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Drayven S. Crosswind

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Drayven S. Crosswind

Post by Ray-blaze on Sat Dec 15, 2012 10:55 am

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Name: Drayven 'Slayne' Crosswind

Alias: Slay, Slayer, The prodigy & Blitz

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Birthday: November, 10, X811

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Special Characteristics: Drayven is almost always caught wearing an eyepiece to conceal his right eye, and while he lacks an actual reason for doing so, he often treats the eye-patch as if it were necessary. Generally the eyepieces worn by him are between black and blue, but he is known to change up the colors often as he has a vast collection.

Erratic; like endless chains of lightning roaming aimlessly across the night sky, Drayven himself is ambiguity incarnated to perfection. A single word definition would only prove preposterous if used to classify Drayven S Crosswind, a man who acts upon impulse rather than in a rehearsed manner. To say the least Drayven's demeanor fluctuates quite often, this leaves him to react in ways that are unforeseen even by those whom have accompanied him throughout his entire life. However, these changes are never usually drastic or large enough to alter his base persona, but they act as a reminder rather. A constant warning that he has the potential to shift moods at any moment.

Drayven is immensely articulate and cultured, spending a large sum of his free time forming witty jokes, inspiring poems and catchy slogans. This incredible talent wasn't simply handed over to him however, in fact he'd have been rather poor at it if not for his parent whom imposed an overwhelming academic routine upon him early. Needless to say Drayven has a massive arsenal of words embedded into his vocabulary, words he's grown so accustom to administering on a whim that he himself forgets others may not understand him. Regardless of the situation Drayven is always yearning to express his art and have it receive critique, the negative responses just as important as the positive. Often enough his nose will be deep into the dictionary or some other book absorbing it's knowledge.

Elegance; one of the prominent qualities left to emanate from Drayven's being indefinitely. This isn't simply derived from his humble nature, heightened mannerism or his refined composure. Though it goes without saying, Drayven dresses himself very classy and conducts himself in the same manner. He holds the belief that everything should be carried out with purpose and that everyone should allow their true nature to flow throughout them with every action. While the idea of doing such is complicated in theory, Drayven manages to execute his words perfectly. His fighting is every bit as elegant as he, moves flowing in harmony, steps careful and balance and strikes carried out with meaning. Many speculate that he never waste a single move be in success or failure.

Though most of Drayven's tendencies are accounted for in his surface personality, there will always lie deeper qualities he uses on occasion or when suitable. There are even a lot he exhibits openly, but are not often noted. In contrast to his respectful, refined way. Drayven can and will be chronically lewd and vulgar. Of course he conceals these expressions within delicate words, but they are undoubtedly hinted upon for his audience to decipher. Women especially receive the worst of his wit and creativity with words, for he spares none of them when expelling suggestive comments and obscenities. -- That aside he's a very intelligent individual, capable of orchestrating effective plans spawned from his mind and reaping favorable results often.


  • Puzzles & Riddles
    From a tender age Drayven has an insatiable curiosity towards things that were unclear or rather, obscure. His interest to obtain answers and cultivate knowledge subconsciously led to his fascination with puzzles and riddles alike. They serve as a positive way for him to ventilate his intellectual prowess and reap more information for his memory bank. Regardless of it being relevant or useless, Drayven will take on nearly any puzzle and tackle it as if it were his sworn enemy, or at least give it deep thought.

  • Nature
    Namely, lightning is Drayven's favorite scenery in nature. As a child with busy parents and little time for outside activities due to studies, lightning meant Drayven would have time to himself. The skies darkened and left heavy clouds to break down in sorrow, showering the world below with their troubles. Then, perplexed that it's companion was in distress lightning ripped the skies asunder. Huge beautiful flashes of light, quick, captivating, and yet so very deadly. The thought of it all intrigued Drayven to no end, and so he would solemnly endure his long days, awaiting the sweet salvation lightning brought. Naturally as time spanned out he developed a pleasure in all nature. The beautiful ocean, snowy mountains, lust greenery and golden deserts. After all, lightning had to strike somewhere, right?

