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Summoning Arts: Megumi Frost

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Summoning Arts: Megumi Frost

Post by Megumi Frost on Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:43 am

Megumi's Summoning Arts

Primary Magic: Summoning Arts
Secondary Magic: -
Caster or Holder: Holder
Description: This type of magic allows Megumi to summon creatures from a realm called Avalon. These creatures have their own magic and abilities which they use to help Megumi fight or defend. She has to say the line, "(Name of creature), I summon thee." Then only, the creature she wishes to summon will appear. Each summon drains MP and so does the action to maintain the creature. This magic also allows her to enter Avalon and have fun there. One hour in Avalon is actually equavalent to one minute in Earthland.
Strengths: Megumi can summon from a range of different creatures with different magic and abilities from Avalon. She can summon more creatures at the same time and use lots of spells as she ranks up. Moreover, she can go into the realm of Avalon and find new creatures to summon.
Weaknesses: Megumi drains MP by summoning the creature and maintaining. She will also drain MP by using spells. And if she summons too many creatures/use too many spells, she will weaken faster and she might even faint.


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