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Rank Rules

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Rank Rules

Post by Shin Katari on Tue Aug 14, 2012 12:14 am

Rank Rules

Ranking Exam:

To make it to B Rank or higher, you must take an official exam to be judged by our moderators.
B-Rank Exam is 3 rounds, A-Rank Exam is 6 rounds. S-Rank is 10 rounds.

Each round will be a different challenge, and the mods must approve of you passing based on creativity, writing skill, and usage of spells.
In order to pass onto:
B-Rank, you will need to pass 2/3 rounds.
A-Rank is 5/6
S-Rank is 10/10

Only one B-Rank or higher will be given each month per guild; so if more than one mage is eligible, you will compete for the spot.

Each exam will be taking place on the 24th of every month, and in order to take the exam you MUST have been a C-Rank for up for at least 2 weeks. (You may only rank up after those two weeks have passed.)

*Note: To make it to C-Rank, the previous rules are still in place. You only have to have 7 spells made & learned, as well as 5 Requests completed[SPELLS CANNOT BE TRAINED! MUST BE CREATED!~]

Spells per Rank

D-rank: 12 [including starter spells]
C-rank: 18 [+50 Mp]
B-rank: 24 [+50 Mp]
A-rank: 30 [+50 Mp]
S-rank: 36 [+50 Mp]
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