  • Arguments & Debates
    What better way to broaden ones own intellecutal spectrum than to clash with other individuals in a test of truth, knowledge and theory? Drayven, though not particular in striking up conflicting topics or arguments in general, is by no means afraid to indulge in them. He invites the opinions of others with a hope he can unravel new discoveries and learn something. Naturally he will, due to the fact people expose themselves whilst committing to a heated discussion.

  • Women
    If women were a subject Drayven would be teaching it as opposed to learning. He loves nothing better than to tease and torture the female race with his sharp looks, endearing actions and spellbinding words. Naturally Drayven treats women like a new toy, probing them relentlessly to unlock ever feature. He'll purposely anger them, flatter them, confuse them and if possible arouse them for the sole sake of sating both libido and curiosity. Each women is just another game to the same console.

  • Fighting
    Probably Drayven's most unexpected hobby and liking, considering he's closer to a nerd in some folks eyes. That said people expect nerds to be passive; lacking the aggressive nature of a fighter. Drayven on the other hand deems that stereotype as foolish. He enjoys combat and trains insurmountable hours when he can, as he believes in the heat of battle the greatest mysteries are revealed, especially about a person and their life stories. Not to mention the fact he gets a great deal of enjoyment in destroying things and studying it's demise.

  • Fruit & Herbs
    They come in various flavors, they are used for endless task and even better they are pure and abundant. Drayven respects nature enough to understand it's kindness. He will take an apple, eat it and plant another one with the seeds. Even when destroying parts of nature he is sure to pay respects and try to compensate for the loss. The greatest thing about fruits and herbs lies in the fact that are the roots of most resources, and like magic, anything closest to the root is always more refined; Superior if you will.


  • Absolute Ignorance
    This is unacceptable in Drayven's eyes. When a person simply rejects knowledge and continues to act without a logical reason it draws anger from him. A deep anger that is rarely showcased, but by all means dwelling within him. Naturally he can accept a person who acknowledges what they are doing and carries it out as a personal choice, but one who simply does it with a false truth is vermin to him.

  • Broken English
    Too many words exist in the world for people to simply babble out a wad of nonsense. Drayven will outwardly express his disgust with individuals who abuse such dialogue, often addressing them as offensive as he feels necessary and occasionally even warning them before issuing an attack.

  • Complete Submission
    This to Drayven is a pitiful sight. Believing that everyone was given a will to use as their own, Drayven can't bare to see a person throwing away their own freedom and committing to servicing others. It alone is enough to service an emotionally void side of him, with only bitterness to share.

  • Aimless Destruction
    Though a bit of a contradiction, as Drayven likes to destroy things as well, he actually can't stand when people break things for the hell of it and show no remorse. It's an insult to nature and twice the insult to him when done in his view. Needless to say, he'll ask the culprit for a reason reflecting his action, then from there his response will be determined. Rage or mild understanding.

  • Waste of Knowledge
    This is a dislike spawned from those who toss a book away without reading it through. Burn a puzzle sheet because it is boring. Rid of instructions because they feel they are capable. Drayven likes none of it, thus he will often question if the individual finished obtaining the knowledge from the document discarded.

  • Crustaceans & Pork
    These are things that clean the earth and boast a diet consisting of garbage more than actual nutriment. Drayven finds these things to be rather atrocious, in short he won't even think of eating the stuff. After all, you are what you eat.


  • Life's Mysteries
    While Drayven is fully aware he'll never be able to understand and unravel all of life's puzzles, he finds great content in solving all placed before him. In fact it allows him to strive harder knowing he can learn as much as humanly possible, whilst never having to worry about running out of said mysteries.

  • Experience & Enlightenment
    Accumulating knowledge isn't just sitting around and reading. Drayven's greatest inspiration lies within the fact that one must explore and interact to discover and learn. Travel and combat are very helpful to him as for each mage he encounters he is certain to encounter a new spell or magic entirely. Then finding a way to overcome the opponent proves to be a mental trail as well.

