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Megumi Frost [DONE]

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Megumi Frost [DONE]

Post by Megumi Frost on Sun Dec 09, 2012 11:21 am

Character Template


Character Theme: -
Battle Theme: -
Quote: -

Name: Megumi Frost
Alias: -
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthdate: November 15th
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: -

Personality: Megumi is a young girl who has a good character and is bolder than most other girls. Most people (especially adults) find her adorable and cute. She is lovable and well-behaved, too. She was taught well while she was young. Megumi is sociable - she makes loads of friends - and is helpful. She will help anyone who needs it. Other than that, Megumi likes to take care of herself. She goes to the beauty salon every once in a week and has loads of cosmetics of her own. Moreover, Megumi doesn't like to talk about her past or her family. These two things are the only things that make her feel sad and lonely since her past has been a horrible painful mess and her parents were complete jerks who didn't know how to treat their child properly. Looking on the bright side of things, she loves her friends and hanging out with them is her hobby. She also loves her awesome friends from Avalon: the realm from which she summons creatures. Megumi also likes to train herself. It somehow reduces stress, though she rarely has stress. Furthermore, she is easily excitable. She loves parties and fun stuff like that. Music is also something this girl enjoys. She has most likely listened to all the latest songs and knows almost all the singers. Food is another big thing in her life. Megumi is a big fan of eating. She likes chocolate, ice-cream, candy and so much more. It is a miracle she isn't fat. Megumi is also persistent. That does not mean that she is pig-headed. Nope, not at all. She will just not give up easily, she will not be defeated or discouraged easily and she will not turn down a request just because it seems difficult. Those are the traits of Megumi Frost.
  • Friends: They mean a lot to her. Megumi loves her friends more than she loved her family. Actually she didn't even love her family.

  • Magic: Megumi loves her magic because it brought her all those awesome creatures from Avalon.

  • Creatures of Avalon: These creatures have taken place of her family.

  • Hanging out: Megumi likes to hang out with her friends and have fun. She also likes to enter Avalon and hang out with the creatures.

  • Bullies: Megumi hates bullies. She had sort of been bullied by her family her entire childhood.

  • People who insult: She doesn't like people who insult others because she thinks they're rude.

  • Dark guilds: Megumi doesn't really hate them, but she knows they're evil forces.

Motivations: The creatures of Avalon are her reason to live. They mean a lot to her and she'd never leave them since they told her that they have no access to happiness or Earthland without her.

  • Losing her creatures: Megumi fears this above all else. She would die if even one of these creatures are lost.

  • Death: She only fears death because when it happen, she'd have to leave her creatures.

  • Failure: Megumi doesn't want to be a failure in any way. Even if she was, she isn't afraid to receive punishment.

General Appearance

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair: Blonde. Falls to waist in beautiful waves.
Eyes: Golden
Skin Tone: White
Appearance: Megumi is a very beautiful young lady. Her hair is a very light brown, making it seem almost blonde, and her eyes are golden. Her extremely tender skin never darkens and she never gains weight. Since she takes care of herself and goes to the beauty salon every once a week, she always look dazzling. Megumi's slender body and amazing features are totally eye candy for perverted men. She also has a good taste of fashion and wears pretty clothes all the time. You would never have thought she's a persistent mage - who can summon creatures from Avalon - by just one look. Due to the fact that she was taught well since young, Megumi always looks decent and presentable. Her voice is also very sweet and nice to listen to. She is like a living harp. When she sings, people who are listening feels serene and blissful. It always happens. Now to talk about what she wears. Megumi usually wears the outfit in the spoiler above, which is actually a black dress sporting bows and other cute decorations. This outfit also includes a matching adorable hairband that Megumi wears on her neatly designed hair. Speaking of hair, Megumi normally lets it down, falling in beautiful wavy curls. Girls go crazy when they see or feel Megumi's hair because it is either soft as or softer than silk. Megumi either wears the outfit in the spoiler above or something similar to it. Sometimes, she wears normal clothes and such would be jeans, a T-shirt, etc.


Guild: Fairy Tail
Tattoo: Tongue in black.
Rank: D


Friends: -
Enemies -

Megumi was born into a family that was crazy rich. Saito was her father's name, and Akira was her mother's name. They owned loads of companies all over Fiore, but their mansion resides in Hosenka Town and they live there. They very rarely travel to other towns and check on their other companies. They have trusted managers and directors that look after those other companies in the different towns apart Hosenka Town. But Megumi believes that her parents hated her because they never allowed her to do anything she wanted. Unlike other children, Megumi had to stay in her mansion twenty-four hours, seven days. Homeschooling was the way she came to be educated. It prevented her from interacting with other children of her age and she could not play with friends. Mainly because she didn't have them. Their mansion was ginormous and everything was so grand. But, Megumi hated her 'home' and had always wanted to run away. Everyday was equally horrible and monotonous as the other. Every moment was painful, knowing that she lived in a world of luxury where no one cared for her and no one loved her.

At the age of ten, Megumi had learnt all the manners of an upper-class lady. These were values not everyone has the opportunity to learn. However, Megumi wasn't proud or happy about that. She wished she could just escape from the prison she had to call 'home'. One night, she suddenly had a strange but fascinating dream. In that dream, she met all sorts of creatures and the place she was in was called Avalon. First, she was scared and nervous and wanted to end the dream. But later, she came to know that she was invited by the creatures and her mind accepted it on her behalf. In the later days, Megumi played with those creatures every night in her dreams. They were awesome and each of them had their own magic and abilities. They became Megumi's family. She came to be friends with more and more creatures until she couldn't count how many. They were truly amazing.

As she grew up, the creatures of Avalon taught her how to summon them to the real world - a.k.a Earthland. Megumi did this several times in her room and started practicing their magic and abilities. She could summon more than ten creatures by five months. She secretly trained herself in her huge room to become a mage and not some upper-class idiot who only knows manners and nothing about the outside world. Megumi also came to learn that the one and only way to find happiness was to run away. One night during her seventeenth year, Megumi packed all her clothes, cosmetics and all her other valuable possessions. That included Mayu, her stuffed little teddy. Successfully, Megumi got out of the mansion - as the guards were asleep, serving as an advantage for Megumi - and roamed the town of Hosenka - the town their mansion was located in. She survived through mercenary missions and ate cheap food. She didn't live in one part of the town for long and lived in inns. But surprisingly one day, she saw a picture of herself titled, "Wanted!" stuck on a lamp post. It wasn't just on the lamp post. It was everywhere. The papers were on trees, walls, boards and even on windows of several buses. Megumi knew that if she stayed in Hoseka Town for long, she'd be found by her horrible parents, so she traveled from Hosenka to Magnolia - the furthest town she could travel to - joined Fairy Tail and lived there. The guild master coaxed her that he would protect her under the roof of the guild and promised her that her parents will never again find her and make her feel horrible. He told her that she could train with her creatures in the Fairy Tail guild training grounds so she can grow stronger to have the ability to protect herself. She has now a real home and real family - including creatures from Avalon - that makes her feel warm and protected.
Face Claim: Mayu from Vocaloid

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Re: Megumi Frost [DONE]

Post by Megumi Frost on Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:32 am


Ready for review.
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Re: Megumi Frost [DONE]

Post by Riza_Wilder on Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:56 am


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Re: Megumi Frost [DONE]

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