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Azail [DONE]

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Azail [DONE]

Post by Azail on Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:29 pm

Character Template


Character Theme: Further
Battle Theme: Vendetta
Quote: " I won't die... I-I can't die. Not as long as it still holds my heart in her hands " -Azail to Mirika

Name: Azail (A-Zeal) Wintereal (Winter-real) | Real Last Name ~ Caelum (Cae-LUM)|
Alias: Undead Human -Monster - Winter - Az - Demon - Nexus - Nex
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthdate: 04/02
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Special Characteristics
  • Undead Human ~ At the tender age of three Azail was affected by a great and malicious magic known as Death Magic. Not much is known of why he survived it, but Azail was deeply affected by the magic. His entire inner structure changed and at the very core of his heart rests a orb of dark energy. This energy heals minor injuries, such as small cuts, bruises, and burns rather quickly. It doesn't mask the pain but it does heal the small injuries. If a blow is dealt with major effects such as broken ribs or bones than the magic does not heal that. Though he heals quicker than others, so it would only take a couple of days.
    |Strictly out of battle|

  • Dark Stigmatic ~ On his chest, where his heart resides is a intricate design that encircles the place where his heart lies underneath the skin and stretches over his left shoulder onto his back.

To walk with darkness is to be alone ~ Azail considers himself to be destined for loneliness. He can't imagine himself with a friend or the family he once had anymore. He's decided that he walks a path that no one can walk with him on and would much rather keep it that way. Besides who would want to stand beside a being of the undead anyway.

Heart of a human, body of a devil ~ His heart beats the same as before his deadly conflict, he still has a deep kindness in him. He tries his best to help those in need of it and because he knows his body to withstand a lot more than others he tends to be careless with it. He would jump in harms way to protect those that could withstand the danger.

When in conflict Darkness strays from a fight. ~ When forced into battle Azail usually offers several ways out. He doesn't combat and often tries to diffuse the confrontation without the use of his magic or fist.

When infuriated Darkness can even consume the light ~ When angered Azail becomes very calm and serious. His eyes intimidate even the veteran as they glow a crimson color and shine brighter than fresh beads of blood. One can tell from looking in his eyes how merciless he has become. He show little sympathy for his opponents and finds it hard to hold back.

  • Animals in general ~ Azail is very sensitive and kind to animals. He sees them as neutral beings as they originally give their loyalty to anyone that they deem trustworthy. They don't allow their owners past history to affect how they would feel. They follow the code of nature and this in a way gives Azail comfort.

  • Traveling ~ Azail enjoys exploring Fiore, seeing the many locations and attractions that it has to offer. The sightseeing in a way brings normality to his life and allows him to think of himself as your average kid.

  • Training ~ Even though the darkness at his very core often threatens to take him over, Azail has figured that through vigorous training and making himself stronger he stands a better chance of holding it back. Its because of this intense need and habit that he has become fond of straining his body past its limits.

  • Booze ~ Azail dislikes the taste of alcohol, it leaves a burning sensation in the pit of his stomach and causes him to feel queasy. He tries his best to stay await from it, but isn't above drinking a little if the situation calls for it.

  • Goodbyes ~ Azail refuses to tell someone goodbye, those words are taboo to him. The words Goodbye are like saying I'll never see you again and he refuses to except such logic. The magic embedded in him is a constant struggle for survival and since he's pledged to never die from it; the notion of never seeing someone again is difficult to think about. So he never says goodbye and instead he'll say Cya.

  • Darkness INside ~ His entire being and life is revolved around the orb inside his body keep his heart beating and gives him his superior over regular humans. But it also this darkness that threatens to consume him, warping him into a being that couldn't possibly be considered human. He has to wary of the darkness at all times and its because of this that he dislikes it.

Motivations: Azail main motivation is to conquer the darkness in his heart, he doesn't want to live with it forever chained to him. He wants to be able to return to his normal life. Where people didn't refer to him as an undead monster. Besides that though he motivated by the final words of his sister, to live a life worth being praised for, to be strong and kind at the same time and to not let the darkness take hold of his heart.

Fears: More than anything Azail fears begin consumed by the darkness in his heart. It is something that but brings about strength and weakness in him. He knows if it consumes him he would end rampaging throughout the entirety of Fiore and ultimately would attack the Kingdom's royal family. He would never want to throw his home into chaos like that, so he hopes to never lose to the darkness inside.

That is his main fear he has other ones that are little quirks and such. He has small fear of larger than normal birds, their beaks and eyes are all so devoid of life. It just really gives him the shivers. He also has a fear of heights, he hates being too far from ground and if he travels to far up and looks down he probably wouldn't move any more until some could bring him down safely. He has a slight fear of snakes. He would run from it for as long as he could, but if he got cornered he probably obliterate it.