  • Revelation
    To get Drayven really energized it only takes him a bit of realization. Learning he's gotten stronger, understanding the way an enemy works, deciphering complex mage, or even anticipating someone worry of it properly is enough to revitalize him exponentially.

  • Inspiring
    Though it should go without saying, there is a massive wave of happiness that washes over Drayven each time his work inspires people. He likes when others are able to grasp the meanings in his words and feel uplifted by them, in fact, any change is usually fine by Drayven, so long as the respond to it.


  • Senility
    There are few things that Drayven finds to be as tragic as going senile. The very thought of having all his hard earned knowledge stripped from him is depressing and scary, yet he doesn't shy away from acknowledging it as a possibility.

  • Leeches
    While Drayven accepts the fact that leeches are quite beneficial health-wise, he can never elude the fear that a leech might be sapping out more than just the dead skin from him and such. They could be draining him of his very essence and ability. Those both being things Drayven doesn't put at risk.

  • Decay
    Drayven views the world as a wonderful and beautiful place. A place where elegance is abundant and nature is free to showcase it all. However, he fears that in time the world will lose it's glimmer. If not in actual beauty, then in quality. As if things would become artificial and lack the passionate essense it currently has.

General Appearance

Height: 6 Feet
Weight: 185 lb
Hair: Drayven has spiky jet-black hair that freely spills down to his shoulders, the tresses being thick and rich.
Eyes: Electric Blue, though they may change color as he officiates his magical talents.
Skin Tone: Olive
General Appearance: Drayven is undoubtedly alluring, emitting boundless waves of charm at every angle. He knows his looks are enticing, and simply indulges in the glances that captivated women offer him. Being of adequate height, Drayven possesses a rather impressive body to correlate with it. His physical condition being a harmonic union of athletic and ripped, which is just another reason for his female fans to squeal as they often do. Drayven changes his dressing style quite often, however, he is usually spotted wearing a white long-sleeved button-up shirt overlapped by a sleeveless black vest. He often wears a black tie that has a blue, dragon insignia etched into it, the latter being accommodated by a silver necklace bearing a cross on end. As far as lower attire goes Drayven wears black jeans which boast a chain dangling from the loop and pocket, as well as stylish, black dressing shoes for footwear. Though his clothing is worn rather loose, his impressing physique has an unusual way of standing out. Drayven's natural expression appears void and reserved, though he's never far from issuing his trademark smirk.


Guild: Raven Tail
Guild Tattoo: Sky blue, Located on his left palm
Rank: D


Friends: (Any friends you have made go here, IC only)
Enemies (Any enemies you have me go here, IC only)


Innocence before Excellence
Drayven's admittance into the world embrace no ulterior meaning. In forthright honesty, he was simply another statistic. He wasn't taller than other, wasn't faster than other, nor was he stronger or smarter than others. Although the world holds the general belief everyone is unique and to each his own, a general category does exist amongst people; one which serves as a divider. This divider classified Drayven as average, and no amount of exaggerations would prove fruitful in removing him from it. Aside from starting off as the general child does, Drayven's willingness to play silly games was dwarfed by his curiosity and eagerness to ascertain knowledge. While his peers trampled the town flat with games of all sorts, Drayven sought refuge in books, experiments and exploration. At first the various friends and town folk he'd grown accustomed to thought he was simply timid and afraid to interact with others, but they soon got the idea the more Drayven dove into his activities.

Lost Pleasures Rekindled
By the time Drayven was 5 and counting, he'd established a reading level far beyond his age class. He was infused with knowledge kids his age lacked and wasted little time in assisting them along the road to enlightenment. Drayven himself had changed dramatically when compared with the older, more curious version. He know found no need to educate himself or indulge in studies, after all, he was a kid and the urge to play had been held captive far too long. Instead of studies he was about the town aimlessly, joined his clueless friends in teasing girls and welcomed occasional excursions which only resulted in utter mischief. He was once again a kid in every sense, and thanks to his additional knowledge he often avoided some of the spankings that loomed ahead after a day of hard play. This rekindled relationship with his childhood would prove short in existence though, at least the majority of it for that matter.
The grim day had finally come, though it wasn't hard to tell considering the activities that conspired. Drayven's parents and he himself converged around the dinner table for supper that evening, it had been one of those special days where they him like a crowned prince, so he knew they couldn't be trusted. Glaring at them from across the table with anxiety choking him, he awaited the verdict. They began by blaming themselves for not encouraging his academic climbs in earlier years, then sought justification by administering him a mountain of books and lessons to submerge himself with. Sure they explained it as if it was his choice, but once they revoked his leisure time he knew fully well any democratic approach was out the window. Drayven had blundered. He silently cursed himself for being so curious before and let the cold hands of knowledge haul him into it's chambers.

