their small bones are visible through the skin and he finds them to be dirty and grimy. He can't function correctly if he sees them, he adopts some frantic behavior and needs to either kill it or vacate the area for fear of throwing up or developing a twitch. He hates them with a passion.

General Appearance

Height: 5'10
Weight: 157 lbs
Hair: Very long hair where the ends can nearly reach his lower back but spiked in a way that allows the shorter areas to drape over his shoulders. The colour is red but it can have an orange tint when it catches the light, making it nearly look like active flaming when he’s moving a lot.
Eyes: Aqua-Green when simple and happy, Serpent-Green when excited or angry.
Skin Tone: Light, little tanning ability.
Jinchu is a young man standing at 5'10 an average height, and weighs 157 lbs due to his physical prowess, not being bulky but because of his very defined athletic build. His hair is red, extending down to his mid-back and some comes forward over his shoulders. It kind of spikes a bit around the top and the ends of his hair have a more orangy-yellow colour and hue, giving an illusion of fire when Jinchu is moving a lot. His eyes are a gentle and kind with an aqua-green colour when Jin is having fun or just being his normal self, making his general look seem harmless. His ees change however on two different occasions, either when he is excitedly determined or very angry Jinchu's eyes deepen in colour and become very intense. They attain a serpent-green appearance and makes his overall appearance look intimidating and vengeful, scaring a lot of common people for sure how he can change so much just based on his eyes.

Jinchu wheres a unique, white jacket with two overlapping buttons and then it splits off to the sides, running down ending just below his mid-calf. The jacket is split the same way at the back but without buttons, just the smooth material. His sleeves are short, only long enough to conceal his shoulders. He wears brown buckled gloves as more of a fashion statement than anything. His pants are black and slightly baggy, resting over the top of his shoes. He wears a black material undershirt, tight to his skin like underarmor in the torso region. The sleeves of the undershirt are loose and go slightly further down than his jacket sleeves. He does have a couple other outfits he occasionally wears but this is his his most common attire.


Guild: Fairy Tail
Tattoo: His tattoo is a fiery orange colour located on his left pectoral muscle (Over his heart)
Rank: D


Friends: Lance, Drayven (Acquaintance, only met once), Ardere
Enemies N/A

The Dragon's Son
Being a Dragon Slayer, Jin's human birth remains a mystery. His human parents are all but a complete myth as far as he is considered, his foster father is the one that raised him and taught him everything he knows. Right from the start he knew his Dragon parent, Chargrand as his father, it was natural to be raised by a Dragon from Jin's spectrum of view. His toddler years were filled with interesting and beautiful adventures around their fiery home located very closely to a volcano. Jin never noticed it until after he was stranded in Fiore but where he and Chargrand lived was in a different land than what he knew, some would even call it a different realm. His life was relatively basic and average for his first six years, besides the fact that he was raised by a Dragon. Jin's father did not teach him in the ways of magic until he proved to have a talent for it, only a few months after his sixth birthday. Of course even with natural talent getting the ball rolling takes a little bit of time and with Fire Dragon Slayer magic, specifically, Jin had to take a lot of time training his body to keep up with the great energy required to be accomplished in the magic.

Chargrand was a rather interesting sort of teacher as well. A lot of the methods he used with training his son consisted of telling him to go "figure it out" and see what happens. The other part of it was Chargrand wasn't interested in teaching Jin the magic as he was in spending time with his human son until he reached his tenth birthday. After that time everything seemed to shift, as if Chargrand was in a hurry to teach Jinchu as much as he could all at once. The young boy didn't quite understand the change of pace and went through a lot of difficulties keeping up with all he had to learn. The atmosphere basically from a "we have forever to do whatever we want" concept to a "We're on a tight schedule and we're already late!" feel. Jin took a while to pick up on it but he started to get subtle cues from the way his father spoke. Even with the ominous tone Chargrand possessed Jinchu did as he said, eventually developing a wilder personality the more he trained with his magic.

Just after his eleventh birthday Chargrand and the young boy relocated, Jin was only told they were flying to a distant land, it was time to embrace the rest of the world. Jinchu knew about the existence of other people but he had never interacted with them, he had only ever been around his father. He fell asleep in the middle of this journey, feeling sad for an unknown reason, he felt as if he wasn't going to see his father when he woke up.
A Whole New World
Jin woke in the shelter of a hut; Chargrand was nowhere to be seen. All that was in this hut besides his bed mat was a single egg on the floor center and a bag of food at the foot of his mat. Of course he burst out of the hut disregarding the egg and went on in an attempt to search for his lost father. His cries filled the sky and even as he waited, deserted in the middle of an unknown land. He waited for days but no one came.

The egg in his hut hatched after a while and what was in it was quite surprising. He looked to be a small cat but he stood upright and brandished wings. This creature turned out to be Jinchu's first friend in this strange new place. The cat went by Raza and with his help Jinchu was able to build up the nerve to brave this land. A bond was built that made them thick as thieves and together they integrated into becoming a part of the population of Fiore. Through this entire time and forever more Jinchu is looking for Chargrand.

Once they learned of the magics of all sorts around the world of Fiore along with the knowledge of Dragon Slayers, Jinchu and Raza developed a few goals. They each want to become the strongest of their kind. Clearly as years passed their magical abilities grew but in time they realized the strength of so many other magic users and the multiple magic guilds.
The Rising Dragon
The young Slayer's magical prowess grew and continues to grow the more he fights and trains. His personality has developed slightly, not being just wild but also embracing an edgy aspect of life. Raza developed in the opposite way becoming more calm and calculated but they still aim for the same goals they set a while ago, they were going to accomplish their dreams. With his dream to become the strongest of all mages he also intensely wishes to reunite with his dad, he knew that his father didn't just abandon him.

Jinchu just recently joined the guild Fairy Tail, hearing of their powerful and wild reputation. So far he and Raza have been welcomed with open arms and they have continued to establish themselves as useful powers in the guild. What comes next depends on what choices Jinchu is presented with and what he decides to do with those choices.
Face Claim: Luke Fon Fabre


Name: Raza
Rank: D
Gender: Male
Height and Weight: 3ft. 45 lbs

Raza is a typically quiet and intelligent exceed, nearly seeming as a counter personality to mellow out or counter Jinchu's normal wildness. He is undoubtedly loyal and is the type to put unjust people in their place. It is actually quite funny watching the fact that they seem to be polar opposites in a social situation but if a battle took place the two are so in sync, knowing each others' movements, understanding how each other looks. Even when they seem at odds in their social environments they are always thick as thieves, holding great respect for each other.

Physical Description


  • Exceed's Aera Magic
  • Combat oriented exceed, very well accomplished in martial arts, able to fight toe to toe with an average fighter, due to his unexpected speed and strength. Anyone with enough skill in hand to hand worthy of discernible note will prove stronger than Raza. A fighting scenario with Raza would also be quite different if magic were to come into play, since he has no offensive magic.

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Re: Jinchu Raizen | Fire Dragon Slayer

Post by Raiga on Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:49 pm

Alright BUMP! I know the history is short and such but I have been busy lately and I'll make up for it with my RPing =P


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Re: Jinchu Raizen | Fire Dragon Slayer

Post by Ray-blaze on Thu Dec 20, 2012 7:20 pm


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Re: Jinchu Raizen | Fire Dragon Slayer

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