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Haruna Karmichalls

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Haruna Karmichalls

Post by Haruna on Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:28 pm

Character Template



Character Theme:
Battle Theme:
Quote: "I can't save everyone, why should I try to save ANYONE?!?"

Name: Haruna Karmichalls
Alias: Boreas - Ikaros - The Forsaken Son
Gender: Male
Age: 365
Birthdate: 21/12
Sexuality: Bisexual
Special Characteristics:
- Immortality: Although he gets injured like anyone else, his long-term exposure to highly powerful magical energies has rendered him the equivalent of an immortal. He can be killed the same as everyone else, but within half an hour of his time of death his heart restarted, kicking him back into life whether he wants to or not. The two ways to kill him is to either cut his head off or turn his body to ash.
-Healing Wind: Like dragon slayers, Haruna is able to regenerate huge amounts of strength and stamina by devouring his element, the sky. That is, he can swallow wind and air and his body will heal itself, at high ranks even encouraging his body to regenerate lost limbs and damaged spinal plates clicking back into place magically.

Haruna is a very hedonistic man, living for nothing more than the pleasure of living. That's not saying that he's not a nice guy, he is, he's just given up on trying to help the world. A long time ago, he was shown the way the world works by a demon that he was trying to fight to protect a small island on the south coast of Fiore, and discovered that everyone dies. He already knew it of course, but until then he'd not realized just how sad it was, that nothing he would ever do would matter because it would be forgotten by the time of the next generation, and he would still be there, faking a smile and a laugh. As such, he's stopped hurting himself for the good of the people and secluded himself away from the public's eye in a guild that doesn't mind if he doesn't actually try to help anyone. He's considered, by those who have lived long enough to see his entire life, to be someone who's given up on his true path.

His hedonistic personality has many different ways of showing itself. He can flirt with people, whether they're boys or girls he really doesn't care, get drunk, or just go around the world to see the wonderful sights that there still are there. However, he's stopped traveling so much in the last few years, and when asked why he said simply "I can't see it anymore... when you make the world your backyard, what do you have? A backyard.". Although very few people understand what he meant by it, it's clear that he's not changing his mind anytime soon.

However, there are two important caveat's to his long for a quiet, enjoyable life. Firstly, although it's only ever happened twice since he's fallen into desertion, when he feels strongly enough that someone deserves his aid he will stand by their side, helping them through all the thick and thin... unfortunately, they always end up dying and he's left alone again, more depressed and isolated than before. The other caveat is that when he's asked to do something, he doesn't just get annoyed, he kicks off. Shattering tables, people and anything that gets in his way, when he snaps it's best to get out of his way or the wrath of a god will come down upon you.

Flirting: Whether it's with a guy or a girl, Haruna loves to flirt and will often make bets where he gets to do what he wants to the loser. Of course, he sometimes looses but what's life without a little risk, eh?

Drinking: After years of trying to repress his hatred of the universe, Haruna has become a lover of alcohol. Whilst not being an alcoholic, it allows him to forget the misery he's lived through and feel better for a few hours, so he loves the stuff.

Relaxing: Like his motto says, he hates doing anything actually constructive because he's learned how useless it is in the long run, and as such much prefers to be able to sit back and not do anything, other than have some fun.

Getting made to work: When everything is useless and pointless, would you want to do it? Most likely not, and that's how Haruna feels about doing anything and so he truly resents anyone trying to make him work.

Pious people: People are always trying to make the world a better place, and he just doesn't care one way or another. If they want to waste their lives that way, they can go right on ahead. However, it's when people judge him for not doing it himself that he gets annoyed. After all, who are they to tell him what he should and should not be doing?

Death: Frankly, it hurts like a bitch and it happens much too often for his liking. He's kept to keeping a small little tally in a book that he carries in his back pocket about how many times he's died. He's up to two hundred and fifty seven.

To live peacefully: Tired of trying and failing to make a difference in the world, all Haruna wants is to be able to live peacefully, and will take out whoever he deems necessary to allow that to happen.

To have fun: With no work left to do in the world, he wants something to fill his time. He loves to have fun, just for fun's sake, after all, after over three hundred and fifty years he believes he's earned a little bit of fun.

To avoid trouble: As with his want for a peaceful life, Haruna wants to avoid trouble. That's not saying he won't fight back if someone tries to attack him, but he won't go out of his way to fight someone... unless they seriously ask for it.

Himself: As strange as this will sound, he's terrified of himself. Even after so many years, he still has that part of his mind that will latch onto the worthy and protect them with all his might. This always ends up with him getting hurt and being left alone, and so he's scared of that part of himself that makes him do that over and over again.

Knives: The 'event' that happened seventy five years ago has scared him to the very depth of his soul, and now every time he sees someone with a knife (not one for eating, one for cutting), it doesn't matter if they're on his side or an enemy, he will start to get a panic attack, just from the sight of the blade.

His life: A man who lives three hundred and fifty years is going to end up doing things that he's ashamed of, and to be subject to some of the worst things in history. He can't think back on the horror of his life without visibly shaking, clearly getting distressed by all the death and pain he's had to witness.

General Appearance

Height: 5'10''
Weight: 63 Kilograms
Hair: Dark green, longer at the front than it is at the back
Eyes: Bright red
Skin Tone: light
Appearance: Haruna tends to wear a vast majority of different clothes, depending on what the situation is. However, his usual clothes are a blue suit jacket and white shirt combo, with a pair of smart navy blue trousers. He always tries to look his best for the situation, and will go out of his way to get the best clothes that compliment him. He also occasionally wears a dark grey fedora partnered with a long pure black scarf but it all depends on how he feels during that day. During summer he only wears a white vest and grey trousers, causing people to get a very different impression of his fashion sense depending on the seasons.