Lightning; A Shocking Revelation
Three years had passed since the era of forced enlightenment. Admittedly, time had been more then merciful to Drayven. Within his first month of what he liked to call, "every kids death sentence.", his inquisitive demeanor had surfaced again. The once deemed "death sentence" sooner become an invitation to adventure. He still did suffer the occasional tingle to venture outside and explore, but he knew better than to disobey his parents so blatantly, for in this world they were his creators and governors. Thus, respecting law of the elder Crosswind's he made sure his weekends of freedom counted and compensated for the cage he lived in otherwise. All seemed to be going well within the Crosswind family. Drayven was being prompt for adulthood learning various things such as chivalry, general etiquette around the table and amongst others, though his parents would like to believe they carved it into him, the truth was Drayven absorbed all lessons like a sponge. Countless times he'd even corrected them during errors and issued a child's version of scolding, nothing too of course brave lest his backside would receive no mercy come night. Life was good for Drayven, but even he understood something was amiss. All children his age had begun to admire something intently. The boys selecting either powerful mates to emulate or cute girls to bicker over. Girls as well had chosen, though they were not limited to as few options as the boys. Some sought to be nurses, chefs and novelist, nearly everything their little naive minds could cling to. One night however, Drayven's struggle to find something to captivate him came to life. It was a dark day, the black clouds hovering above his hometown in their most depressive fashion. Rain had begun pelting his roof which in turn made studying an impossible feat as the towns source of light was ceased. Earlier in the day Drayven had heard various people talking about a severe thunderstorm heading towards the town, so naturally he found himself flipping through pages to enlighten himself about the upcoming event. Unfortunately he was unable to sate his curiosity, for just minutes after he found and read a few articles about them the light had gone out. Without studies to be conducted and with rain ensuring his stay within the house, Drayven did the only thing he could, Lie down in wait.

By the time the storm reached town sleep had claimed Drayven it's victim, and in that short span of time the rains began to beat relentlessly against his roof. From his deep slumber Drayven the powerful bellows of thunder beckoned him, slowly but surely driving to consciousness. He awoke alone in the darkened room, and just as he looked out the nearby window a brilliant spark of light filtered his room. That was it! Drayven's curiosity went wild in disbelief, never in his life had he seen such a phenomenon. Light created without mans engineering? It was unheard of! Not to mention the beauty of it. Then, as Drayven found himself pressed up against his window he realized something else about his new found fascination. Lightning was no only beautiful and miraculous, it was also very dangerous. The smoldering remains of a nearby home told him that much. Nothing left but a blackened pile of steaming rubble, most of which still sizzling from the spark.

The Elegant Evolution

Another two years rushed by for Drayven. He was officially ten and possessed such sharp wit his parents often exchanged glances wondering what kind of deity they set free upon the world. Throughout the two years Drayven spent the majority of his time wandering about the town and studying. He occasionally went on expeditions with Claude Crosswind, his father, for the sole purpose of cultivating more knowledge. Of course his favorite subject lied within the mysteries of lightning, but Drayven left nothing to pass him by. The slightest thing he didn't understand he questioned and researched, and if a word struck his ears that he didn't recognize it was looked up. His lessons on grooming had long ended, for he conducted himself with such class imbecile could be classed flawless. In fact he might have been deemed so if not for the intense sarcasm and mocking remarks he issued people from time to time. Drayven had taken up poetry recently and spent some time writing. He liked to unleash his words without restraint, and so it was easy to indulge. He'd also began looking into magical studies, as oppose to reading about magic alone. In truth he wanted to learn to use magic, but he felt the only magic for him was lightning. It was a choice that would prove tough, considering he came from a family adept with water based magic. He didn't wish to break the tradition in such a manner, but water just didn't appeal to him as lightning.

