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Riza Wilder (Finished, I guess~)

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Riza Wilder (Finished, I guess~)

Post by Riza_Wilder on Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:41 am

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Name: Riza Wilder (She doesn't give her last name out to the general public - most people think all of the Wilder family to have perished in a massacre.)
Alias: Wind Whisperer
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Birthdate: 17th of October
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: She always smells like roses~
Personality: Riza isn’t one to soften any blow – whether emotional or physical. If you get in her way, prepare to be trampled. She stops for no one. Or, at least, she’d like to think so. While she acts tough and uncaring (even apathetic at times), she really does care for others – sometimes, at least. It depends upon the person.
Her mini-obsession with being cleanly often has her scrubbing her hands. She's not too quick to anger, but if something persists, it definitely will step on her toes (potentially soiling her newly-washed shoes!). Once that happens, steer clear, for this mage isn't in complete control of her powers yet.

She doesn't like drastic change - because her past life was uprooted in the blink of an eye, such changes nowadays bring intense frustrations (that she likes to take out on the closest object/person she can find.) She normally doesn't anger often, but she does get irritated more easily (especially when people repeat themselves if she doesn't answer a question the first two times). Little things will set her off, but that doesn't happen toooooo often~

(Listed in history as well - speaking about Erebos)
Riza doesn't completely agree with their motives (she's actually against gaining power for selfish deeds - but she figures that by being in a dark guild, she can be closer to her enemies and kill them after gaining their trust. Immoral as it is, it'll allow her to weed out those seeking immortality. She doesn't want to kill/harm needlessly, so unless someone gets in her way or is about to do something she completely disagrees with, she won't bother with them. Besides, the dark guilds aren't as strict as the light ones.


~ Storms – Storms bring about fierce winds that can rip through forests and cause trees to fall. She likes the adrenaline rush from running through them, as flashes of lightening and booming thunder make her heart race. Her potential death always ignites a fire inside her, which brings us to her next “like”. . .

~ Near-Death Experiences – While truly terrifying at times, these moments make Riza’s life more enjoyable. To say that she got through a scrape and be able to brag about it, coupled with the fact that the pure rush of the event hightens her momentary bliss, are a part of what keeps her dangerous streak up.

~ Nice things~ The best objects money can buy. She's not materialistic, but she only sleeps in sup-par conditions if necessary. At the guild, she pleasures herself with incense filling her room and egyptian cotton sheets. (Comes from her previously wealthy lifestyle)


~ Ignorance. For this reason, if she deems someone unworthy of her time, she won't bother with them. If what comes out of one's mouth is sheer stupidity, Riza may knock them out without a second thought.

~ Dying from something silly, like a disease. Riza would rather crawl to a cliff and throw herself off than be taken away by some virus keeping her bed-ridden. Dying by any means that is not all-out exciting will have her rolling in her grave~

~ Being dirty. She has a huge complex about having dirt upon her skin or anything of the like - dried blood, ragged clothes, etc. She must take a shower (one way or another) at least once a day, otherwise she'll be disgusted.

Motivations: Riza wishes to rid the world of those who yearn for immortality. Along the way, she wishes to find the ultimate adrenaline rush. If she dies along the way, at least she'll have had a fun ride.


~ Falling in love ~ To fall in love could cause detriment to Riza's pending future.. She doesn't want this to influence her goals or cause her to lose sight of what she already loves - adrenaline rushes. Riza also doesn't like drastic change, and from what she's heard about that thing called love, it causes people to do some crazy things.

~ Being cursed ~ not being in control of her future/death (by a curse or jinx/hex/whatever) puts her on edge. She doesn't like the thought of having a predetermined fate, as it reminds her of her past life with her old family.

~ Being poor~ Being poor usually means having dingy, ragged clothing, having too few showers, and being covered in filth. Riza, before letting this happen, would readily sneak into anyone's home for clothing/cleaning/etc.

~ Mud baths ~ She hates being dirty in general, so this would be a terrifying experience.