As for body shape, he's average height and build, with the kind of body that makes it obvious that he was once highly muscled and has since become out of shape. Not that he's fat or anything, it's just obvious that his body isn't as toned as it used to be, due to the years of inactivity that have taken it's toll on his body. There are also scars all over his body from separate things. Bullet wounds from being executed by firing squad, scars on his stomach from being cut apart, a small imperfection on his back from falling from a five story building and hitting a bench. It's only due to magic that his body hasn't fallen apart by now.


Guild: Erebos
Tattoo: on his solar plexus, specifically at the top right of his solar plexus dyed in silver.
Rank: D


Friends: -
Enemies -

the life of Haruna:
Haruna was born over three hundred years ago to a family in a small town on the edge of a cliff in Western Fiore. The villagers were peasants, all working hard to makes sure that their protector, the great god Ares, was always happy. He was a nice man, but he had the most wicked temper ever known. If he was ever annoyed, storms would form over the village, although he never actually had to do anything to them because the mere thought of what he could do with that storm caused the town to do whatever it was that their protector requested. Eventually, the day came that he wanted another assistant to help him bring his justice to the world, and it was chosen that Haruna, the grandson of one of the elders of the village, would go and work with the god. He agreed willingly, knowing that if he did this then he'd be able to make the world a better place. He had never really gotten on with his father so it wasn't like he was going to miss home. He packed a few clothes and met with the god on a small cliff-face near the village. The god took him with him back to his private cloud, and the first thing that Haruna was taught was the sky-walking spell, allowing him to move to and from the cloud city freely.

For almost ten years, until Haruna was nineteen, they trained together on the cloud city every single day, until the day for his final test came. He had to fight his master... to the death. Unlike dragon slayers, he didn't see Ares as his father, but they were still close. As such, he was distracted at the end of the fight when it came to striking down his master, and ended up getting blown off of the cloud, and was too low on magic to start flying. He plunged down, and down, and down, to his death. Or rather, his first death. Thankfully he fell into a river and so his body wasn't destroyed by the fall, but by all regards a fall of that magnitude should still have killed him. However, twenty minutes later he woke up, in a cold sweat, or maybe that was just water from the river that was still on his skin. Either way, he woke up after something that should have killed him. He remembered falling, he remembered how far he'd fallen, so how could he possibly have failed to die from a fall like that?
Life in death:
Ares gave him the answer, he had been exposed to an unbelievable amount of magical energy almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the last ten years. Constant exposure like that always leaves a mark, whether it's unbelievable strength, impossible speed, or as Haruna was, immortality. Of course, even his power had it's limits, leaving him able to be killed if there was nothing left of his body to regenerate. With this new knowledge, and the fact that he failed his final exam, he was made to travel around the world, fighting as many evils as he was decreed to fight until the day he was finally strong enough to kill his master. So, that was what he did. For almost two full centuries, he fought on his own against monsters, demons, and all sorts of unpleasant monsters, his name "Boreas" becoming known to those who didn't understand his story as one of the gods themselves. Finally, he was challenged to go up against one of the strongest fallen gods, the god of chaos "Eris".

Tracking her down alone took five long years, but finally he found her. In the deepest depths of the oldest woods he found her, but before he could try and fight her it was already too late. She touched him, and in that one second of utter chaotic clarity, he understood the way the world worked. Everyone had their time, and everyone died. Disrupting that order was pointless as all it would do was to prevent the inevitable. He had been hurt, beaten, repeatedly killed, defiled by the cruelest things possible, and all this time he had thought that that was fine as long as he could protect everyone else. With this knowledge, he finally stopped. He couldn't take it anymore, there was nothing left in life.
I'm coming home:
Leaving without another word, Haruna went back to the village that had once been there, only to see the village destroyed, and the people having died a long time ago. It was only then he realized, everyone he had ever loved, everything he wanted to obtain, they were gone and he was stuck, forever in the same form, eternally the same age that he died for the first time. He didn't want to have anything to do with the universe anymore. He disappeared, leaving everything from his days as a messenger of his master behind. He didn't end it by killing him as he should have done, he just left never to return to his side.

For many years, he just traveled around the world, looking for excitement and fun, not for anyone else's sake but his own. Unfortunately, he eventually came to a small village in the middle of Desierto's savannah that was highly superstitious and tribal. When he was bitten by the most poisonous of creatures and died, they were present to see him waking up from his death, the poison gone from his body. They then tried to kill him with spears, and when he died and came back from that, they knew what he was able to do. A thought amongst the tribe was that they had to devour their enemy to gain their strength, and so they carved pieces off of Haruna, cannibalizing him. His intense healing abilities worked against him, keeping him alive every time they carved pieces out of him, until he eventually broke free and destroyed the village, killing each and every last one of the fuckers who had dared to defile his body like that.

After killing them, he lay low for a long time, knowing that a life sentence for murder would be a VERY long time for him. It passed into myth as time went by, the story of those who tried to best a god. Eventually, after almost seventy years of not using magic, it atrophied, leaving him as magically powered as a fledgling mage. Then, a guild started up known as Erebos and Haruna decided to join. After all, he could blend in perfectly, and dark mages tended to have a lot more fun. He didn't care about protecting the world or his friends as he once had, the flowing centuries and cannibals had peeled that away from him, and now he only wanted to have fun, to be free and easy.... forever.

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Re: Haruna Karmichalls

Post by Haruna on Fri Dec 14, 2012 12:47 pm

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