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 Nabil | Fire God Slayer [Re-Vamped]

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PostSubject: Nabil | Fire God Slayer [Re-Vamped]   Fri Dec 14, 2012 2:48 am

Character Template


Character Theme: Loneliness
Battle Theme: Kousen
Quote: " Dark flames destroyed my past. But it also shaped my future. Now allow them to bring about your end. " -Nabil to his enemy

Name: Nabil (NAE-BEL) (Last Name Unknown)
Alias: Devil Child - Nab - God Killer - Flame Bringer
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birthdate: 17/06
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Special Characteristics
Hell's Pit ~ Nabil can survive any temperature, from the freezing arctic to the burning sun. His body thrives in situations where others would either freeze or burn alive. This is due to the immense heat he has to endure in the pit of his stomach.

Power is Survival ~ Nabil is a well spoke young lad. His voice carries a regal tone that leaves other to believe he could be of royalty; or it would if not for his arrogant attitude. As a mage, Nabil believes in nothing more than power. He feels that power is the key to thriving in this world and that if you don't have power than you don't belong on the battle field. This belief is most likely the main reason he joined Sabertooth, their beliefs coincides with his own and its because this that he feels like he belongs.

Power does not cover Age ~ While he is considered to be strong and a prodigy, the boy is still immature and naive. He finds himself acting arrogant towards others whether he deems them stronger than him or not. He refuses to be bossed around, only listening to the head master. His arrogance is a driving force for his recklessness and rash decisions. He sometimes has small outburst of tantrums that usually occurs after being pushed pass his irritation levels. But besides that Nabil is honestly the mature one in the guild.

Soft heated Flames ~ Nabil wears this uncaring veil over him when around others but inside he cares for the well being of his guildmates, even the more stronger ones to an extent. He find comfort in the thought of comradeship, though in Sabertooth that idea barely exists. In all actuality his kindness will probably come out wrong and misunderstood. It has before and probably will again.

Strangers who don't know Fire ~ Nabil tends to steer clear of strangers. He doesn't respond to them well and often has the most problems with those he has just met. Especially the ones that act all chummy chummy straight from the get go, things could and would quickly heat up if they irritate him to much.

When fire burns Black ~ When in a fight and it excels the normal levels of intensity, Nabil tends to become a little sadistic. He revels in the pain of his enemy and cackles loudly as he mercilessly attacks them. Even his own guild mates are not safe when he enters this psychopathic mindset. He starts to care less for his own well being and acts on the pure instinct of combat.

  • Fire ~ Its apart of who he is and in a way its what has made him into the mage he is today. His fire is loyal and would never betray him and is a constant source of comfort to him. He like fire so much that hates seeing it go to waste. So he eats it.

  • Sabertooth ~ Like any other member of a guild; Nabil enjoys watching his guild strive and reach the highest peaks of strength. He revels in their activities and doesn't see anything they do in the wrong. His loyalty will lead him astray one day, cause he thoroughly believes that Sabertooth can do no wrong.

  • Worthy Opponents ~ Nabil finds it hard to find an opponent that can test his magic and push it beyond its limits. So when he do find a opponent he's usually in a good mood and displays this by smirking or trash talking.

  • Amateratsu ~ Nabil more than likes Amateratsu, he utterly and without second thought in love with her. To him, Amateratsu is the mother that he should have been birth too. Speaking with him through her emotions the two have grown closer than many could ever have in the past four years. When around her, he lets his guard down and opens himself to her, showing emotions that have never been seen by his guildmates.

  • Dragon Slayers ~ For a long time Nabil had been hearing of Dragon Slayers and honestly he believes their titles to be exaggerated. Their powers are no match for a God Slayer, and the proof of that is in the names. As far as he's concern Dragon Slayers are myths, he's never seen a dragon before, but he knows their not stronger than Gods, so he's sure he could Slay them just as well.

  • Grim Reapers ~ Their dark cloaks and scythes reminds him to much of the man clad in darkness. He tends to shy away from people dressed this way or looking bony in any way. It creeps him out but in no way hinders him from crushing his opponents.