General Appearance

Height: 5' 5''
Weight: 118 lbs
Hair: Purple in a tiny-ish spiked updo thing~
Eyes: Light brown~
Skin Tone: Light
Appearance: Riza is almost always wearing the above outfit~ When she isn't, though, she might look like this: Click! She doesn't generally put effort into "dressing up", but she does get aggravated when her outfit/appearance is momentarily on the fritz. She loves the feel of wind in her hair and across her skin, however, so if that happens to come along and ruin her hair, she doesn't mind. When another person is involved, though, she can be pretty anal about it.

She is of average build and height, but she is known to be one of the prettier ladies in Fiore. Her eyes have often been described as smoldering, but whether or not it's a friendly gaze is determined by her attitude. She is generally expressionless when she notices people watching her (she lies to try and keep a poker face), but if she catches you looking at her larger-sized breasts, be prepared to blast off like Team Rocket's infamous Jesse, James, and Meowth.


Guild: Erebos
Tattoo: Below her left breast - a bit off to the left side - on her ribs~ Lavender
Rank: D



Dismal beginnings~
Riza was born into a wealthy, well-known family that had been around for centuries. The majority of them were decent people - they cared about life and appreciated every living being, whether it be as simple as a worm or as complex as a human. Unfortunately, this family had an ancient tradition of searching for immortality - a way to bring everlasting life to their descendants and those worthy enough of such an honor. As the decades wore on, they found themselves no closer to their answer than when the journey first started.

So eventually the deeds of those influenced turned a shade darker, and at some point their dark actions hit its peak. On the surface, the family was a popular, highly esteemed group of people that held themselves to a higher standard than the rest of the world. Underneath the thin exterior lay a corrupt branch of people bent on gaining eternal life. Their once-treasured philosophy of treasuring life was lost, a new one having taken its place. Instead of protecting life and wishing to preserve it, Riza's family now strove for immortality in order to gain more power and riches, no matter the cost. Their wealth had been accumulated over time, but in the most recent decades, it had been dwindled on research and desperate attempts to find things such as the Fountain of Youth. Now the money was almost fully depleted, and the only thing keeping the family afloat was a facade of good fortune and a higher social rank.

When a member of the family turned 18, the true nature of the family was reveled to him/her, and they were given notice as to which of the "good blooded" people he/she was to marry.

Riza, upon turning 18, instead of adhering to the "new" lifestyle of crushing those in one's way to greatness, was abhorred to find that what she thought she had known was nothing but a lie. Her previous ideals of creating happiness for all living things and being benevolent by nature were quickly cast away as she was molded into the "perfect" family member. This progressed for two years before Riza allowed her opinions to break through. She lashed out upon her elders, refusing to take part in their crazy actions.

Upon being brutally upbraided, Riza's family disowned her and threw her to the streets. Riza found refuge at a local farm where the company there allowed her to live if she worked in the fields. This is where Riza stayed for four months, and while she was there, she began to love the winds that graced the workers. After an arduous day of working in the relentless sun, the wind appeared to allay as much of their weariness as possible.

As the sun beat down upon Riza, despite the wind's soothing nature, her blood boiled. She couldn't believe that her family was hiding under false pretenses and a good name. The fact ate at her core until she began plotting - it was a subconscious thing, really. Before she knew it, she waltzed waltzed into the manor (security couldn't hold her back - she had fighting fans with her. She killed all those who approached.) and began her graceful slaughter of everyone in the building. Anyone who bore that cursed name - infant and elder alike - fell victim to her wrath.

She had come in the night when the world was asleep, but she made sure that she could see the fear in each person's eyes before they died. Their fear - the fear of death - slithered throughout the house and infected every being inside. Riza had the pleasure of forcing them to face that fear.

As she took her leave, she began to feel calmer. A wind had brewed as she was inside, and it seemed to resonate within her. Putting her fighting fans away, she couldn't help but notice the wind trailing in her wake.