General Appearance

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Azail has jet black hair with dark brown highlights going down spiky bangs. His cheeks is framed with sharp wings of black hair.
Eyes: Brown (Slanted crimson when angered)
Skin Tone: Light
Azail is lean in build and has little muscle in his arms. His skin is peach colored with little fat on it. His black hair with deep brown highlights flowing in the large strands gives him a handsome contrast to his skin, leaving him to be desirable to many. His stomach is flat and is moderately etched with muscles, he has four abs that acts armor in a way. He stands tall at 5'8" and is light for his height weighing only 120lbs. On his chest is a complicated array of black markings that stretch behind his left shoulder and onto his back.

Azail wears very simple clothing. They are meant for traveling and training for the most part. On his torso is a black, sleeveless shirt that reaches slightly below his waist. He wears cream trousers with a single dark line running down the length of the leg on each side. His footwear consists of white and black sneakers, their perfect for running and gripping into the rough terrain he is used to traveling in. On his left wrist is a black band and on his left forearm are black bandages that hide the stigmatic that stretches across his left arm. Wrapped around his neck is navy blue scarf with ragged tears in its long tails. It is his favorite accessory to wear.


Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: -
Rank: D


Friends: N/A
Enemies N/A

History: A Regis' dark past ~
On a large Island not far from Fiore rests the Kingdom of Caelum, three islands chain its entirety and it is here that the Caelum royal family searches desperately for a way to control a higher magic. Azail was born in this family. He was born the youngest of twelve, out of those twelve, four of them was expected to take the throne once the king had died. Of course many of the males resorted to assassinating their elder brothers for the spot of king and that continued until only two were left. Azail and his older brother, along with his eight elder sisters. The massive castle that was surrounded by the gigantic mountains of the islands, was home to the very concept of deceit.

On the third year of Azail's life the Caelum family had finally found a relic of the dark mage's past. A orb infused with a fragment of the mage's power, lost forever in the great caverns which they've dubbed the Megálou Spi̱laíou. Its entire body is the island south-west of Caelum and it took more than six decades to stumble across the orb buried inside its rich minerals. The orb was both beautiful and marvelous in creation, its inside sparkled with dark stars and it was surrounded with wisps of purple that deteriorated anything with lifespan that dared touched it. The Caelum family was forced to use its more precious steel to extract it to the castle and even than several mages was force to sustain a barrier that would slow the jewels deathly powers until it reached the castles innards.

Once at the Caelum Manor a vote for the vessel of the dark relic went underway. The King and Queen, along with eight advisers went into a long meeting. The children that were left; Azail and his eight siblings were to wait for their parents' answer, for it was certain that they wanted it in the main family. At first a rumor went around the castle that Father had volunteered himself but the orb had rejected him. Because of this they named it the " Tha Theoú " or God's will; for not many could deny the King's will. After other rumors surface of other candidates failing, it was finally decided that Azail would be tried as its vessel.

Azail would meet his father and noticed that he had been missing an arm, his brother had been no where around, along with three of his other siblings. After descending down several flights of stairs and taking a elevator even further down Azail was taken into a dark room. There in the isolation he was force to endure the intense gravity and intense pain of having the Orb inserted into his fragile frame. The cries of the boy filled the dark walls until finally no more was heard. It was shown that he had died minutes after the orb had taken root in his body. After that though, the orb begin to the regenerate the boy's broken and cut body. Bolts of dark energy struck from out the boy's body, destroying the room and several scientist that had been hired by the King. After his little episode Azail had gone into a comatose for five years.

When he finally awoke his father and mother wasted no time in studying the effects that Tha Theoú had on his body. They probed him and slowly put him through several labs for testing. It took them four more years to finally figure out that his body had gained the ability to heal itself and that he couldn't be killed by normal means. He was forbidden to interact with the outside world, he wasn't even allowed to leave the castle for a short period of time. His father brought in educated officials to teach him and made sure that he was trained in the art of the lands martial arts. Of course none that would help him in his social life. He only had interaction with the survivors of his siblings and even than they refused to stray to close to him.

When he turned fifteen and felt that he was ready, Azail created a elaborate plan that would allow him to escape from the castle, leaving all that he ever knew behind. The night of his escape he trudged out the manor and headed towards the small pier behind the unnamed mountains that protected the family's castle. It was their that he board on a small boat and sailed northwards towards a country of Liberation for him, one that wouldn't know his past or his darkness and hopefully provide some shelter for him.

The trip took months and in those months Azail was forced to experience the ravaging, apatite that his darkness truly had. It tried five time to take over his body during that trip and each time he was shown different sin of his darkness. All it wanted to do was rampage and destroy, it took everything that he had not to let it take over.

After arriving on Fiore, Azail traveled the land alone, performing acts that appealed to his own sense of justice. He would protect those that couldn't protect themselves and often struggled against his own darkness. He's pretty sure his Kingdom is searching desperately for their precious experiment but he won't let them use him anymore. He'll have to grow stronger on his own and challenge his Kingdom's rules.
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Re: Azail [DONE]

Post by Ray-blaze on Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:44 am


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