  • Water Mages ~ Nabil dreads going up against water mages. He knows that most of the time his flames will still be strong against it, but just hates being at a disadvantage. He will never back down from one, but that doesn't mean he has to like going up against them.

  • Being Ignored ~ Nabil despises being ignored. It can raised his irritated bar through the roof almost immediately. Most of his guildmates knows not to do this, but occasionally one of them will try it, knowing that it will make him livid. Most of the time he is ready to fight once he is ignored.

Motivations: Nabil's motivation spawns from his want to be the best and to make Sabertooth number 1. He also has a strong desire to show that God Slayers are better than Dragon Slayers. He wants to raise God Slayers to the top and drag the Dragon Slayers through the mud. More than anything else though, Nabil wants himself to be number one. He wants to stand at the summit and take his throne as Fire God over all that inhabits of Earthland.

Fears: Nabil fears being a disappointment, that his magic one day will not measure up. Its bound to happen eventually. His magic for so long as held so many wondrous advantages over others that the day his magic is beaten is sure to arrive. Other than that Nabil doesn't fear much. He thinks of everyone as beatable and will continuously pound them until they are defeated. Though he does have a fear of a man clad in black, sporting blades for arms, and wearing eyes of white. This fear reaches into the pit of his very gut and grasps his only heart.

General Appearance

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 114lbs
Hair: Nabil's hair is messy and long, the only way he can bring any order to its ridiculous length is by tying it up into a single braid. His luscious raven-black hair frames his cheeks with several strands curved towards his face. Barely any lay above his brows but a couple do attempt to lay between them. The beginning of his braid is tied with a thread of white that ends rather quickly into the braid. The braid itself reaches down to his mid-back and opens up loosely at the end.
Eyes: His eyes are a reckless ruby, being very bright in vibrancy. The usual tone they carry is arrogance.
Skin Tone: Light

Nabil has raven locks of long hair and furious beads of red for eyes. He is lean in figure, but muscular at the same time. His arms is etched with years of strict discipline; especially when tensed up. His skin is pale and his torso is flat with strong muscles that leaves little to no room for any kind of fat on him. Nabil has a large, reddened scar that is etched on the majority of his back. It is in the shape of a deep burn mark that spreads out to the boundaries of his shoulders.

Nabil is very touchy about the clothing he wears. He knows that Sabertooth is all about toughness but he can't very well operate in clothes that constricts his movements. On his torso is a long-sleeved dark blue hooded-cardigan. The hood and inner edges is trimmed with gray fur that stops abruptly down the middle and usually reveals his bare torso. The ends of the sleeves lays comfortably on his wrist and on both sides are tied with a white bands on the forearms. Held up by a navy-blue sash knotted at the right side is a long black-waistcoat that stretches slightly pass his knee caps. This is also trimmed with gray along the beginning edges and down the edge of the coat. Under his waistcoat are dark trousers that are tucked neatly in sleek black boots.


Guild: Sabertooth
Tattoo: Left Shoulder
Rank: D


Friends: N/A
Enemies N/A


From Ashes A Mage Is Born ~

Sabertooth, Only The Strong Permitted. ~


Face Claim: Magi The Labyrinth - Judal

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PostSubject: Re: Nabil | Fire God Slayer [Re-Vamped]   Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:15 am

Completion Bump

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Shin Katari

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PostSubject: Re: Nabil | Fire God Slayer [Re-Vamped]   Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:08 am

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PostSubject: Re: Nabil | Fire God Slayer [Re-Vamped]   Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:36 am

Approved~ [2/2]
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PostSubject: Re: Nabil | Fire God Slayer [Re-Vamped]   Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:44 am

Due to this being Re-vamped, I will offer the final approval before acceptance.

Approval [2/2]


Words break not a man's bones nor injure his body. They destroy him from his very soul.
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PostSubject: Re: Nabil | Fire God Slayer [Re-Vamped]   

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Nabil | Fire God Slayer [Re-Vamped]
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