Making herself at home~ (I'm lazy, so I'll be insanely brief here~)

Riza spent the next few months wandering Fiore and eventually came upon a castle-looking estate. Intrigued, she used her not-so-new-anymore wind magic and floated over towards the building. It was old and covered in ivy, but she loved the feel of it. After she scaled the side of the castle, she found her way in through an unguarded and unbarred window.

Needless to say, after a little mishap involving a very agitated GuildMaster, they accepted Riza into their abode.

Riza doesn't completely agree with their motives (she's actually against gaining power for selfish deeds - but she figures that by being in a dark guild, she can be closer to her enemies and kill them after gaining their trust. Immoral as it is, it'll allow her to weed out those seeking immortality. She doesn't want to kill/harm needlessly, so unless someone gets in her way or is about to do something she completely disagrees with, she won't bother with them. Besides, the dark guilds aren't as strict as the light ones.

Rp Sample:

Eve was having issues speaking from her frustration. I can't believe that damned Hufflepuff is fending off my attacks! Her rage was boiling, and she imagined that steam was poring out of her ears with a shrill cry of a hot kettle piercing the air. Of course, no such thing happened; Hogwarts was a school of witches and wizards, not a mental facility holding kettle-turned lunatics. Clenching her teeth, Eve watched the blonde non-bombshell work some magic. Sarah had decided to use water against her Gryffindor counterpart along with a little spell called Depulso: a spell that happened to bring back unwanted memories of smouldering bird guts.

Shivering, Eve licked her lips, watching the incoming aqua projectile approach. It seemed as though it moved in slow motion; either Eve's brain was moving 1000 miles a minute, or she was just going crazy. Either was certainly plausible; Eve wasn't one to boast about her sanity or brainpower, so for all the world knew, she could be part veela. It would bring me a step closer to Gilderoy's godly level, she thought, closing her eyes and taking in a deep breath. She could almost smell his seductive scent.

But almost wasn't quite good enough - no, not nearly good enough. Eve needed to be up close and personal with her dreamboat, and by golly, was she going to make that happen. But first, she mused begrudgingly, I must take care of... it.

Half of a second had gone by as Eve thought this. Her opponent's water missile was still taking its deadly march onwards, but Eve was momentarily unavailable. She was lost in her mind's musings, and it was going to take more than some pitiful water spell to take her from them.

Eve's mind eye switched its gaze from her future lover to the abomination standing before her - Sarah Carstairs. It's going to take hours of staring at Gilderoy to make up for this brat's hideous physique. She mentally clicked her tongue and walked in circles around the Hufflepuff, like a lion playing with its prey. Time to pounce.

A growl burst forth from the previously silent Eve Furey. It reverberated off of the Great Hall's four walls, ripping through Eve's chest like a revving automobile engine. With a quick flick of her wrist, Eve hoarsely whispered, "Protego Maxima." A light, transparent film spread in a circle from her wand, creating a bubble around her body. It shimmered from the sunlight sneaking in through unguarded windows, and Eve knew it would greatly compliment Gilderoy's skin tone. Nodding at this, she waved her wand in an oval formation, her lips forming the words "Fianto Duri."

Golden light slipped through the cracks of the wood underneath Eve's feet; it appeared in the expanse of her mini circle, and where the light touched Eve's shield began to glow. The shield still shimmered and was slightly transparent, and now it radiated its warm, golden light across the expanse of the room. Silence filled the Great Hall; it was as though all living creatures waited with bated breath, unable to take their eyes from the spectacle before them.

The blast of water hit Eve's shield, successfully breaking the silence as water hit the stage in a cascade of splashes. Eve's figure within the shield could barely be seen as the water gracefully flowed down the sides of her barrier, masking her body in what looked like the golden drink of the gods - ambrosia.
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Re: Riza Wilder (Finished, I guess~)

Post by Riza_Wilder on Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:22 pm

Bumping just for kicks~ Wink

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Re: Riza Wilder (Finished, I guess~)

Post by Shin Katari on Fri Dec 14, 2012 12:31 am

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Re: Riza Wilder (Finished, I guess~)

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