Dry Lightning

Alas, teenage life had arrived for Drayven. It was the age he so long anticipated for various reasons. Though in all honesty he ended up not requiring the age to do as he please. It was a new era for Drayven, an era where his parents were under his control finally. Not by an iron fist mind you, but he'd simply developed a silver tongue for them. The Crosswind's had in no way dulled mind you, but what could they do against Drayven's refined intellect and insight upon how they operated? Nothing. Within span of the 3 years he had also achieved his goal of learning lightning magic. It took many months of zapping himself, scrutiny from his relatives and dedication to his ultimate goal, but in the end he'd won. A boy secluded in a family of water mages had finally rose above and achieved a diverse magic. Drayven wasn't just satisfied with that however, he spent countless nights homing his abilities and refining the execution, naturally he sought to be the best lightning mage he could possibly be. It wasn't a bad aspiration for him, especially since he had the freedom teenage life brought. So chunks of time went into missions and request, his family receiving the pay while he basked in experience. Of course they tried to shove him money back on him, but Drayven would have none of it. For every thing they bought him he worked double the money and forced it upon them.

Lightning to Slay a God.

By the age of 14, Drayven had developed quite a name for himself as an established lightning mage. His skill in the art captivated many and young girls swooned while watching him carry out request. He'd always been a handsome boy, but when girls saw that he was both cute, smart and strong that broke their barriers. In all honesty he himself had grown to enjoy soaking up the love from his pubescent female followers. The aroma of sweet perfume and treats the carried for him ever abundant. It was all accommodated until Drayven took a request to retrieve a book in some ruins. The request was admittedly beyond his capabilities, so he begged a friend of his fathers to accompany him. The location was within a cave embedded in a mountain just outside of the town. Once they managed to hike up the towering mountain Drayven took the lead, after all, the danger was in the hike.

Within the dark cave Drayven found the item he'd been assigned to retrieve, but he also came across an unusual tomb. Needless to say curiosity nipped at him fiercely and in no time he was desperately rltrying to pry the tomb open. The tomb on the other hand had no intention of opening, and so out of frustration Drayven struck it with a bolt of lightning. It was that moment in time he'd never forget. The tomb crumbled leaving a massive pile of stone slabs. The slabs themselves had riddles written on them, each of which harder than the one before it. The first was easy of course, but once Drayven recited the answer aloud the slab disintegrated to nothing more than dust. at first he figured it was an old game from ancient times, and so gathering all the slabs he ventured home completing the mission.

By the time Drayven was asleep he'd solved several of the riddles with ease. It was only after falling into deep slumber the truth behind the magic slabs revealed itself. In his dreams a man came to him in a black cloak. He told Drayven of the lightning magic capable of slaying gods and asked if he would want to learn it. Dream or nightmare such an offer wouldn't be refused by Drayven, and with eagerness he agreed to learn. It was a harsh task. Though he was learning the magic in his sleep various conditions had to be met. For one he had to solve a riddle for each lesson. This meant if a riddle blocked him he couldn't continue the course and would have an incomplete magic. Another truth behind it was that despite learning the magic during sleep all the damage received during training was carried out into reality. Meaning he would wake to the smell of his own scorched flesh, pain of briskest and fractured bones. Finally the last requirement was extended slumber. A day in his dream world was 12 hours in real time, and since the magic was a difficult one to harness his family often felt he was in a coma or cursed.

