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 Malacanth Jingo(finish)

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PostSubject: Malacanth Jingo(finish)   Sun Dec 09, 2012 11:35 pm

Character Template


Character Theme: (Optional)
Battle Theme: (Optional)
Quote: " I go where the wind takes me."

Name: Malacanth
Alias: Dragon of the Sky, Healer of the Sky(this nickname is used by people he has healed)
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birthdate: 23/04
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Special Characteristics: n/a

Personality: Malacanth is a very scatter-brained person. He forgets most things and will probably forget most people's names. He likes not to be tied down and wandering is his favorite part of being guildless. He compares himself to a wandering cloud being sent any way that the wind goes. Malacanth is very forgetful and will probably forget anything that he doesn't hear repeatedly, that includes names and people. He does take a few things seriously like injuries and battles. He hates to see injured people and will always try to help heal them. He actively seeks out the sick of the town and will do everything in his power to help. He also doesn't like battle and will always try the peaceful solution first. When he has do fight somebody he tries to keep damage to a minimum on his part. He would probably run away if he could so the area wouldn't be destroyed to much. He also knows his magic is supportive and with his few offensive spells he would be destroyed if he tried to go head to head.

Cats: He likes cats a lot since he was little and having a cat which can talk is even better. From a young age he has helped stray cats by feeding them and it continues to this day.

Mountains: He loves being high up. The fresh air and being so close to the sky he loves to fly with his exceed makes him truly happy.

Wilderness: He likes to be in nature where everything is tranquil and quiet. He just likes getting away from the busyness of cities.

People: Even though he was raised with a dragon he has learned to love talking to people. Him healing people has only strengthened his love of talking.

Criminals: He hates people who think that if that they are more important then the people hurt by them. While he knows its not as one sided as personal gain sometimes he also sees that as just an excuse to do a wrong.

Fish: He hates eating fish, they are so bland and tasteless. He can't stomach them at all.

Pollution: He hates pollution since it destroys the sky that he holds so dearly as a child of Skytra.

Rainy days: He hates rainy days as they cover the sky and make everything seem so depressing.

Motivations: His biggest motivation in life is to heal anyone he possibly can. He wants to be able to save anyone and takes it as a major blow if he can't. He also wants to see Skytra, the dragon who raised him since he was five. Malacanth sees this as more of a secondary goal as Skytra can never die so he has all the time in the world to find her. Of course that is just his speculation that. He does know she can die but he thinks not in his life time.

Underground: He likes to have the sky over his head so being underground scares him and makes him claustrophobic.

Death: He sees death as a failure to save somebody and he can't take that. If he can't save a person in need then why was he given his magic.

Fire: He has had a fear of fire ever since the forest fire that Skytra found him in. He has never been able to even get near a fire and when facing any mage with a use of fire he will keep his distance from fear. Friends who use fire he will just be cautious with.

General Appearance

Height: 5'11 ft
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: He has purple hair that naturally has spikes going down on the side and straighter hair in the front and back.
Eyes: blue
Skin Tone: light skin
Appearance: He wears a jacket, The front and back are white while the sides are yellow. He wears no shirt under this. He wears regular jeans that are light blue. He wears a pendant around his neck that came from Skytra. He usually wears this under the jacket but once in a while, on special occasions, he will wear it on the outside. His shoes are the colors of his jacket. He has blue hair that just barely reaches his neck in the back and come to spikes on the sides. He usually is looking into the sky with a complacent expression even while talking. He will once in a while look down to remind him he is still talking with someone.


Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: it would be on his left hand's palm, white with silver outline
Rank: D(S if ranks are being kept from the last site)


Friends: none
Enemies none

History: Malacanth doesn't know anything about his past before he met Skytra. His first memory is of their meeting which was less than a perfect memory. Skytra had to save him from a forest fire. He was around two at the time and so only has a memory of it because of how traumatic and important the event was. Skytra would then raise him for seven years, teaching him the basics of being a sky dragon slayer. He would spend this time happily and glad to be in a family. He considered Skytra his mom and would even call her that sometimes. Skytra didn't seem to mind so he didn't think she cared if he did. At the age of nine Skytra disappeared like any other dragon slayer's parent. He was destroyed by her leaving. He wasn't ready to be left alone after all those years of relying on her. He somehow survived the first couple of weeks and found the first signs of civilization in a caravan. The merchants allowed him to stay with them until they reached the next town. He would always tell them about Skytra and the merchants of course, just thought this was fanciful tales of a kid who has been lost for so long. They arrived at Oak Town and parted ways there. He would wander the streets for weeks and eventually found himself in the poor area of the town. He found that many people could not afford medical care and with his magic he tried to heal as many as possible. Of course as a nine year old he didn't really have the magic to do a lot of this and was found a lot of the times passed out in the streets. He was well liked within the area because of this and this is where he gained his nickname Healer of the Sky. He eventually left Oak Town to help other people. Malacanth would wander Fiore and while in town would heal as many sick as he could before he fainted. He eventually stopped this trend, knowing now he can't heal every single sickness so he would only heal a few. He was know somewhat well known within Oak and less well known in other towns. Of course well known only meant inside the poorer areas since he didn't bother outside of them. He still had no home or job and with only healing the poor he didn't make to much anyway. He would wander until he was twelve and found a mountain in Warth Woodland. He decided to stay there since he loved the closeness to the sky and this is where he found his exceed Roph. Roph was an egg on the mountain and Malacanth took care of him until the egg cracked. Roph became Malacanth's best friend and they lived on the mountain for two years and when they returned to civilization he found no one remembered him. Of course he barely remembered anyone he treated anyway and Roph didn't want him to do so much again anyway. Roph had heard how he would faint so much and so made him promise to just wander and not heal so much. They now wander the country and looking for a guild that Roph wants to join. He wanted a home instead of the wandering so Malacanth lets him.
Face Claim:Riku, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Rank: D
Gender: male
Height and Weight: Roph is just under a foot and weighs about 20 pounds.
Description: Roph is a black exceed with a silver belly. He wears nothing like most exceeds and has a protective attitude since Malacanth is a pacifist. He has a tiny knife with him that he says is for battle but hasn't used it at all. In a real battle he wouldn't be able to defend himself.
Aera: He has the ability to fly like any other exceed

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Shin Katari

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PostSubject: Re: Malacanth Jingo(finish)   Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:50 am

-Expand on personality a bit; add how he is during battle

-Throw in another like and dislike since you are going for Dragon Slayer Magic

-For Hair, you have not listed anything

-You can also fill out the Exceed template here. Just copy the code and post it under face claim.

Bump when edited

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PostSubject: Re: Malacanth Jingo(finish)   Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:21 pm

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Shin Katari

Posts : 105
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PostSubject: Re: Malacanth Jingo(finish)   Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:15 am

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PostSubject: Re: Malacanth Jingo(finish)   

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Malacanth Jingo(finish)
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