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Gage | Lightning Dragon Slayer [WIP]

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Gage | Lightning Dragon Slayer [WIP]

Post by Jin on Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:35 am



Character Theme: Gage, Son of Veceul the Lightning Dragon
Battle Theme: The Power of a Dragons Spirit

Name: Gage
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthdate: 07.06
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Special Characteristics:

    Dragon Senses - Gage was fostered by a dragon. Therefore he has developed dragon like senses. The ability to pick up on the scent of food or anything with a scent miles away. His sight is precise and accurate, with the ability to see people clearly from 50-60 meters away.

    Dragon Physicality - Excessive use of dragon slayer magic has begun to give Gage dragon like features, such as his partly slit eyes and large canines. The use of dragon slayer magic has this effect on the mage, eventually resulting in them becoming a full fledged dragon (not attainable).

    Veceul's Gift - A large scar can be seen going across Gage's nose. This scar was left by his dragon, Veceul. How he obtained the scar will be described in the history.


    Gage can be described as a 'loose but calm bullet', bringing havoc and destruction everywhere he goes. He is laid-back, calm and mysterious, but that scruffy exterior hides his wild, impulsive, anarchist and violent personality. However, despite his aggressive nature. Gage possess a feral cunning and has a knack for quickly exploiting any opening his opponent reveals. In addition, he is at most times blunt, sarcastic and cheeky. His view on the world is black and white. Everything happens for a reason is what he thinks.

    Gage displays little respect for authority and says whatever is on his mind, regardless of whether or not it is appropriate. This attitude leads to conflicts with many high ranking mages and the Magic Council. Gage views his deceased brother as the ideal male and when other peoples ideals clash with his own they often spark up arguments or trigger his violent side.

    His personality never gets boring because of such combinations make him almost unreadable. One minute he could kill without emotions and next thing you know he's smiling and jumping up and down like a monkey making a big scene out of nothing. Why the sudden change? No one will know. Gage is in all sense a mystery. He also has a tendency to really mess with peoples heads and dig his nails inside of them, this often being the case with his brutal taunts. Surprisingly he actually feels enjoyment when doing so.

    Fighting against Gage is either a life and death situation or not a fight at all. Battles are when Gage has the opportunity to 'flick the switch' and turn off his laid-back, calm, mysterious and attractive side. To fully immerse himself in his wild, impulsive, anarchist and violent nature. As much as he enjoys taunting people he enjoys crushing skulls more.

    However, he does have some form of a code of honor, as he is unwilling to fight an injured opponent. He also dislikes owning someone big or small, so he always seeks the chance to repay someone as soon as possible.


    ELECTRICITY - It is only natural for the dragon of lightning to adore electricity. Perhaps adore is the wrong word in Gage's situation. The proper word would be 'crave'. He not only adores electricity but he craves for it. The more of he gets the more power he feels, though power isn't everything. He enjoys the taste and texture as much as the boost of power it gives.

    MIND GAMES & REACTIONS - Taunting, playing mind games and being both the instigator and spectator to peoples reactions are just too enjoyable. Especially taunting, he loves taunting people to see how far he can push them before they break.

    BOOKS - Believe it or not but Gage is an avid reader, so much that he purchased custom made reading glasses which have magic imbued in them to enhance the text quality and reading speed. If Gage ever wished he could read 2 or 3 books in an entire day, given that he's read them in the past.

    VECEUL - Despite Gage's bitter anger for his dragon Veceul he still loves him and see's him as a fartherly figure. If ever there was a chance for them to meet again Gage would tell Veceul how thankful he was for the opportunity he gave both him and his brother as children.


    MISTREATMENT OF BOOKS - Yes, Gage loves books so much that he hates to see them mistreated. Whether it be the slightest crease in a book to tiniest smudge of marker on a page. Mistreatment of books are punishable by severe skull crushing, is what Gage thinks.

    LIARS - Trusting liars is one of Gage's largest dislikes. He was lied to by one of his former friends which resulted in the death of his beloved elder brother. Gage holds no respect for liars and will never trust someone fully if found lying.