Lightning's Voice: The Divine GodSlayer
After completing the course of Lightning Godslayer magic at the ripe age of 15, Drayven set out to create a new legacy. He knew the magic coursing through his veins was raw, only a huge wave of potential that he'd need to craft in his own way. He'd taken a step and joined the Raven Tail guild at 16, it was more a conceited action though as he fought countless guild members until being bested by the ace. It was a loss he took in stride, after all it was derived from the curiosity of his magic's bounds. In response to failing his magic Drayven spent his following two years in deep training. Once in a while his dreams are visited by the same cloaked man, only now the man watches him. Intangible and unmoving he glares at Drayven through dead eyes as if to torment him.

RP Sample:

Slayne came to a solid stop just a few feet from Hikaru, upon his face sat a smug smirk he'd come to use quite often. It was an intimidating one to say the least. His fangs left to peek from the sides of his mouth, eyes narrowed and centered upon those of Hikaru's and nose slightly crinkled which made his mood unclear. Hikaru's retaliation to his earlier comment had been an interesting one, but nevertheless it had also been anticipated. Slayne knew just how to tweak the nerves of people while probing for answers, he knew how painfully disrespectful he could be in a moments notice and most of all he knew when it was time to cease the vulgarity of his wording. That time in particular was currently ripe; granted Hikaru's retort of course. So with yet another tilting notion of his head, Slayne began addressing the issue. "Tch! Relax Blue-Boy, You're too easily flustered. All real mages hold their guild high, so I expected you to respond this way. No, I was hoping you would. Any mage that doesn't stand for his guild is fodder I don't fight fodder. I crush it. Ha! What I'm saying is aside from your reserved style of living you're worth my time." Shifting his neck a bit more to the side, he allowed the loud pop of his adjusting bones to fill the air. Then, bringing his hands up to his chest he folded them in his typical "badboy" manner. "It must be very unusual for you to be hearing this from a mage of my caliber, huh? I mean, I'm actually on the bottom of the food chain. Still, I'm going to reach your level and if you make the mistake of slacking off I'll mow you down once I reach the top. I'm not aiming for guild ace or anything. I'm going as far as this body carries me." That said Slayne once again encouraged a vow of silence, and though he prevented himself from adding to the comment his smug smirk still sat upon his face, unwavering and bold. The things he had spoken were more than bold, perhaps more than Hikaru would choose to believe. After all, life wasn't some game where you could play and play till you overcame everything. You had one shot to make it all work and if you fell short you had to live with it. Slayne understood this, however, he was by no means going to "settle" as many others would. He wanted to dominate the hill and he wasn't afraid to let it be known.

"Hot topic eh?, Slayne again quoted Hikaru before replying, though by no means on purpose. It was just his way of thinking about the subject to verify it. "Yeah, but what top mage fails to be the talk around town? Eh, Either-way this is good for me. You'll be having a lot of attention so I'm sure you won't rust up before I can reach you. He added then gave a relieved sigh. This time he made sure to listen keenly as Hikaru told of his bout in Oak Town. Then there was a mention of killing people, it was interesting to Slayne. He never killed someone just for the sake of a spar, but then again he was no A rank mage or any rank that could absentmindedly kill a person for that matter. Not that he wanted to randomly kill people, but it was good to know for future reference when he became strong. The topic then shifted into why Hikaru was in the town of Hargeon. It was a simple reason honestly; to fight. This seemed to draw Slayne's attention immensely. He'd been eave to ask Hikaru about the match from the second the word "matchup" escaped his lips. However, he was detoured by a quick question about his own terming. One that he found appealing to answer. "Let's put it this way. A behemoth is a beast of massive stature. Something that is huge and capable of causing much destruction. I'm a behemoth in many way. In fact, I hunt them down oftenly. Understand?" Slayne remained calm while he explained to Hikaru, his natural outpouring of confidence only growing thicker with each word. Then it was Hikaru's time to share again. To which he told of their differences in lifestyle even going to the point of calling them incompatible which made Slayne laugh. "Maybe you are a kid after all. You should understand opposites create the ultimate team. The tying and Yang symbol is a perfect example. In fact without light no shadow can exist. Besides, our difference aren't as bad as you thing. If they were I'd still be walking that railing and wouldn't give a Damn about this conversation."

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Re: Drayven S. Crosswind

Post by Shin Katari on Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:05 am

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