    ABUSE - Gage was subject to a mildly abusive childhood. The reason because Veceul was a dragon which disliked failure. Whenever Gage or his brother failed at successfully using a spell they would be subject to Veceul's powerful lightning. Despite the painful memories of those moments something good did come out of it. Whether or not that was Veceul's intended goal or not but Gage has build a strong immunity to lightning based attacks. He accepted the punishments because he knew that Veceul wouldn't intensify the lightning to the point someone would die but when Gage witnesses beatings or abuse that puts someones life at risk or in critical condition he'll jump straight in and put an end to it.


    LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST - If the events of the past taught him anything it would be exactly this. Not only for himself but for his brother who happily gave his life up for Gage's sake.

    THE SEARCH FOR VECEUL & POWER - He constantly searches for clues as to where his foster farther had disappeared to whilst on the side he searches for more magical strength as he promised Veceul that the next time they met he would be the strongest Dragon Slayer to of ever existed in Fiore.


    PEANUT BUTTER - The texture, flavor, smell and color of peanut butter scares Gage. He doesn't know why but he has always been fearful of peanut butter since he was a child. Unlike his brother he always refused to eat his peanut butter sand which. He'd rather ride a vehicle than eat peanut butter.

    VEHICLES - It is common to see a dragon slayer that becomes sick as they travel on vehicles or moving structures. Gage happens to be one of them. He'll avoid vehicles as much as possible and instead walk to his destination no matter how far it is.

General Appearance

Height: 6'2" feet
Weight: 82 kg's
Hair: Long | Purple/Violet
Eyes: Amber | Slit
Skin Tone: Slightly tanned

    Gage is a tall, young and athletic man. His skin is fair, soft and smooth. He has short, spiky and blonde hair, with his hair trailing to one side of his head. He has a scarred face which was received by Veceul at the age of 12. The scar sits on his noise and is roughly 2 inches in length.

    His body is toned and built for long distance running and swimming. His abdomen is rock hard and very touchable. He can commonly be found wearing a black tank shirt underneath a plain black jacket, black jeans held up with a blue belt, the whole set of clothing is finished lastly with black formal shoes.

Picture reference:


Guild: Lamia Scale
Tattoo: Left Pelvis | Black
Rank: D Rank


Name: Bolt
Rank: D Rank
Gender: Male
Height and Weight: 2'10 feet | 39 lbs
Description: Bolt is a very well spoken and loyal exceed. He is an exceed that rarely talks to anyone but Gage, often when in the midst of strangers or people even Gage trust he tugs on his leg and converses with him in whisper. Quite often people misunderstand him and see him as cowardice but in actuality he's just socially awkward. The bond between Bolt and Gage are the bonds siblings share. The both of them argue but eventually make up.

Bolt becomes really shy around women of any race. Although he wields great knowledge he still thinks the biggest mystery in life is the opposite sex, whether it be human or exceed.

Bolt's combat abilities are not strong, if in a fist fight he would be at a clear disadvantage but if it were a a battle of wits he would be the one at a advantage. In fights Bolt just relays useful information to Gage and acts as his second pair of eyes.

Don't let his appearance fool you, he may look like a real hard-ass but in actuality he is the sweetest, cutest and most gentle exceed there possibly could be.



  • Aera Magic - Allows for the ability of flight
  • Encyclopedic Knowledge - Possess a vast amount of information and knowledge on all things, they have innate encyclopedic knowledge of science, the universe, magic, psionics, mechanics/technology, literature, history, etc. All information and knowledge whether natural or supernatural can be fully understood with this ability. As the knowledge is innate no study or experience is necessary. User can acquire more knowledge by supernatural means (magic, psionics, etc.) to add to their already vast knowledge. The information Bolt pertains is text-book knowledge or knowledge or techniques and things that he has experienced or been there to witness.

Friends: N/A
Enemies N/A


Face Claim: Nine - Final Fantasy Type-0

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